Name Size Description 25525 Another CD Player Version 1.12 12/16/96 ***** Xmas Edition *****

Freeware CD player from Hungary
Requires 286, CD drive, MSCDEX
Optional VGA, mouse
Both interactive and command line mode
Easy handling! 57891 Audio-CD player for DOS, I.Grutman 32151 Lock Hitachi CD-ROM drive door against eject 28528 Set "idle 9-min - nap" mode on Hitachi CD-ROM 62480
CDP version A3

Freeware command line driven audio
CD player for DOS. No TSR.
Not interactive.
Works, even if MSCDEX is not loaded.
Texts in English or German. 90606 Audio out utilities for Hitachi CD-ROM drives 13726 CDROM AUDIO PLAYER v1.0
Little command line driven
utility to play your audio
CD's. For DOS systems. May
work under Win95 too.
This proggy is CARDWARE!!!
By Jani Ponkko in July 96 176143 CD-QUICK Cache v1.30 PC Mag 1995 Best
Shareware of the Year Award winner! CD-Quick
will improve the performance of any CD-ROM
drive by storing frequently read data in fast
XMS memory. Uses advanced caching techniques
for top performance. Includes CDTEST to
measure your CD-ROM drive's performance and
the Windows' QUICKMON program to show cache
statistics in real time. INSTALL program
makes setup easy. For DOS/WIN. Shareware $29 65874 Cd Scan v5.5 music cd cataloguing system demo by J.Dunn 12409 Small, fast and reliable benchmark for
CD-ROM drives. High resolution timing,
99% of asm code, 100% freeware.
Has your drive a constant data transfer
rate? CD-Bench gives you the answer!
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.