Name Size Description 15362 Brief summary of copyright laws 38323 US General Accounting Office: Computer Security rpt 297195 INEWS '95 YEAR IN REVIEW - A review of
significant United States and world
news events in 1995. Free trial
subscription to INEWS Daily and low cost
reproduction rights available. DOS, VGA 5018 MNP Error Correction definitions 14065 Modem using information 6841 Modem lexicon v1.1; terms used in modem tech 8703 Lighten up, Mr Murphy roams rampant :-) 3556 A small collection of Murphy's to save (or ruin) your day 71329 List of computer related phone numbers, R.Green 434156 Computer related vendors database (phone#,fax# etc) (good)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.