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-------< Version 27 - 30/12/95 >------- 146760 Archive Comparison Test, Jeff Gilchrist 101648 AIN archiver v2.2
Full-featured archiver AIN, the extracting
utility AINEXT and the EXE-files compressor
AINEXE. Compression/extraction methods used
in the AIN archiver excels noticeably those
used in any well-known archivers, such as ARJ,
LHA and PKZIP, in both the compression rate
and the performance. SHAREWARE. Register via
CompuServe's "GO SWREG" (Id: 2913)
Transas Marine (UK) LTD.
26/06/94 27800 Compression archiver with C source, no wildcards, H.Okumura
arc602.exe 138538 SEA's un/packing system for .arc files (self-extr.) 9397 Arce v4.0g; V. Buerg's fast extraction pgm
arj284.exe 483976 Arj self-extracting file archiver, ARJ Software, Inc. 31166 Zoo v2.10 extractor + sources for .zoo files 82598 COmpressor/DECompressor from Italy 6764 Combine short COM files 69880 CRUSH v1.8 Super-compressor for DOS.
Fed up with limited compression performance
of Stacker, PKZIP, UC2, ZOO, ARJ and LHA?
CRUSH will usually give 5%-50% improved
compression over any other DOS compression
tool, & yet allows the user to continue using
the archiver already in use. CRUSH is fast &
the ideal choice for users keen to save disk
space. PocketD v4.1 compat. New: no 1000 file
limit 6551 Reverse of SCRNCH's SCRE2B com to exe conv, B.Boldizsar
dwc-a501.exe 90112 Quite competitive with pkzip (although older) 32204 Extract Compact Pro (Mac: .cpt) archives 28404 Very efficient and slow archiver for .ha files, Harri Hirvola 27651 Hamarsoft HAP archiver selfextract-release+info, H.Feldmann 58003 Small archiving program using LZH, J.Turin 114041 HPACK - Multi-System Archiver, Peter Gutmann (great idea) 22889 Hyper v2.5 - pack utility (quite capable) 209717 JAM Real-Time Data Compression Utilities 85609 JRCHIVE 1.10 - JRchive is a program for
compressing and storing files in an archive.
It has a "concatenated archive" option that
puts the files in the archive first, then
compresses it for better compression ratios.
Archives and the file extraction program may
be distributed without royalty and you may
also create royalty-free self-extracting
archives - For all IBM PCs and compatibles.
From JAYAR Systems. $29.00
lha255e.exe 65704 MS-DOS .lzh files compression/extraction utility, H.Ozawa 30607 █▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█
█LIMIT version 1.2 -- Data Compression█
█Archive utility LIMIT is a fast and█
█compact data compressor/archiver. The█
█compression & decompression routines█
█have been written entirely in 80286█
█assembly, so it runs faster than many█
█other archivers. LIMIT also compresses█
█better than other archivers; it uses a█
█compression method based on 32K█
█sliding window dictionary plus huffman█
█encoding similar to LHA/PKZIP/ARJ, but█
█with some improvments. █
looz212.zoo 16862 Looz v2.12 (rev Aug 90); Extract/list zoo files
pak251.exe 103338 NoGate's PAK file compression utility v2.51 (self-extr.)
pk250dos.exe 207394 PKWARE zip un/archiver, with long filename support
pk361.exe 119808 This packs and unpacks .arc files (self-extracting)
pkz204g.exe 202574 PKWARE's pkzip, pkunzip, pkzipfix, zip2exe for .zip 215573 PUT & GET 3.34 and INSTALL 3.34 from MicroFox
Company. BBS file name is PUT334.ZIP. PUT is
a command and/or menu driven compression and
archiving program. GET is the decompression
and unarchiving program that goes with it.
INSTALL is a utility you can use to install
program & files that were compressed by PUT.
Author: Jim Hass {STAR} [ASAD] Member. 168003 Quantum archive program v0.96 (alpha)
rarx350.exe 642910 RAR archive manager for DOS and OS/2, RARLAB 24728 Streamline Archival Utility
sarj121.exe 36370 ARJ Solid archiving, General Unpack Shell, and more, F.Taes 53029 Compress programs/text files (for display) in executable form 22863 Data compression/decompression pgm (Unix and PC) (C source) 5175 V. Buerg's fast file squeezer, like NSQ
sqz1083e.exe 119203 SQUEEZE from Sweden. Compresses small. J.Hammarberg
uc2pro.exe 403884 UltraCompressor II archiver pro from AIP-NL, (N.Vries)
uc2r3.exe 245258 UltraCompressor II archiver from AIP-NL, (N.Vries)
ue.exe 99888 UltraExpander II: free expander for UC2 archives, N.Vries
unarj265.exe 97952 Unarj arj-packed files, ARJ Software, Inc. 16695 unPackit (Mac .pit) Packit file unpacker 16953 Uncompress Mac StuffIt (.sit) files 20044 unStufit (Mac .sit) StuffIt file unpacker
unz600x3.exe 354797 Info-ZIP's self-extracting unzipper including 32-bit 362827 Info-ZIP's zip MS-DOS executables with encryption support 155675 Info-ZIP MS-DOS executables with encryption support, older 355335 Info-ZIP's portable MS-DOS zipper
zoo210.exe 73461 Zoo packing/unpacking facility from Rahul Dhesi
zoox2exe.exe 40062 Series of zoo archives limited by size (enh. v2.01)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.