CP/M 1.x

EARLY-CP/M : 91K This is an interesting early vesion of CP/M. It is for an Imsai computer. Examining the binary reveals copyright messages for Digital Research dating it at 1976. That has to make it one of the earliest versions of CP/M ever.

CP/M v1.4 Binary : 68K Here is the binary for CP/M v1.4. The BIOS should be for a Tarbell disk controller controller.

CP/M 2.2

CP/M 2.2 BINARY : This is the distribution disk for the Xerox 1800 system.

CP/M 3

CP/M 3 BINARY w/YEAR 2000 fixes. : 125K CP/M 3 binary compiled from the developers source below. Includes the year 2000 fixes.

CP/M 3.0 BINARY : 173K This is the binary for CP/M 3.0 for a Wavemate Bullet Computer.

CP/M 3 for MSX : 307K This is the binary for CP/M 3 for tha MSX1 computer.

CP/M 3 for YAZE : 245K A CP/M 3.0 distribution with a CBIOS including sources to run it on the free Z80 simulator YAZE 1.10. For more information, please visit the home site for this fine emulator.


CDOS for the 68000.

CDOS-68K PART 1 : 986K CDOS for the 68000. Part one.

CDOS-68K PART 2 : 393K CDOS for the 68000. Part two.

CDOS-68K PART 3 : 418K CDOS for the 68000. Part three.

CP/M-68K BINARY : 569K This is the binary for CP/M-68K version 1.2.

CP/M-68K BINARY : 655K This is the binary for CP/M-68K version 1.3.

CP/M-68K Boot Disk : 115K CopyQM boot disk image for NCR DMV. CopyQM not included. You can now get CopyQM from this site. Look in the SHAREWARE section.


CP/M-86 v1.1b : CP/M-86 for the Eagle computer. Use CopyQM to restore disk image. Disk format unknown.

CP/M-86 BOOTABLE for 1.44MB FLOPPY : 246K Here is a bootable version of CP/M-86 for 1.44mb floppies. It has a copy of CopyQM with it.

CP/M-86 BINARY : 113K Here it is already. CP/M-86 binary. Version # unknown.

Another copy of CP/M86 : 95K I have been told that the above copy of CP/M-86 is missing the file CPM.SYS. Here is a copy that has this file.

CPM86 Bootable Binary : 236K : Here is a small CP/M-86 implementation for the IBM/PC. I don't know if it has the patch for the IBM/AT, but it ran on a 486/33. Included in the ZIP file is a copy of CopyQM, a shareware disk duplicator program. With this progarm you will be able to make a bootable disk (I tried it) for CP/M-86. It will have only a floppy, and a drive M:, which is a RAMDISK. You might be able to use this to build a more fullty configured system.

BOOT DISKS for the NCR DMV : 274K This ZIP file contains boot disk images for the NCR DMV computer. Both CP/M-80, and CP/M-86 images are presented.

CPM86/80 Combo : 173K Here is a combo : CP/M-86, and CP/M 80 (v2.2?) for the DEC Rainbow 100 computer.

NOTE : The copy of CopyQM included in the ZIP file wouldn't run on my Pentium (AMD K5/133), but it did run on a 486/33.

CALUTILS 14K Some disk patching utilities for the CAL-PC


CP/NET BINARY : 70K This was an early attempt at networking for CP/M systems.


GSX-86 v1.3 BINARY : 150K This is the binary from the GSX-86 distribution disk set, version 1.3.

GSX-86 v1.2 BINARY : 73K GSX-86 binary for v1.2.

GSX TEST suite : 255K Test suite for GSX-86.

Here is a very complete distribution copy of GSX v1.3 for CP/M-86. This is 17 CP/M-86 diskettes. Many of the disks have source for drivers.

Master A : 115K Disk "Master Control 'A' 1.3 for CP/M-86".

Master B : 37K Disk "Master Control 'B' 1.3 for CP/M-86".

Serialization Disk : 8K Disk "GSX Serialization Disk".

GSX GDOS : 24K Disk 1 of 14.

Plotter Skeletons : 47K Disk 2 of 14.

Epson Printer Skeleton, Vol 1 : 58K Disk 3 of 14.

Epson Printer Skeleton, Vol 2 : 81K Diak 4 of 14.

Diablo Ink Jet Printer Skeleton, Vol 1 : 74K Disk 5 of 14.

Diablo Ink Jet Printer Skeleton, Vol 2 : 22K Disk 6 of 14.

Sreen Driver Documentation : 33K Disk 7 of 14.

Color Memory Mapped Memory Skeleton : 28K Disk 8 of 14.

IBM Color Screen Skeleton : 43K Disk 9 of 14.

Monocrome Screen Skeleton : 59K Disk 10 of 14.

NEC 7220 Screen Skeleton : 43K Diak 11 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 1 : 63K Disk 12 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 2 : 1K Disk 13 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 3 : 5K Disk 14 of 14.


MPM 1 Binary : 108K Here are the files for MP/M v1.1. It's XIOS should be for a Disk Jockey 2D. There are no source files.

MP/M 1 Binary : 174K This is MP/M v1.1 for a Systems Group System 2800 computer. It includes source code for the XIOS targeted to M80/L80. Obviously I don't have M80, but the source can probably be made to work with something else.


MPM II Binary : 211K This is the disrtribution disk for an Altos series 5 MP/M system. It doesn't have the XIOS source files, nor any of the DRI distribution files for porting the OS to other hardware. See the next entry for that.

MPM II Binary : 172K Another copy of MP/M II.

Personal CP/M

Personal CP/M 2.0 English version. : 203K Get a copy of CopyQM and make some bootable disks from the files in this ZIP file.

PERSONAL CP/M-86 v2.0 : 372K *** UPDATED 10/02/99 *** This is Personal CP/M-86 for the IBM PC/AT. It is supposed to be able to access greater than 32mb hard drives. The installation instructions are in German. This ZIP file now includes an English translation of the READ.ME, and MENUHELP.TXT, files.


MOUSER 3K - *** UPDATED 01/18/99 *** CP/M-86 demon program which uses direct hardware-level mouse access to implement a point-and-click user interface. Includes source code illustrating how to directly access the mouse (no driver needed). Requires an IBM-compatible computer, with a mouse on COM 1.

ZSID v1.4 BINARY : 16K ZSID for CP/M-80, MP/M-80.

A ZSID Patch : 1k Here is a patch for ZSID 1.4 for an Amstrad CPC computer. ZSID uses RST 6 instead of RST 7.

MAC Macro Assembler : 39K This is the MAC 8080 macro assembler.


COBOL-80 : 129K DRI COBOL for CP/M-80.

DRC 1.11 for CP/M-86 1.1 (IBMPC) with examples. : 386K C compiler with modified header files, PCBIOS interface in RASM86 & Batch files to assist compiling under CP/M-86 DOS emulator, specifically for porting Turbo C code to CP/M-86.

Z80 FORTH : 35K FIG FORTH v1.1g for the Z80.

Z280 FORTH : 129K FIG FORTH v1.1a for the Z280.

FORTH 80: 316K Here is a public domain FORTH 83 for 8080/Z80 CP/M systems, version 2.

PLI-80 BINARY : 146K This is the PLI compiler. It is very compatible with the IBM PLI compiler used on the 360. The only functions I found missing were DATE and TIME, which were easy to fake out.

Pascal MT+ : 288K This is the Pascal MT+ compiler for the 8080/Z80. Includes the Speed Programming Package for PASCAL MT+.

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