Name Size Description 16096 OnePass V2.00 the *original* single pass disk
copier. Supports all removeable storage
including 2.88Mb floppies, flopticals, and
Bernoulli drives. Fast, simple, useful! 40143 WSScopyd single insertion floppy disk copier, R.Babcock 18982 Copies ALL files from disk to another (incl. subdirs) (good) 153056 Dup. disks in one pass. Reads MS new DMF fmt., K.White 57141 Complete Program Deleter 2.3 totally
removes all files and directories added
to a disk by any installation utility,
SYSTEM.INI, and WIN.INI. A complete
uninstaller for DOS or Windows programs. 23113 Single-pass disk copy with XMS (including 2.88 MB support) 111367 DISK COPY FAST v5.3 : Powerful 1-pass
diskette duplication utility. VERY fast.
Support DMF, XDF, selected FDFORMAT, 800KB,
MAC HD and standard formats. Support PS/2.
Command line or menu driven; Hot keys for
backup or multiple target; Mouse support;
Format diskcopy diskcomp all in 1 pass; Use
extended memory; Image file; On-line help; 116729 DiskDupe Trial disk duplicator, nagware, MS Designs, Inc. 76425 Disk image archiver v1.4a, Ray Arachelian (good) 51418 HARD DISK COPY v3.1 : Hard disk sector copy/
backup utility. Ideal for Win95 backup or
duplicating same configuration on multiple
systems. Very fast. Has fast mode that copy
only the portion of HD with active data.
Backup to and restore from image files.
Command line or menu driven. Mouse support. 48798 * MINGO-COPY * SHAREWARE VERSION *
Disk-copy program (Req.PC/VGA/MOUSE).
Eduardo Motta Buhrnheim (Mingo) 40301 Image + Pack diskette copying utilities v1.1 80335 Disk copying and format utility, U.Feldmueller 15096 +-----------------------------------------+
| XDSKCPY - eXtended DiSKCoPY. Don't be a |
| diskswapping diskjockey! Use this prog! |
| Duplicates diskettes without swapping. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby, Norway. (SHH) |
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.