Name Size Description 146035 Bivariate Random Number Generator, Jeff Miller 174823 Computations with probability distributions, J. Miller 420385 EASISTAT general statistics package 83758 Statistics curve fitting and data modelling v 1.17 1397803 KWIKSTAT v4.0, allows you to
analyze and graph business & scientific
data. 1992 SIA winner. Recognized as one
of the best, professional & complete
statistical data analysis packages.
Michael Callahan says "No program I've
seen beats KWIKSTAT." Created &
maintained by professional
statisticians. 10,000+ registered. Uses
dBASE, 1-2-3, & ASCII files. 266288 Analysis of Variance Program, J. Miller 339872 MVSP 2.2 - A MultiVariate Statistical Package
provides an inexpensive yet easy means of
analysing your data. Calculates principal
components, principal coordinates, corres-
pondence analyses, cluster analysis using
nineteen distance or similarity measures and
seven clustering strategies, and diversity
indices. Graphs may be plotted on most
printers. Interfaces with SIMSTAT using the
freeware utility SIM2MVSP. 214942 NLREG v3.4 - Nonlinear regression
statistics and curve fitting. NLREG
determines the values of parameters for an
equation, whose form you specify using
ordinary algebraic notation, that cause the
equation to best fit a set of data values.
Handles linear, multivariate, polynomial, and
general nonlinear equations. Also plots data
and equation. NLREG is the best shareware
regression program available. 306191 A pull-down menu statistical report program 25794 Pd and sw statistical software list 1870357 PEPI v4.0X - 43 statistical programs for
epidemiologists; most are appropriate in
other contexts also. For Windows or DOS.
Contains all the programs of Version 4,0
except the PEPI-for-Windows program WHATIS.
May be freely copied for personal use.
Detailed manual (formulae, references,
examples) and installation and menu
programs are available. 69169 Probability calculator: Normal, t, F, X^2, D.Murdoch 125162 SIM2MVSP v1.0 - Add-in program to
integrate MVSP into SIMSTAT allowing one
to perform principal components analysis
(PCA), principal coordinates analysis (PCO),
correspondence analysis (CA), distance or
similarity measures, hierarchical cluster
analysis, and diversity indices. Mouse
support, context sensitive help, Requires
SIMSTAT 3.5 and MVSP 2.2. 728826 SIMSTAT v3.5e - Easy & powerful
statistics and simulation analysis program
with mouse support, pulldown menu, context
sensitive help. Reads Lotus, dBase, ASCII,
SPSS files. Provides descriptive, frequency,
crosstab, breakdown, t-test, GLM anova/ancova
mult. responses, linear, nonlinear & multiple
regression, time-series, nonparametric &
bootstrap simulation analysis. Hi-resolution
graphs, weighting, missing values, etc. 7006 Text file statistics program (bytes,words,lines,pages)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.