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Date Posted: 15Dec10
             WELCOME to Nemesis...a unique role-playing game modeled after the
             Dungeons and Dragons epic simulations.
             Very generally, Nemesis is set in pre-history in a world not
             unlike the one described by J.R.R. Tolkien in the "Rings' trilogy.

             The object of the game is to explore all levels of the
             dungeons...and survive. 
Date Posted: 12Feb01

CCGAMES.ZIP      A collection of the games from Creative Computing's BASIC Games

Date Posted: 12Oct00

SARGON.ZIP       Sargon chess game - no docs. 

Date Posted: 06Dec00

ZORK123_80.ZIP   Zork I, II & III for CP/M-80

ZORK123_86.ZIP   Zork I, II & III for CP/M-86

MANYGAME.ZIP     Huge collection of CP/M text adventures.