Name Size Description
9811aw.jpg 71655 The planetary nebula ngc 7027, HST/NICMOS, 12-Mar-98
9811bw.jpg 86150 Butterfly-Shaped Nebulae, Hubble, 12-Mar-98
crabc.gif 166963 Crab Nebula by Palomar vs Hubble, 30-May-96
cygnloop.gif 202819 Cygnus Loop nebula, stellar explosion 15,000 years ago, HST
dumbell.gif 72500 Dumbell Nebula
eggneb.gif 274951 Egg Nebula 2688, beams around dying star, Hubble, 16-Jan-96
eggnic.gif 191658 Egg Nebula, Hubble NIMCOS of a dying star, 12-May-97
helixd.gif 316852 Helix Nebula gases collision details, Hubble 15-Apr-96
helixf.gif 249218 Helix Nebula NGC 7293 gases collision, Hubble 15-Apr-96
horsehea.gif 105106 The Horsehead Nebula, a classic from some observatory
hourgls.gif 239824 Hourglass Nebula MyCn18, Hubble, 16-Jan-96
ic2220.gif 140482 Emission nebula around a mass loss star in Carina
ic2944.gif 285145 Young star cluster and diffuse nebula in Centaurus
m16full.gif 171106 Star-forming gas pillars in M16 Eagle Nebula, Hubble
m16wf2.gif 244307 Star-Birth Molecular Clouds M16, 2-Nov-95, Hubble WFPC2
m1crabne.gif 247496 Crab Nebula
m2-9.gif 262301 Planetary Nebula M2-9, 17-Dec-97
m8detail.gif 225926 Lagoon Nebula details + O Herschel 36, Hubble 22-Jan-97
m8wide.gif 179092 Lagoon nebula M8 5000 light-years away, Hubble 22-Jan-97
ngc2440.gif 333121 Hot star nucleus in our Milky way, Hubble 1992
ngc6543a.gif 118171 A dying star, 1000-years old Cat's Eye Nebula NGC 6543
ngc7027.gif 324563 Planetary Nebula NGC 7027, stellar death, Hubble, 16-Jan-96
omc1nic.gif 196583 Orion Nebula, Hubble infrared + spectrometer, 12-May-97
orionful.gif 193634 Orion Nebula star-birth region 1500 light-years away
orionmos.gif 156595 Orion Nebula Hubble mosaic of star birth, 20-Nov-95 rel.
orionprp.gif 92613 Five young stars with proplyds in the Orion Nebula
oriprop4.gif 153856 Protoplanetary disks in Orion Nebula, Hubble, 20-Nov-95
pistol.gif 108652 Pistol Nebula and Massive Star, Hubble
pnglry.gif 236878 Planetary Nebula Gallery, 17-Dec-97
prc9825.gif 193491 Star cluster yields insights into early universe, 23-Jul-98
prc9836.gif 94027 Planetary "Turtle" Nebula NGC 6210, Hubble, 22-Oct-98
prc9901.gif 87300 Ring Nebula, Hubble Heritage, 6-Jan-99
prc9912.gif 294203 Hodge 301 in the Tarantula nebula, Hubble
wfpc-04.gif 113798 Hubble Space Telescope: Star forming 30 Doradus nebula
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.