Name Size Description
ap08disk.gif 95680 An Apollo 8 view showing the roundness of the Moon
ap08hori.gif 121019 Earth from Apollo 8 over the Moon's horizon
ap08luna.gif 161885 A close approach view of the Moon from Apollo 8
ap08miss.gif 151676 Apollo 8 lunar orbital mission profile
ap09eva.gif 113478 Astronaut performing EVA on the Apollo 9 mission
ap09hatc.gif 150342 A classic, Apollo 9 astronaut emerging from the hatch
ap09lem.gif 167919 Apollo 9 lunar module with Earth and clouds in background
ap09lift.gif 69356 Lift-off of Apollo 9 from the launch pad
ap10moon.gif 148557 The moon photographed from Apollo 10
ap11aldr.gif 93117 Classic of classics, Aldrin with faceplate reflection
ap11base.gif 176358 Tranquility Base overall shot on the Moon
ap11crew.gif 158354 Apollo 11 crew Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins
ap11down.gif 127514 Apollo capsule in the sea after the splash-down
ap11flag.gif 189288 The American flag and astronaut on the Moon
ap11foot.gif 140268 The famous spaceboot footprint on the Moon
ap11lad4.gif 111759 A four picture collection of descending the LEM ladder
ap11ladd.gif 144204 Aldrin stepping to the Moon from the ladder
ap11lem.gif 65692 The lunar module Eagle on the Moon
ap11lift.gif 100387 Apollo 11 Saturn spectacular lift-off
ap11miss.gif 109659 Apollo 11 lunar landing mission profile
ap11orbi.gif 120515 LEM starting descent with Earth on Moon horizon
ap11rise.gif 103973 Earthrise on the Lunar horizon
ap11satu.gif 184100 Upper part of Saturn rocket from control tower
ap11stan.gif 77423 Apollo 11 LEM's leg and astronaut
ap11stat.gif 98708 Apollo 11 science station and astronaut
ap12carr.gif 77168 Apollo 12 science package being carried on the Moon
ap12flag.gif 153360 Hoisting the flag on the Moon on Apollo 12 mission
ap12pack.gif 93010 Apollo 12 astronaut lifting the science package
ap12scie.gif 186630 Apollo 12 science station being prepared on the Moon
ap13expl.gif 187568 The exploded service module intestines on Apollo 13
ap13filt.gif 130492 The carbon dioxide filter on the ill-dated Apollo 13
ap13patc.gif 76188 Apollo 13 astronaut jury rigging the filter
ap13safe.gif 148710 Apollo 13 astronauts safely back
ap14crew.gif 155577 Apollo 14 crew presentation picture with emblem
ap14flag.gif 126461 The inevitable flag presentation on Apollo 14 on the Moon
ap14lase.gif 140689 Laser reflector on the Moon for measuring Moon distance
ap14lift.gif 92391 Apollo 14 mission Saturn lift-off
ap14step.gif 188327 Apollo 14 astronaut walked here on the Moon
ap14trac.gif 165949 Reflecting vehicle tracks on the Moon on Apollo 14
ap15alse.gif 133376 Alsep panorama on Apollo 15 mission
ap15comm.gif 164281 Apollo 15 command and service module in Moon orbit.
ap15flag.gif 167533 Saluting the flag with LEM and rater rim, Apollo 15
ap15hill.gif 191829 Apollo 15 rover and astronaut with hilly background
ap15lean.gif 209237 Apollo 15 astronaut leaning with a gadget
ap15rove.gif 188666 Apollo 15 rover and astronaut at LEM at a foothill
ap16base.gif 169190 Apollo 16 base, LEM and rover
ap16driv.gif 171925 Apollo 16 astronaut revving the rover on the Moon
ap16eart.gif 127557 A view of Earth from Apollo 16
ap16leav.gif 142051 Apollo 16 lift-off from the Moon
ap16long.gif 145520 Apollo 16 long-distance shot of the rover
ap16samp.gif 220803 Apollo 16 astronaut collecting samples at a crater
ap16stop.gif 185370 Apollo 16 astronaut stopping to explore
ap17clim.gif 167448 Apollo 16 astronaut climbing a shallow slope
ap17dri2.gif 164056 Still driving on the moon on Apollo 17 mission
ap17driv.gif 140927 Driving on the moon on Apollo 17 mission
ap17flag.gif 118869 A classic, Apollo 17 astronaut, flag and Earth in the sky
ap17lem.gif 113886 Apollo 17 lunar module back in orbit
ap17rove.gif 140745 Apollo 17 rover alone on the Moon
ap17suit.gif 198390 Apollo 17 astronaut in his spacesuit on the Moon
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