Name Size Description 8449 A simple filter for high ascii 7181 Change the date, time and attributes of files v2.55 (good) 32825 ANAlyze the binary contents of any file v0.15 16676 Convert binary files to text files or otherway 6377 Bdiff v1.01 creates diff-files + bupdate 77820 BFIND.EXE (2001.03): Allows Boolean-type
FIND requests. For example, find any
line with one string AND another one, or
any line with one string OR another.
Also allows wildcarded input file names.
Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software 9116 A Fast in-memory sort filter for large files, T.Kalfaoglu 10618 Search and replace for all file types, req.386+, P.Enzerink 8362 Cut a large file into smaller chunks, Kent Plx 1089420
-----*| BOBBY Oct '96 v1.3 Beta |*-----
*****+ Stars

BOBBY is a file managing Dos prompt
replacer program that gives you the
capabilities of all disk activities with
special features like playing sounds,
showing pictures, running your favorite
programs all from a click of a specific
pre-defined button that's either built into
the program or from commands provided by you
for a button. These are but a few of the
functions you can do with BOBBY.

BOBBY also features:
* Extreme EAZE OF USE (No learning curve).
* Smartly designed 3D Graphical Interactive
* Display JPEG/PCX/BMP/GIF Picture Formats
* Built in Help and Manual Online.
(and "built-in" keys list of BOBBY for
printing--instant productivity with BOBBY)
* 8-bit/16-bit Wav/Voc Sound Playing
* Environmental Sound Effect assignments.
* WINNER of Acclaim and Awards.
* 100% FREEWARE + for all version updates!!

++ A MUST HAVE if you want (and need) to make
life EASY when in Dos. 185623 Create and apply efficient patches for binaries, K. Hayen 35392 BSS is a string search program modeled after
VAX/VMS search utility. Features include
better wildcarding than DOS, multiple files
& directory trees & over 3000 search strings.
Also allows wild cards in search strings, &
many other features. Extract documentation
by typing BSS /O=BSS.DOC /? 31129 Cos File Dump Utility by Ofer Inbar 21578 CHECK - generates and validates CRC checksums,
wildcards and saving of checksum files supported,
for 8086+. 9440 Chunk 'n Copy v. 2.0 -- Is a
file utility which eliminates
`disk full' problem associated
the DOS copy command. 37694 Break files into smaller ones, revised by E.Swank 11119 Cut files into smaller files, freeware, Charly Crystal 173534 CMP 5.23: Compare text/binary files

This program is a greatly enhanced
replacement for COMP or FC. It can
compare text or binary files, multiple
files, even subdirectory trees. You can
configure the comparison process and
output format with many options. The
program returns a configurable value in
ERRORLEVEL for batch programs.

Runs in plain DOS and DOS under Win
3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP; the 32-bit
program uses long filenames. There is no
special installation procedure.

Shareware. The *complete* ZIP file may
be redistributed freely. Register at

author: Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems 132409 COMTEXT v1.9 - is a file viewing utility
for files of any size. In addition to
letting you move around the file with
the cursor keys, it also allows you to
print, edit, delete, copy, move, or rename
file. The program has full mouse and
keyboard support and can be invoked from
any directory or subdirectory.
Shareware. Reg. AU$30, US$24, UKť14 29825 Deletes a file to be irreversible, M. Aydin 55221 CRICKET v2.00 (CRC-IT) - Useful DOS
utility generates and validates CCITT
CRC-32 checksums of all of the files in
a subdirectory tree, specified files, or
the entire drive. The CRCs may be
generated individually for each file or
a single CRC may be reported for all
file taken as a single data stream.
Registered CRC-IT also monitors the file
size and the date/time stamp.

NEW - Long filename support under Win9X

Runs under Win 3.x/Win9x/NT v3+/Netware/
DOS v4+ and is LAN-friendly.

Copyright 1996-2001 by Robert B. Clark
, ClarkWehyr
Enterprises. Shareware, $19.95US 55685 An MS-DOS text file browser w/mouse by C.Blum 16771 CHK-SAFE checks file integrity w/MD5 algorithm 19090 File comparison 23151 Insert change bars into text documents 38982 Redirects many DOS commands to a file output, B.McDonald 11115 DOS2UNIX Text File Converter v1.0
Copyright (C) 1995 by ROMULUS Software 266132 DOSview -Powerful File Manager. Like Norton Commander, but more powerful.
Works great with Windows too. Two file panels, Built-in editors/viewers,
XCopy, YMove, Tree, Wipe, File Find, Branch Totals - more than 60 commands
in all. Small, takes only 4K, network sharable. Administrators, you need
this utility. Shareware. 68675 Fast search for text in specified files 71829 File Browser v2.11 56911 File comment extractor v1.0 54816 FILE 2.0, advanced file recognizer

FILE knows: 14 EXE compressors, 7
compilers, 6 DOS extenders, 9 COM
compressors, 12 image and movie
formats (w/ resolution and colors),
14 archive types, 25 sound module
and sample formats, several source
codes, and it can auto-kill tons of
BBS ads and intros.

NEW! you can add your own BBS ads ! 17385 Text line grabber v1.0 26276 Fast grep, text finder (not unixish), C.Dunford 55219 Calculate CRCs for all files on a disk 22443 Ň═══════════════════════════════════════════Ş
│FILEID finds descriptions in archives and │
│modules (many formats supported) and puts │
│together a useful list of them. Excellent │
│if you have many strange files on disks or │
│in your download directory. Supports both │
│file_id.diz/descript.ion files. │
│ New version 2.0! Even better! │
ď═══════════════════════════════════════════ż 6815 Here's a one-line description of MV:

MV Fast & safe file moving utility 50381 Filex 1.5 - File identification tool
Study the filename and tell what the
file is and what program can use it.

Now with a database of total over
1700 filename extensions! The 64 kb
limitations removed with some other
fixes. Freeware by Jouni Miettunen. 11902 Extract a block of bytes from a file v1.0 21415 Determine the type of a file (w Turbo Pascal source) 51348 Backups for people who can't stand to do 'em!
ForAge is a helpful little utility that feeds
the file name of the newest or oldest file in
in a group of files to another command. Ideal
for QUICK AUTOMATIC BACKUPS, or for use in an
application where data files are processed by
time/date. Shareware from Pinnacle Software.
For support, dial 514-345-9578. You can also
dial in to our free files BBS at 514-345-8654
(any baud rate, download on first call). 15023 FSTAMP v1.05 - DOS utility to date/time
stamp your files. Robust date/time
parser forgives typing mistakes.
Completely network- and country-aware.
Copyright (c) 1996 by Robert B. Clark
. Freeware. 13239 FileType v1.1; try to guess the type of a file 38591 FView - simple text file viewer, C.Gordon 993563 GD View V0.90 for MS DOS: *the* viewer
and player for 400+ formats
>Texts: ANSI, DOS, Unicode, Mac, EBCDIC,
and 200+ MORE w/ HEX/DEC/BIN/OCT modes!
>Documents: Word, WinWord, WordPerfect,
WordStar, Write, Ami Pro, RTF, etc.
>Graphics: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, FLIC, PCD,
SGI, IMG, DCX etc. (over 60 formats)
>Sounds: WAV, VOC, 8SVX, SND, AU, AVR
ST, Psion WVE, CMF, raw (SAM/SMP/etc.)!
>Terminal codes: ANSi, PCB, BIN, etc.
>Databases: dBase, SDF, FoxBase, etc.!
>File archives: ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, TAR,
RAR, ZOO, LBR, PAK and MORE incl. SFXs!
FILE INFORMATION: recognizes 5000+ (!)
extentions, shows file descriptions
AND: Directory viewer, System Info,
Audio CD Player, CBM Basic decompiler!
NOTE: treat this as a BETA VERSION! 20831 Text search also into archives, N.Salt 380097 GREP 8.0: Find regular expressions in files

This filter is a greatly enhanced
replacement for DOS FIND and is similar
to UNIX grep. Finds all lines containing
(or NOT containing) one or more strings
or regular expressions in one or more
files, with optional search of
subdirectories. Can search for basic or
extended regular expressions. Can search
text or binary files and sense file
type. Returns a configurable value in
errorlevel for batch programs.

Runs in plain DOS and DOS under any
version of WWindows; the included
32-bit version uses long filenames.
There is no special installation

Shareware. The *complete* ZIP file may
be redistributed freely. Register at

author: Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems 48573 General Search And Replace utility, bin/Asc, w/C, T.Tjaberg 7475 Hexadecimal Dump to std output by David Newton 30419 Records the differences between two text files 43336 HexView v1.1 display files in hex + ascii 17978 +------------------------------+
| HFIND -- Highlighted FIND |
| Find text in text files. |
| Shows the target HIGHLIGHTED |
|on the screen so it is visible|
| in the jumble of output text.|
| DOS shareware, $10 |
+------------------------------+ 83489 File and text search v5.2 Thinking Software, slightly awkward. 324053 INSTALLIT! is a DOS application installer,
extremely easy to use, no script language,
many features, occupies only 28K on disk.
Built-in decompression, and other utilities
included. Registration key gives you access
to free updates as they are released. $25US
█] COFFEE MUG SOFTWARE █] 17038 Internet Jack Knife, several filters in one prog, T.C.Green 36499 jDif Fast File Difference Utility v1.0 -
Compares source and text files. Visual
output or report. Option to support COBOL
(columns 6 to 72) and S/370 Assembler. Good
for Year 2000 conversions. MS-DOS.
Shareware by Jonathan Rosenne.
Registration $15.00 7185 Jsort v2.1 Ascii file sorter 26502 READ 1.4.4
Quick-info-files viewer
and binarfy files viewer.
Shareware, 2$. 16676 Programmable Line EDitor for DOS, P.Taylor 102063 LIST Plus is a general purpose file browsing
and viewing utility. Features include file
selection/utility menu, selective printing,
telephone dialer, scrollable windows, and
viewing files within archive files. Version
9.1k corrects some minor problems. 123564 LIST Plus is a general purpose file browsing
and viewing utility. Features include file
selection/utility menu, selective printing,
telephone dialer, scrollable windows, and
viewing files within archive files.
Version 9.6u. 61641 File or stream string manipulator, Z.Jiang 33305 MaxFind v.3.3. Multi-word/line/block
text search. Search entire disk,
and/or/not logic, "fuzzy" searches.
Scope can be one or more lines or a
block. Special scopes for: 1. BBS file
lists, 2. E-mail, FAQs, BIBLE (ie,
special string). PC Mag raved about v.1,
now twice as fast, color output, etc.
300K/sec. on a 386/40. With batch files
you get answers before most programs
load. Bug fixs. 25090 ***************************************
* rot13 Encryptor/Decryptor v2.0 *
* *
* (C) 1994 Matt Bruce *
* *
* Encrypts and decrypts text files *
* for simple prevention of accidental *
* reading. Good for Usenet "may be *
* offensive" postings. The law *
* prohibits exportation of this *
* program from Australia. *
*************************************** 12888 Creates MD5 checksums of files, O.Fromme 47323 MOD2ZIP v1.2 by SofTech. [01/Jun/95]
Extracts title, writes FILE_ID.DIZ
and creates compressed file ready
to upload from music files! Support
for ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LHA and Info-ZIP
programs! It handles MOD, 669, STM,
Cardware software! 288224 MiniTrue multiple-file search/replace utility, A.Pipkin 188708 MU0896.ZIP Magic Utilities August 1996 11127 Allows setting date and time stamps (asm) 3152 ONLANE - finds files on
the PATH and more. You
can also use wildcards.
Very fast display.
Customizable. Small.
-freeware by G. SHADOFF 277887 OnScreen/2 shareware text + binary file viewer, J.Allen 33768 Ascii text justifying filter, Peter Breuer 33793 Packet translater v3.1; translate many character sets 21885 PKZDATE v0.0.3; latest file dater 5555 PLUGB is a file utility for
filling diskettes "to the max".
This easy working program will
fill diskettes of any size and
any format with files from any
directory of your hard drive.
It can even be interrupted with
control-break and restarted if
needed for some reason.
FREEWARE -by- George Shadoff
Winner of Dosworld Magazine's
"Best of the Batch" for May '97 3861 PrintDump - Dump contents of any file 19755 **** ProtEXE v2.11 ****
Protect your EXE and COM files using
encryption and CRC checksums.
New improved version with lots of
anti-debugging techniques.
v2.11 fixes a bug that caused
incompability with the Pentium 9757 Overwrite unallocated "Tail End" of files, from Sydex 104034 File and text search from Patri-Soft 186476 SEE v3.22 File display/print/extract utility.
Display text, binary, docu and hyperdoc files
of any size. Highly configurable. Supports up
to three printers LPT1-LPT9, each with custom
setup. Pull-down menus. Mouse-friendly. Scans
binaries for text. Filters printer Esc codes.
Configurable menus & functions, so YOU decide
what the user may use. Loadable configuration
menus and help files. Fully-functional evalu-
ation copy. Created by Pinnacle Software. 6031 CVT2MIXC v1.00 - Change UPPERCASE text file
to mixed case. Smart detection of acronyms.
Fully configurable "exceptions" processing.
Requires the shareware file-parsing program
Parse-O-Matic, which can be downloaded from
CompuServe, Pinnacle Software's free BBS at
+1-514-345-8654, or from the World Wide Web
at This script
may be distributed as freeware. 166457 Text file reader - designed mainly for blind people 9847 Rebuild uuencoded split files (w C, awk) 14608 Remove/modify strings; by Edward W. Jajko. 15208 Ron's Flexible File sort program v2.3 48692 Ron's List program v1.7 text file viewer 7925 Utility for removing a tree, P.Zaccaria 7951 Performs Usenet-standard rot13 encryption 89132 Sort replacement for DOS, w/asm scr, R.Pirko 26462 Ron's Smart Search (for 5439 Build file def to use RSS v1.1 with Inter27a+b 84472 READ v3.7 - ASCII Text Editor & Viewer.
This compact program can be used to edit or
read ASCII text files of virtually unlimited
size. Features include a File Selection Menu,
Large Text Mode, Word Wrap, Block Editing and
Search-and-Replace. Full Mouse and Printer
Support. Many Customizable Features. On-Line
Help plus External Documentation. Fully
Functional Shareware. Registration: $15 US 4568 Copy a file's datestamp to another + 1 minute (w asm) 133022 SEE v3.10 -- File display & printing utility.
SEE displays text or binary files of any size
and supports "command-line macros" so you can
automate the use of SEE for your application.
Supports printers LPT1-LPT9. Pull-down menus
make SEE easy to use. Plenty of configuration
options. From Pinnacle Software - creators of
the Sapphire bulletin board system. Support:
dial 514-345-9578, or call our free files BBS
at 514-345-8654 (download on first call). 115297 SHERLOCK.EXE v2.73 - A dual window
ASCII text file comparison utility that
compares two ASCII files line by line.
Contains features for searching, ignoring
case, spaces, tabs, jumping around the files,
synchronizing the files, and copying lines to
a printer. SHERLOCK is designed as a tool for
programmers and writers. It is ideal for
comparing program source files, CONFIG.SYS,
AUTOEXEC.BAT, and text documents. 10282 SHOW ver. 1.4 - small DOS text browser,
supports LFN (Win9x) piped input (STDIN),
with mouse interface, search function,
Custom colors through INI file
Special features: Jump from index,
linked text files (with return stack)
(c) 2001 Horst Schaeffer 9632 Skip or replace bytes in a file (w C src) 17825 SupremeMove v1.51 fast move (files) 6724 V. Buerg's fast text sort utility (not a filter) 32283 Sort textfile, text paragraphs, reverse, J.Ferguson 3446 SORTXL 3.1 sort large ASCII files by
up to 8 fields, ascending/descending 12605 Split large file into chunks, Greg Snyder (w TP src) 59187 File Splitter and Re-assembler, freeware, Pierre Martineau 13491 Display files contents with many convert, filter, etc options 23363 Character translator v1.0 plus tee and wc (word count) 1007398 TextTools - a collection of text filters etc, R.Berg 10127 Type a text file line by line backwards 6554 UNIX2DOS v1.1 - Text filter that
converts UNIX-style text files to
DOS-style text and vice-versa. Freeware.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Robert B. Clark
Freeware. 152337 Universal Directory Handler, file mngmt, R.Loewy 48507 Universal File Information, P.Taylor 5669 Strip ANSI codes from files, 1.5K ASM util, A.Corey 95602 Volkov Commander, file management program, V.Volkov 7207 VTSTRIP - Strip VT100 codes from captured text files 332455 ╔═──────────────────────────────────═╗
│ ██ ▄▄ ██ █████ █████ ██ ███ ██▀▀▄ │
│ ██ ██ ██ █ █ █ █ ██ ██ ██▄▄▀ │
│ ▀██████▀ █████ █████ █ ██ ██ │
│ ──══════════════── │
│ ˙──══■ WComp 2.01 ■══──˙ │
│ ş The Ultimate File Analyzer ş │
│ ■ Recognition ˙ 531 formats, │
│ 65 compilers, + 1900 estensions! │
│ 33 Com/Exe Compressors/Scramblers│
│ 65 programs (exe/com makers) │
│ ■ Universal Shell! Universal Scan! │
│ Exe-decompressor,MOD & Viewer shell│
│ ...and ALL WHAT YOU WANT!! │
│ ■ Three Levels of Scan! CRC˙32 │
│ ■ Statistics on hd's file! │
│ ■ Rename Mode! │
╚═──────────────────────────────────═╝ 57754 File format recognition utility v2.9 70609 The FileIdentifier to identify the file type 6491 Wipe out sensitive files with null char, Perplex Software 42490 A simple text file browser, w C and asm, Hung Vu 14596 XCD - command line search for TXS dictionaries v2.6 17341 End-of-line translation for text files, P.Gallagher 8884 FIND tools for DOS, ver 2.3
XFIND scans all given files for a string,
reports files by name for further handling.
TFIND searches for strings (Boolean AND)
in a file; optional field specificaton
for fixed field (column oriented) lists.
Output acc. to MS-DOS FIND. Extra Mode:
only letters and digits are relevant. 17209 Sort huge files in XMS memory, fast 183441 Quickly sort and merge large ASCII/ANSI files 34569 XSUM V1.1 Checksumming utility suite
Calculates the 32-bit CRC and the MD4
and MD5 message digests of files and
displays them along with the file size,
time, and date. MD5 calculation is
much faster than in the previous
release. Contains mdx version 1.05
and crc version 1.07. 43895 TOUCH v1.04 - Yet Another Touch Utility to
change date and time stamps of files. This
one supports multiple filespecs, DR DOS file
lists, and recursion into subdirectories.
Uses local date format, or force US/UK/Japan
format. Thorough validity checking of dates
and times (can be disabled.) Displays days
of the week. Can also set attributes. Copy
stamps from another file. Optional prompt.
Freeware, Charles Dye. With A86 source.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.