Date Posted: 05Sep11
MONYMAES.zipMoney Maestro for CP/M.  Note, rename 'CPM' to 'COM' to use.

Date Posted: 14Jun05
SC2_CPM86.ZIPSuperCalc2 v1.0 for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 08Jun98
-------------------- Super Calc

Date Posted: 30Jul98
SC.HLP       Super Calc help file

SC2.ZIP      Super Calc v2(?)

Date Posted: 25Aug98
MULTIPLN.ZIP Microsoft Multiplan v1.03 for Osborne

Date Posted: 29Mar99

MULTPLAN.ZIP Microsoft Multiplan w/terminal installer

Date Posted: 15May99

MICROSTA.ZIP Micro Stat statistics program

MP_105.ZIP   Microsoft MultiPlan v1.05 w/installer

PLAN80.ZIP   Plan-80 Spreadsheet software