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Name Size Description 217418
Friendly to WINDOWS users. Complementary to
your word processor thesaurus. Modular
expandable to 28,635 entries x 210 words per
entry (avg.) = 6,013,350(!) words (equiv. to
20 heavy vol.) Rqr. 47K of RAM. Loadable
into high memory. Usable from within your
word processor. Shareware. Reg. US$25. 72000 Bidirectional transliteration translator, J.Guy 10838 Simulate chance resemblances between unrelated languages 165358
Program to teach basic Chinese calligraphy-
presents 150 of the most frequently used
characters in traditional and simplified
forms. Students practice drawing characters
in a "nine-square box," learn Mandarin and
Cantonese transliterations, and memorize
definitions. Requires '286, VGA, mouse, HD.
Education - Language
AWARENESS PRODUCTIONS 18794 Algorithm for identifying related words across languages 133989 A system to write and test Unification-based Grammar 173983 Software tools for lexicostatistics by J.Guy 323018 Interlinear Text Processor v1.1c 365744 Simple English Japanese dictionary display v1.4 (good) 693742
Jorj (George) is a fast, Pop-Up, English language dictionary for use on
IBM-compatible PCs. The program may be used as a stand-alone program
and invoked with a DOS call or it may be made memory-resident and
popped-up at any time. Other than MSDOS and a hard drive, there are no
special requirements. The database for this Shareware version has over
54000 words and requires 1.2mb of disk space.

The dictionary look-up screen displays definitions, syllabication and
inflected forms. In addition it has other features which make it a
very useful tool to have memory-resident when working with text files.

Jorj uses a unique `soundex'-based algorithm for doing word searches.
This permits the user to look up words by using a phonetic spelling of
the search word when that is either faster or more convenient than
entering the correct spelling. Jorj can locate the word sought without
reliance on the spelling. Because of this capability, misspelled search
words are not a problem. Also when Jorj is Hot-Keyed from a screen of
text, a simple key will look-up the word at the cursor location.

In addition to word look-ups, the program also allows database searches
for a given word or character string within definitions. This feature
generates a list of all such entries, including their definitions. 182124
WRITE KANJI V1.01 Program to teach
Japanese kanji - shareware version presents
75 of the most frequently used kanji
characters. Students practice drawing
characters in a "nine-square box," learn ON
and KUN readings, memorize definitions, and
learn character compounds. Requires '286,
VGA, mouse, HD. Education - Language.
AWARENESS PRODUCTIONS 142064 Checks the spelling of Esperanto words 16338 Esperanto-english computer dictionary
ldbdemoc.inf 4352 Important information about ldbdemoc 294729 Linguistic Database from Nijmegen University 504776
LINGUAPRO/SPANISH v2.70 - Large-scale
program for serious students. Rqrs PC, DOS,
Hard Disk & 640K mem. EGA/VGA recommended.
21,000 word graded vocabulary with sophisti-
cated Flashcarding. Has Latin-American and
Castilian dialect conversational courses. A
unique Verb Conjugator SYNTHESIZES millions
of COMPLETE sentences to drill verbs in all
tenses/persons. Features for Advanced users. 57802 Mark V. Shaney v1.3 a probabilistic text generator 38879 Computes text entropy, generates text and concordances 7827 Alphabetizes text in english or esperanto 77674 A two-level processor for morphological analysis v1.03 84342 The Poem NotePad v2.80 46560 Rasch's latent traits model (italian) 42654 Demonstration of coding techniques (poems) 115985 A Noun Stem Generator for Finnish, K.Kettunen 506325 Thelma Thistleblossom WP grammar and style checker 213285 Thesaur Plus v2.2 + Thesaur v4.2 popup Thesaurus (good) 4269 DOS filters to connect esperanto text 239269 The Vocabulator, teaches words of nine languages 12709
WC v.1.4. Analyze your writing! Make sure
your writing is always on target with this
utility which provides a readability index,
frequency of words and characters, syllable
counts, word and unique word counts, average
number of words and syllables per sentence,
sentence counts, and much more! Great for
writers, students or business professionals. 29282 Word frequency counter by A.Hovila + J.Perkiomaki