Name Size Description
galsite.gif 195730 Predicted Galileo probe Jupiter entry site, Hubble
iotrans.gif 112557 Jupiter and Io with its shadow, BW, Hubble 24-Jul-96
jupaur.gif 140055 Jupiter aurora and their relation to Io, Hubble, 17-Oct-96
jupaur98.gif 213191 A complete view of Jovian aurora, Hubble, 7-Jan-98
jupiter.gif 74011 Jupiter and three moons
jupiterc.gif 56780 Jupiter with cloudbands, the spot and satellites
jupiteri.gif 101452 A Hubble image showing Jupiter and volcanic Io
jupiterw.gif 176593 Hubble image of three Jovian storms, 13-Feb-95
jupnorth.jpg 38625 Northern hemisphere of Jupiter, like art, Galileo
jupovals.jpg 57857 Long-lived white ovals on Jupiter, like art, Galileo
jupring.gif 62174 Jupiter's ring
jupwfpc.gif 85742 Jupiter by Hubble Wide Field Planetary Camera
prc9913.gif 129575 Io transit of Jupiter, Hubble
redspot.gif 147807 Jupiter's Great Red Spot
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.