Name Size Description 17878 TooLate VGA graphics mouse cursor editor (asm/c/hex/pas) 125527 Cute MS+MouseSystems+Logitech Mouse driver, w/asm, N.Daniel 269729 Mouse Systems mouse drivers 8.00 for DOS/Windows 178987 Genius Mouse Driver v10.2 for DOS 6.0 and Win 3.x 77719 Genius Mouse Driver v9.06 for DOS 5.0 166571 Logitech mouse driver v6.20 w/VESA Super VGA super support 8005 Mouse2Key is a small TSR program
that emulates the cursor keys using
your mouse. It allows quick browsing
text files and more, and takes only
600 bytes in memory. 8712 Mouse Emul with One external Key, R. Ferro 8145 Mouse Emul with Five external Keys, R. Ferro 21475 No-Keys 1.6 for DOS is a memory resident
(TSR) program that allows anyone to use a
computer without using the keyboard by
allowing you to "type" using a mouse,
trackball, or similar device. It is designed
primarily for people with physical limitations 83723 PRECISE POINT v1.14 - Graphical Mouse
Driver. Installs as a dos TSR utility.
Transforms the text mode block mouse cursor
into a smooth moving graphical pointer.
Works with EGA/VGA text mode applications.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.