Name Size Description
backmail.txt 7080 Description of backmail utility pgm 124821 Background email + file xfer pgm v1.1 197938 Electronic mail program agent, P.Summers 166130 Electronic mail program, P.Summers 153595 Ez-E-Mail v2.00 email gateway/transmit (promising) 622957 FrontDoor v2.02 noncommercial complete e-mail package 188243 GEcho v1.00 electronic mail processor + Mbutil v1.20 73381 Gnews, manage news bulletins remotely, G.Cohen 24082 Simple mail facility for Novell Netware with delay send opt. 21846 NFSmail v2.20 (req's PC-NFS v3.5) 148903 NFX v2.0: Easy to use offline mail reader
for QWK packets. Handles huge packets,
thousands of messages per conference in
thousands of conferences. Messages can be
upto 10,000 lines long. DOCS included!
This program is FREE to end users. SYSOPS
can also receive a version that can be
customized and distributed among its
members. From the makers of RipScrip
(JDRAW/JMEDIA) development tools.
<< BLUEVIEW SOFTWARE >> 185889 OFFLINE is a QWK compatible reader that
allows you to read mail offline. Saves
long distance charges. NETMAIL support
for MAXIMUS or compatible systems.
Mouse support, TAG LINES, printing,
exporting, and On-Line HELP. By the
author of PPoint - Harvey Parisien. 215177 PCelm mail interface for NOS/UUPC/WAFFLE and others 26155 PKTsecure; secure handling of netmail and echomail 29377 QRep v1.3 - The ultimate QWK compatible
automated message generator. Generates
public, private, or password protected reply
messages from ASCII text files. Tracks the
date a message was last sent and sends it
again only after a specified number of days.
Can also send a message on a specified day of
the week or month. Continues messages with
excessive lines to the next message.
Generates both QWK and Fido taglines. Ideal
for vendors, conference moderators, or anyone
who needs to send a constant message at
regular intervals. Shareware: $7 registration 26149 QWK -> TXT file converter.
Determines file archival method
automatically. Handles ARC, ARJ,
LHA, LHARC, ZIP, and ZOO with the
appropriate external program. 694513 RamNet/uucp DOS/Internet Email/News, v1.4 -
DOS package for connecting to the Internet
via UUCP. Runs in background without Windows,
supports uuxqt,uuencode,PGP,news,mail,mail
forwarding,file attachments,multiple address,
RFC822 compliant. FREE Internet access for
trial period. Based on latest HDB UUCP, fully
configurable. $49 Shareware by Software
Concepts, fully functional and supported. 77999 PC ReadMail news+email+msg, J.Schipper (excellent) 15850 Removes/changes headers from mail/news files, C.Enders 848390 ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.31 -- (1 of 1)
Database oriented offline QWK mail reader
from Parsons Consulting. Breaks new
ground with sophisticated database access
to your messages, internal editor, spell
checker, folders & modern interface.
Extensive support Internet E-Mail and
Newsgroups. OS/2 and Windows aware.
New version supports long conference names! 115148 smail/PC v2.5 PC rel. 1.0b3 250693 SPEED READ 1.40 QWK reader/message database.
Features include: 25/28/43/50 line support,
cross-posting, run multiple sessions, quote
from any message, mouse support, more memory
efficient, folders, bulk marking, long/wide
messages, address book, mailing lists, auto
signature, BBS/area specific settings, file
attaches, macros, cc:, forward msgs, + more! 373467 Email program for KA9Q TCP/IP based systems
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.