Name Size Description 343180 SuperVGA Graphics Prog With TP7 Sources 52949 TooLate Fill Pattern Editor, J.Miettunen 130981 3D environment program v1.2 (WWToolKit demo) 88467 An editor for polygon-based 3d-objects 25009 Terrain models manipulation util 93987 3D graphics tutorial and library (with C-source) 86677 3D surface grapher v1.0 60025 3D rotation demo 65921 3-D viewer v2.5 with real-time rotations (req's mouse) (good) 509153
3DVIS10.ZIP is a package that
displays, rotates and changes
the colors of 3D objects written
in 3DV format. 353182 Sample jpeg files 457190 Image Alchemy manipulates images (even JPEG) (great) 169961 Random Dot Sterogram creator from 16 col. PCX, J.Smith 13527 Alchemy Shell v1.6 graphical shell for Image Alchemy 445762 BMorf morfing program (386+, 600Kb XMS, SVGA), B.Hozjan 29490 MPEG video compressor (TGA, PBMPLUS, RAW) 98317 Color Vision Demonstration v3.0 (req's VGA + mouse) (great) 172683 DAZZLE v5.2b EGA/VGA SUPER-KALEIDOSCOPE IMAGE
registered. The 2D image engine subset from
the full retail RAZZLE DAZZLE ultimate DOS &
Windows multimedia screen saver. The best-
selling retail programs are now available as
registration upgrades to this shareware
subset, an excellent bargain! 740259 -- DISPLAY -- a graphic utility --

DISPLAY can view, convert, manipulate,
read and write images and movies.
It can create movies and slide-shows.
DISPLAY supports a wide variaty of
graphic and movie formats (8-24 bit).
With the image manipultion tools, it's
more than just a viewer/converter.
A 386-CPU is required (486 with 8MB RAM
and truecolor graphic-card recommended) 532269 Display v1.89 sources and fonts, J. Ho 19231 View Atari Degas files 28313 MPEG video decompressor (VGA/Super-VGA), S.Eckart 91720 * "DOS" Digital Oscilloscope Simulator, uses real-time double-buffered
animation for simulating a digital oscilloscope on the PC.
Also Included: MOVEARC.PAS, PARAM.PAS, WAVES.PAS 236973 Draws text generates basic code (demo), Ronald Brown 61006 Examples for poly3d 75454 Examples for poly3d 24162 Utah RLE viewer v1.0 (w/SVGA) 493897 ****** DATASHOW PRO V. 1.4A, for DOS ******
MultiMedia Shareware Program for DOS, in
which You can make Presentations, Games,
Slide Shows, Demo Programs, Tutorials, Etc.
Both text and graphic modes. PCX/GIF/FLI
graphics files. Plays WAV/VOC Sounds via PC
Speaker/Adlib/SoundBlaster. Easy to use in-
tegrated environment with Script, Drawing,
Slide, Animation, Print, Chart design, and
File Centers with many features. Use mouse
or keyboard. See the many HOT examples in-
cluded. Try it yourself. Full online and
textbased manual included. An absolute
MUST!!! *** FULL PRODUCTION VERSION *** 330989 Desktop Paint 256 v1.4 bitmapped paint program (w SVGA) 166412 Dvpeg jpeg/gif viewer for Dos/Windows/OS2, E.Praetzel 16000 Tiffdump.exe + c, packbits.c, unpackbi.c 227858 EEDRAW v2.0 - Electrical Engineering Drawings 10942 A TSR to store EGA screen to an EPS file 28059 * "ESS" Electronic Scanning Simulator. Uses real-time double-buffered
animation for displaying directional radiation patterns for an antenna array
of equally-spaced elements with uniform amplitude excitation and
progressive phase. The student could change the progressive phase, speed of
phase variation, number of elements in the array, and length of the array then
observe the effect on the radiation pattern.

* Coded By: *
* Amr A. Awadallah, May 1992 *
* Computer Department, *
* Faculty Of Engineering, *
* Cairo University, *
* Egypt. *
* e-mail : "" or "" *
* phone : (202) 330-4738 *
**************************************************************************/ 9393 Fracland v1.3b a fractal landscape generator 68451 Font Design and Generation Program (good) 86384 An interactive graphical editor to draw IFS fractals 273663 Fast, easy to use Mandelbrot/Julia set plotter 7421 Create Fractal flythroughs with FRACTINT 1327747 FracXtra v6: Fractint Extras Collection
A huge collection of .map, .par, .frm,
.ifs, .l, .key, and .bat files, as well
as some external programs for the
Fractint v19+ fractal generation program.
by Dan Goldwater, 4/4/95 release. 34061 FractZoom (based on the FractFly) Fractint utility 587829 FRACTINT 19.3, DOS-based fractal generator.
Generate Mandelbrot, Julia, IFS, and many
more fractals in 2D and 3D, including those
you design yourself. Version 19 now supports
arbitrary precision which allows zooming to
a depth of 10^1600, as well as generation of
random dot stereograms. Copyrighted freeware. 320641 GC-Prevue; the photoplot data viewer CAD/CAM (good) 348631 갚꾼 GDS:Graphic Display System 3.1d 昉굅
Like CSHOW & VPIC, but far better! Shows,
CATALOGS, converts, flips, rotates,crops,
scales, dithers, GIF,JPG,PCX,TIF,IFF,LBM,
Supports nearly all SVGAs. QUICK, EASY &
MOUSE DRIVEN, complete hypertext help and
prints good manual. SYSOP vers available!
Great ASP shareware. (Photodex-r11/11/94) 240319 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커
gFView - ver. 1.10 Graphics file viewer
for use with Vernon D. Buergs LIST.
Supports JPEG, PCX, BMP & GIF. For DOS
gl.pak 117186 Graphics Library for programming 84572 A vector graphics simulation v1.00 (graviton) 347814 Graphic Workshop View/cvt/prnt MAC/IMG/GIF/TIFF/EPS graphics 172093 GhostScript v2.5.2 exe for 80286 machines 372373 GhostScript v2.5.2 exe for 80386 machines 243835 GhostScript v2.5.2 initialization files 220042 PCX editor,screen SFP fonts,scripts, S.Vartanov 89525 A screen previewer for HPGL plot files v1.0 16072 ICO2GIF -- Windows ICO to GIF file converter
Version 1.0 for DOS. Command-line utility
has several options and accepts wildcards.
Freely distributable (c) 1996 J.A.Roeckelein 66160 IconEdit v1.0 create variable size icons 4643 An IFF (DPaint) file reader (works?) 37656 Interactive graphics mouse cursor editor v1.0 (works?) 335420 Version 4.2 of IMPROCES - The best
shareware 256 Color Image Processor
and paint program available. VGA/
Mouse/'286 and up Req. Edit and
enhance GIF, PCX, TGA, PRF images.
Edit up to five images at one time.
Over 40 fonts! SVGA to 1024x768x256
supported. Everything you need to
modify, enhance and create images.
Shareware: $25 40211 Examples for poly3d 367139 View and convert GIF/BMP/PCX/TIFF/JPEG images 120380 Jam v1.10 lossy graphics compression program (24-b tga) 396526 JMedia v1.1: The ultimate graphics program
for creating presentations, demos, magazines,
tutorials, and RIP BBS menu screens. JMedia
is a complete authoring system. It comes
complete with an Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) allowing you to edit,test,
and debug your applications. Now you can
order by credid card, see ORDER.TXT.
Full shareware version, not crippled in any
way. 190845 JPEG image compression and decompression, T.Lane 291090 JPEG image compression and decompression, 32-bit, T.Lane 140660 Jview v0.95 JPEG viewer for HiCol SVGAs 33945 ListIco v1.0 display win3 icons (VGA or EGA) (w C) 970 EEDRAW-LIB v1; logic library 95104 PICTOPS V4.10 - Image to PostScript Level-2
(Analogous programs are unknown). This is the
power conversion program to convert image
files to COLOR, GRAY and biLevel compressed
PostScript file with CCITT,LZW,RLE,ASCIIHex
and ASCII85 filters. Output from PICTOPS may
has much smaller size than standard PostScript
outs from other programs with simple Level-1.
ShareWare. Author may be reached as:
Fax: (007)(095)-230-2337
Department Of Neutrino Physics
To: Igor L. Vassiliev 358084 Mandel is a fractal generator that is easy to
use and allows the image to be colored in
many ways with user produced color masks.
Both Mandelbrot and Julia images can be
created. An easy to use window zoom feature
allows blowups of interesting areas to be
made with the mouse alone. Images up to 4000
x 4000 pixels can be produced and saved in a
compressed format. Good documentation,
technical information, file formats. 72901 Mandelbrot Orbital Exploration 257823 Frame-extractor from MPEG-I-videos to PPM-format 318128 Night Bird is a 3D animation of white
birds flying endlessly over a field of
trees and colorful points of light. The
camera angle changes periodically to
reveal new perspectives of the scene. This
version features: multiple birds; shaded
polygon graphics; more realistic trees;
29 keyboard commands for altering the
scene; and an interactive online Help
screen; Requires a 386 / VGA, or better. 674007 Paint and image editing program 241533 NETPIC V1.4 encodes any size GIF picture
to 7-bit ASCII code for e-mail. Unlike
UUE NETPICs are self-contained and need
no decoding or viewer. The ASCII code is
executable. The user needs only DOS/VGA
to view a full 320x200x256 color picture.
Pictures include a help screen, timing
and password. Sample GIFs included. $0 466040 The NOMSSI Viewer, Release 1.5

Graphics file Viewer for SuperVGA
Detects about 180 VGA chipsets.
Reads GIF, TIFF, Windows/OS2 BMP,
Writes GIF, TIFF, BMP and TGA.
All standard editing functions,
Slideshow and Catalog on the fly.

Finalist - Ziff-Davis Awards 1995
Best DOS utility ShareWare $29 90392 Image viewer, Color/Pan/Zoom w/Mouse, R.Ostidich 10779 PBMPlus/netpbm batch file generator, GCJ Lokhorst 392620 PBMPlus package ported to MS-DOS (second attempt) 4898 View monochrome SUN rasterfiles on an PC (shar) 94859 Printed circuit board cad package 56162 PCX image viewer v1.11 134862 PCXDUMP v9.20 - THE screen capture pro-
gram. The best shareware screen grabber
that e.g. supports 1,2,4,8,15,16 and 24
bit video modes. Supports all CGA, EGA
and VGA modes. Will grab any tweaked
mode, plus extended support for Ahead,
ATI, Chip&Technologies, Genoa, MXIC, OAK,
Paradise, Realtek, Trideng, Tseng,
Video-7 and VESA. Captures all text
modes to either ascii or graphic files
(including soft fonts as used by DOS 6+).
Menu based installation with MANY options.
A fast PCX viewer/converter/manipulation
program is also included in this archive.
Requires 286 AT or better with EGA or
better display. 192587 PCX-SHOW, create slide show from PCX files 67038 PCX-Utilities (ScreenView + Screen Capture) 174953 Piclab v1.91 image processing program (good) 181286 PixBase v1.0 for DOS.
Smart GIF/JPEG viewer/cataloguer
for VESA SuperVGA.

(C) Copyright 1993, All Rights Reserved
by Davide Rossi
Vicolo Zanella 55B
31100 Treviso, Italy 2040 Porsche.xbm + porsche.xpm 113174 Persistance of Vision quantiser (raytrace) PvQuant v1.6 526760 QPV/386 1.7e, the famous grafx
viewer, incredibly fast!, with
unique preview feature (nearly
realtime), mouse panning etc.,
it supports VGA and many SVGAs
(including VESA), requires 386
or better. JPG TGA GIF PCX BMP
IFF/ILBM PBM/PNM PiNG Photo-CD 200648 郞袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴
QuickView Protected Mode V2.33
DOS based Multimedia Viewer with
AVI and MOV support! All common
video codecs are supported, incl.
Indeo. Also supports the video
formats DL, FLI/FLC and animated
GIF, the sound formats WAV, VOC
and Audio MPEG (incl. MP3), and
the picture formats JPG, BMP,
GIF, PCX, TGA and more. Very fast
picture display. Includes English
and German documentation.
突袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴 15318 Rainbow color cycling of 256 color GIFs, N.Salt 1306813 Images created using 3-D laser radar camera (TIFF) 547513 RFV-DEMO
A few routines for rotating bitmaps, fractal
zooming, voxelspace and plasma.
Made by: Thomas Hagen (
Elvegata 16
N-7013 Trondheim
------------------------------------------ 109104 Raster Master V4.0: Sprite / Icon editor for
creating and editing small graphic images.PCX
CEL/BMP/ICO. Create source code for images,
palettes, and mouse.16 and 256 color support.
For Turbo Pascal, QuickBASIC, Turbo C/C++,
QuickC, Fastgraph, and TEGL. Get the JMEDIA/
JDRAW package for $5 when you register Raster
Master. Requires VGA/SVGA and Mouse. Order
by credit card with PsL. 256638 RMORF v0.3 - morphing animation program-FAST!
Strong competition to the popular DMORF morpher,
RMORF takes 320x200 TGA files as input, producing
GIF or TGA frames as output, or complete FLI
animations. Generation: 4 sec/frame on a 486,
8 sec/frame on a 386SX (integer math)--FAST!
$20 shareware registration removes 320x200 input
limitation. 88543 Ray tracing animation generator by P.Sherrod 120334 GhostScript samples files 628848 SEA 1.2c

FASTEST VESA compatible mouse
controlled viewer/converter around.
WPG, ICO and Dp2e-LBM, BBM & PCC pictures.
Plays FLI and FLC animations.
Offers conversion between all listed
graphical formats. All combined in a
Graphical User interface. 37889 VGA spriograph simulator, N.Salt 643319 ************** SPMORF 1.9 **************
Fantastic morphing program written by a
student. It's very fast and supports
SVGA up to 1024x768x256c. Inputs GIF/TGA
and outputs TGA files. FLI output, Spline
meshes, Loading different sized images,
On-screen warping, and Quick Preview
(Takes just a fraction of a second per
frame) are just some of the feature in
this program!
Requirements: 386,VGA,EMS Memory, Mouse
Registration: ONLY $20 12807 Space like effect 46361 Sticks v1.0 computer art in motion 68301 A SuperVga image viewing utility (multi-format) 273854 SUPERVGA KIT v5.2: The SuperVGA Kit is a full
Software Development Kit for writing VESA
VBE 2.0 applications for DOS (for Windows
support see SciTech's WinDirect package).
Provides full support for banked and
linear framebuffer modes, including
virtual linear framebuffer support. 178534 Vector graphic editor + BGI interpreter, S.Vartanov 66043 PC Tiff Tools; Tiffdum4,Tiffswap (w C) 118803 TIFF File Information Utility Program, L.Zou 112497 Make self running .exe files from .gif pictures 388749 VGA mode x graphics driver (for Borland/Turbo C) 350483 MANDELBROT/JULIA SET GENERATOR, VER 5.2
Fractal (Mandelbrot/Julia) Set Generator-
A Fractal generator that is easy to use and
allows the image to be colored in many ways
using color masks. Images can be printed on
B/W or color printers and 16 or 256 color
PCX images can be made. Good docs, sample
images. Uses VGA-512K-MS mouse.
THERON WIERENGA 423291 Terrain Maker-Ver 1.1-Mouse driven SVGA
terraign editor for the freeware raytracer:
POV. Features fractal landscape generation,
colormap editor, 3D preview, importing, and a
suite of landscape editing tools. Requires:
386 or better and VESA SVGA adaptor with at
least 512 Kb memory. Shareware: $5. 186237 Graphic editor for creating bitmaps, M.Vittorio 321298 UniPOWER v5.1: Universal DPMS Power
Management driver. Makes SVGA cards
compatible with the VESA VBE/PM Power
Management standard for shutting down DPMS
compliant video monitors. Comes with both
DOS and Windows screensaver utilities.
Supports over 160 different SVGA chips. 604501 UNIVBE v5.1: Universal VESA BIOS driver
makes SVGA cards compatible with VESA BIOS
(VBE 2.0) standards so that games, CD-ROMs,
utilities and other applications will work
properly (and faster) in high resolution
modes. Also includes: chip detection, power
management, monitor centering and
compatibility & performance testing
utilities. Now supporting over 160 different
SVGA chips. Previous Downloads: 10,145+ 152078 Vector Animator + Vector Builder V0.9, req 127519 A VESA graphics/mouse/SB demo w/src 5256 VGA graphics demo; Bars v1.0 (nice) 326598 VGACAD Edit and colorize digitized images, req VGA 137817 VGA art studio v1.00 88760 View .HS2 posters v5.10 on any VGA 32312 View Mac PICT files on PC v1.5 167609 View an iterated function system (fractal; EGA + mouse) (good) 318224 Vivid v2.0 ray tracer (80287 version) 34259 The Warp graphics library v1.02 14680 Whatpic v2.0 identify and print details for graphics files
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.