Name Size Description 177697 A86 macro assembler, V4.02 updated
with INCLUDE files, listings, no limit
on size of source files, fwd refs in
complex expressions, END operand,
default ORG END in DATA SEGMENT, and
more! Contains info about A386/D386.
From Eric Isaacson Software. 134693 ASEM-51 V1.2,
8051 cross assembler for MS-DOS,
Intel syntax, 5 location counters,
include files, conditional assembly,
type checking, code optimization,
predefined 8051 SFR symbols,
35 directly supported 8051 derivatives,
user-defined derivatives,
bootstrap program for target system. 28022 (v1.10) Magic Assembler
Simple 8086 assembler, which can produce as
well as COM files as boot sector programs,
and print the sources including correct
Programmer: Bert Greevenbosch
Version donated to the public domain. 90374 The integrated assembler programmer's editor 138558 Borland-style Turbo Vision IDE for TASM/MASM, G.Fowler 96515 ASMGEN; generate cross-ref assembly code 5039 Exe2bin replacement 85811 Bubble Chamber beta version (asm) 90254 C64ASM V1.1 - a Commodore 64 (6510) Assembler Package for PC.
C64ASM is an assembler for 6510 CPU, but runs on PC.
Supports local & global symbols, math.expressions,
.IF, .GOTO, .INCLUDE, .INCBIN, detailed report & more.
C64DISA is a disassembler with hexa/ascii dumps.
BAS2TXT converts a tokenized CBM file to textfile.
PRG (C64 binary), T64 and P00 file format support.
SHAREWARE by Balint Toth 86314 D86 debugger package v3.22 27135 Intelligent Disassembler v1.2 520041 Complete ASM Programmer's Toolkit, P.Briody 189301 VAL experimental linker (31 Jan 91) 6337 Switch to mode 013h and mode 03h without BIOS, A.Williams 13308 OBJ to ASM (sorry, no documents...) 546008 Simple 386 operating system kernel with drivers, D.Lindauer 349051 PC/370 rel 4.2 cross assembler and emulator 995 POPAD bug test (w ASM) 39205 Fast assembly language screen writes for TP 11632 Fast assembly random number routines 272254 CrossFire - 80x86/680x0 Hybrid Macro Assembler, M. Parry
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.