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[Date Posted: 09jun04]

[Date Posted: 13Oct00]

ALTOS.ZIP ALTOS ACS8000 files, including some Teledisk images of 8-inch disks
TARBELL.ZIP Tarbell BIOSes and files for CP/M-2.2, CP/M-3 and MP/M-II.
CPM-2SQ.ZIP Super Quad CP/M v2.0 - SUPERBIOS
SUPERBIOS.ZIP Superbios source files - includes docs for creating bootable disks.
TRBODOS12.ZIP TurboDOS v1.22 with documentation. 2 Disk Set.
STDCPM22.ZIP Standard CP/M v2.2 with BIOS and CBIOS sources included.
COMPUPRO.ZIP This is a huge archive (about 6MB) that contains a goldmine of goodies. Included are Concurrent CP/M-86, CDOS-816, CP/M-68k, MP/M-816 and more! There are PAL sources as well as firmware sources for both CompuPro and Morrow systems.
DRIPAK.ZIP Here is another large archive (about 8MB). This amazing archive contains CCP/M-86, CP/M-68k, CP/M-80 versions 1.3, 1.4, 2.2 and 3.0. Also included are CP/M-86, CP/Net, C-86, Display Manager, Personal CP/M, MP/M 1 and 2, Pascal MT+, PLI, PLM, RMAC and ZSid.
JONOSCPM.ZIP CP/M 3.0 for Jonos computers.
KAYPRO2X.ZIP Full set of Kaypro 2X distribution disks.
KAYPROII.ZIP Full set of Kaypro II distribution disks.
KAYMISC.ZIP Miscellaneous Kaypro software.
IMDOS.ZIP IMDOS for Imsai computers
VIO-C.ZIP VIO-C for Imsai computers.
MPM86-21E.ZIP MP/M-86 v2.1e [3 disk set]
MPM86-21I.ZIP MP/M-86 v2.1i [2 disk set]
MPM_ALTOS.ZIP MP/M-80 II/Altos v2.15S1
MPM_DR.ZIP MP/M-80 II v2.1
MPM-GEN.ZIP MP/M II v2.1 sysgen tools [?]
MPM20.ZIP MP/M II v2.0
[Date Posted: 05Aug01] ---------------------- ================ ZSDOS/ZDDOS GPL Release =============== ZSDOS (Z-System DOS) and the Companion ZDDOS (Z-System DOS with Embedded DateStamper) are enhanced replacements for the CP/M 2.2 Basic Disk Operating System. ZSDOS was a commercial product sold from 1988 through 1998 when the complete package (including source code) was released under the GNU General Public License. These four packages comprise the GPL release:
ZSDOS2.ZIP Support Executables and misc files.
ZSDOS3.ZIP ASCII version of the Manual (formfeeds delimit pages)
ZSDOS4.ZIP Source Code of key utilities
[Date Posted 28Dec03] ---------------------
CCPRO_CCPM.ZIP Additional CompuPro Concurrent CP/M BIOS code.