Name Size Description 111860 Sound Board drawing and sound entertainment demo 80307 HP 48SX demo (various languages), no documents! 865121 Amnesia Megademo show. Reqs protected mode. Big exe. 36372 AskMagratea natural scene fractal generator show 18665 Music + graphics show (req's VGA, rebooting) 166088 Home Automation Using a Personal Computer (weird) 6178 Binary Clock and BCD Clock Display, Doug J. Tuttle 107008'Universita degli Studi di Parma (nice presentation) 48406 -------------------
CloudGenerator v0.9
By Kenneth Aastroem
-------------------- 253962 Coldcut demo (req's SB) (good) 360411 Authentic Audio Demo, first load audiodvr TSR 71899 Circuit descriptions Logic Simulator 854097 Fractal WitchCraft demo v1.08 (good) 2992 A small voxel landscapes demo, reqs mouse, nice, T.Clarke 5906 Customize colors for the mars10 voxel demo, M.Feldman 103821 METAMORF - Screen saver for DOS - 3D morphing 69349 Muse - Musical Editor demo v1.0 (good) 676388 Slideshow presentation 118937 SVGA 256 color palette demo up to 1280x1024, M.Ivanov 14868 Real-time raytracing demo (a moon orbiting a planet) (nice) 25755 Scrolling graphics text by Micael Dahlquist, EGA 31035 Starfield v1.0; space-like star demo with mouse 579113 Starfield / Space Simulator Display, Richard Wolton 122864 Sparkwood is the first true 3D Virtual
Reality simulation of a Fireworks exhibition.
The fireworks are surprisingly realistic,
taking into account gravity, inertia and air
resistance. Includes a complete control panel
for changing your viewing position. Watch
from on the ground under the trees, or float
perilously above the fireworks and see them
burst beneath your feet! Requires a 386 PC
with VGA or better. Includes online help and
documentation. 9600 Graphical U.N. demo with the Swedish Flag, K.Tingdahl 1356994 Unreal demo (Future Crew), a "dazzle" show 219984 Vector demo (req's SB) 535976 Vectorial font library in C 106428 Virtual Winter is a 3D-interactive animation
of a decorated evergreen tree in the midst
of a gentle snowstorm. Keyboard commands
allow you to change the lights, alter the
tree, or move about in the scene. Requires
a 386 with VGA. Includes online help.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.