Name Size Description 229126 2 dices sample (.fli) for aaplay, an example 45678 PD Autodesk Animator (.fli) player v1.0 84949 DTA v1.8e Dave's .TGA animation program 103548 Point+shoot .FLI animation player, G.Pee+S.Dinan, good 10373 GL file composer/decomposer 20755 Make/Dissolve a file of GL format 49392 Grasp4 display program for Grasp (.gl) files 28449 Grasp animation documents 57399 The G.R.A.S.P Interpreter for .GL files 27233 GL animation of hard disk, an example 8327 Quickfli a simple player for 256 color VGA 168983 StarFlic 1.2b - New release of Flick file
Compiler and Player from TRIUS, Inc.
Compiles TGA or 16/256-color PCX files
(created by ProtoCAD 3D, or other rendering
programs) into FLI files with filtering,
reduction,... Plays FLI and FLC files created
by other animator programs. Requires EMS for
PCX compilation. Only $29 (+$6 S&H, USA). 309951 Milon Venus statue animation (.fli), an example
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.