Name Size Description 25300 4MAT 1.2 3/9/95
Floppy Formatter
By Evasion Software

Another boring formatter ???
NO. This is The Ultimate GUI
Formatter. Pretty fast, Pretty
reliable, Pretty Goodlooking...
So forget all about
"FORMAT A: /S /F:720..."
and use 4MAT... ;)
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agoth :
smith :

Agoth / Evasion Software 9036 Format 800K to 360K disks in 1.2M diskdrive 17350 Improved disk formatting v2.1(noverify, continuos etc.) 197040 Menu driven Easy disk Format, v3.20 109328 Menu driven Easy disk Format, v3.20, documents 100217 FormatMaster v5.5. CAU dialog control
operated floppy disk format utility. Handles
5 1/4" or 3 1/2", single/dual capacity
drives. Transfer system files, volume label,
and/or serialnumber. Supports sequential
serial numbers using volume label. Creates
bootable non-system diskettes. Reinitialize
formatted disks with save/restore format
capability. Windows style INI file
configuration. 5458 Fix long delay formatting floppies with MS-DOS 6.2 12187 Format both drives A+B at same time 82051 A simple shell for running the format command 101675 FreeForm universal floppy formatter, M. Garamszeghy 97015 Interleave Adjustment/Optimization Utility v1.9e 70874 Maxi Form v1.9 format more floppy space, M. Garamszeghy 20846 Western Digital Corp. AT format routine v2.10 (good)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.