Name Size Description 31883 Bit editor (EGA) 94381 MicroEMACS-like Binary Editor + Viewer, P.Reilley (good) 50578 Binary File Editor, with ins/del, slight nag, G.Crider 29279 Examine and patch binary files 19119 Disk editor 30424 Binary File Editor v0.4 8854 A small full-screen binary editor 26064 Binary editor with cut and paste 36208 Fat editor v1.0 (w PAS) 55996 FED (FileEDit) v1.65. A binary file editor for browsing and modifying
files of any size in Hex, ASCII or EBCDIC. Full featured, Compact,
Fast. An invaluable tool for the dos support guru. (PKzip v2 A/V) 40092 Binary File Editor, Software Toolz Inc. 89513 Binary editor v1.0n 107621 HEXA/ASCII binary file editor v1.1 113332 HEX Binary Editor with insert/delete/mouse, J.Durward (good) 22971 HexED hexadecimal editor for large binary files, A.Stuart 86461 Hexedit hexadecimal file editor, John Jenkins 77242 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様朕
HexIt v1.32 (C) 1995-'98
Mikael Klasson aka Fluff

Well-equipped hexeditor:
o Realtime disassembler
o Configurable keys
o Manipulate the EXE-header
o Mousesupport
o Customizeable mousebuttons
o A nice setup-mode
o Compare (w/ lots of options)
o Textviewer
o Dumpviewer w/ mask-option
o Online help
o Search & Replace
o Goto (absolute or relative)
o Clipboard (cut,copy,paste)
o Insert & delete bytes
o Splitscreen
o Use all available mem
o MS-DOS textmode
o Up to 100 files in memory

Released: Feb 15, 1998
青様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 68713 Programmer's hexadecimal patch editor, Mike Graham 260009 PDT 3.2c The ultimate 2-gig file editor!
PDT is an enormously powerful program! It's
data-file editing features are NOT available
in any other program: View or edit ANY file:
dBase, data files, EBCDIC, executable -- ANY
file up to 2 gigabytes in size (or 4 files at
once)! PDT automatically formats dBase "DBF"
and other fixed-length data files into logical
rows and columns. Easily edit fields: Binary,
Integer, Float, BCD, Character, etc. 38765 Sector Editor IBM v2.09 672531 TDE version 5.0 is a fully featured
text file editor, including:
configurable; syntax highlighting;
macros; stream, line and box blocks;
graphic and extended ascii characters;
grep; diff; date-time stamp;
character-based editing of binary files.
Public domain with C and asm source.
Jason Hood, 5 December, 1998. 113551 Visual Dump v1.21 171103 XED is a powerful HEX/ASCII/BINARY file
editor. Unlimited file size. 28/43/50 line
modes. Mouse support. Edit,insert and delete
data from any file. Undo. Search & Replace.
Goto offsets, marks/lists. ASCII tables; DOS
shell. Menus. File info. Show/edit binary.
Generate C data files. C like assignments.
Bitwise edits. 3 text filters. Unassembler. A
fast, friendly and indispensable tool.
Australian Shareware. US$15. 69691 (v5.10) Zap-It - Hex file/disk editor
Zap-It includes lots of features like
Search any/specific text/Replace/Cut/Copy/
Paste/Insert/Calculator/Start new file/Jump/
Menus/Diskcaching/Filecompare from any
fileposition and lots more.
This program will allow the user to edit
files, diskettes and harddisks in hex mode.
Released: 15 sep 1997
Author: Elmer Productions ( 54054 Disk editor by Keith Chuvala
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.