Name Size Description 179561 Amspell v2.03 spell checker for ASCII + (La)TeX files 796500 The Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary, unrestricted 87320 Spelling checker program 35881 Spelling checker 220105 JSPELL v2.05 - Spelling checker for
ASCII text files. Fast and intelligent
suggestion for misspelled words. Supports
mouse, undo up to 400 steps, user dictionary,
file specific dictionary, TeX/LaTeX.
Includes dictionary manager.
Registration Fee $13.50/$31.00 (includes
shipping) Revised on Jun.15,1994 106997 Spelling checker 340933 PC-Proof is the grammar checker you've been
waiting for. It can detect complex errors
like dropped words, extra words, words that
have been misspelled into another word,
subject/verb agreement, misused articles,
passive voice, and more! Compatible with
WordPerfect, Word, WinWord, ProWrite,
PC-Write, WordStar and others. This is not
another feeble style or readability checker,
PC-Proof knows English! Mouse support (ASP) 47207 Set of spell checker programs 237158 SHARESPELL V3.0 Sharespell is an excellent ASCII
spelling checker. 80,000 word+common-usage
dictionary can b augmented with the users own
selection of words. Requirements: 250K RAM 766001 The UK Advanced Crosswords Dictionary, fw, R.Beresford 95374 English word list (ascii) 1/4, A - D 74665 English word list (ascii) 2/4, E - K 99092 English word list (ascii) 3/4, L - R 84568 English word list (ascii) 4/4, S - Z
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.