Name Size Description 7425 Testing for 386 32-bit multiple bug (w ASM + C) 177673 Tutorial style system information program 31075 System speed test from Award software 41330 CACHECHK will do memory accesses to check
out the L1 and L2 cache, tell you the speeds
and sizes of each, and check to see if all
of your memory is cached, or if some is
POSTCARD-WARE, not shareware or freeware

CACHECTL allows you to turn the L1 cache
on or off, and tell you if it's enabled
or disabled. 136081 CD ROM Drive Performance Testing Utility 22652 Command-line diagnostic CHECKSYS.EXE v1.6 9800 Identifies CPU and coprocessor chips 238291 program: PC-CONFIG 9.33 english
type: sysinfo-benchmark-tool
author: Michael Holin,
requires: 286, dos 3
works with: DOS, win31, win95

PC-CONFIG V9.30 -Detects all the hardware
in your PC and shows them on the screen.
One of the best sysinfo-programs ever.
With CD-ROM benchmark routine! Finds
PCI boards, 6x86, K6-3, NexGen, Athlon
and Pentium III CPUs, detects lots of VGA
chips, APM functions, Burst Cache, Green
boards, Pentium Bug, PCMCIA, EIDE feat.
detailed PCI and SCSI info.
Reg.version speeds up Cyrix CPUs

this is shareware 13663 Identify system CPU, includes asm code 39169 'Computer Shopper' clone validation tester 156008 Comptest system performance and characteristics, N.Juffa 15288 A window into your PC memory from RolySoft, Denmark 6430 Extended memory stats/diags 13753 DOSINFO v1.3
Information about dos version, current
date and time, graphic drive, BREAK and
VERIFY settings, environment variables,
free conventional memory, hard disk sizes
and free space.
New in v1.3: Output redirectable to file.
FREEWARE by Balint Toth 160374 Microsoft's system diagnostics program MSD 590506 浜[HWiNFO]様様様様様様様様様様[v4.8.4]融
Hardware Info Program
Recognizes 131 CPUs, CPU info, FPU
Processor Number even if disabled !
MultiCPU, P.I.ROM and Chipset info
PnP, DMI, APM and ACPI information
SPD Memory module and cache info
ISA, EISA, MCA, PCI, A.G.P. devices
440 VGA chipsets, memory size+type
Video card, RAMDAC, TIGA, TV tuner
VESA DDC monitor identification
Sound card, CD-ROM, PCMCIA, Printer
COM, LPT, HW key, Modem info; 8042
ASPI SCSI devices information
E-IDE, ATAPI, LS-120, ZIP, DVD info
CPU Errata Test, IRQ & DMA list
CPU, FPU, MMX, Disk, CD benchmarks
Temperature, Voltage and FAN status
... and much, much more ...
(c)1995-02 Martin Malk, BA, SLOVAKIA
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様[REALiX]夕 114217 INFOPLUS 1.58 alpha, system information
Display 21 pages of information about
different aspects of your computer.
This 9/17/93 version is the last. 33642 A Belgian PC config, disk, TSR info + benchmark, shareware 8564 mcbList v1.0 memory control block list (w C) 76607 MEG 3.3 Colorful System Info Disk% 3-D
Large Pie and 3-D bars colorfully show your
space and memory. Simple easy-to-read
space info %Free, free, used total in Mb.
Hard, Network, floppy and CD-ROM drives.
Your CPU is speed tested to .01 Mhz.
Dos and Windows versions. Time and date.
Memory graph. Screen savers.
Advance with a mouse click or autoscan.
Requires VGA. Shareware. Jim Tolliver $20 14739 TopView-aware memory display v3.0 5367 Nice CPU speed comparison util; MIPS v1.20 (C + T) 5812 Thorough RAM test utility 17050 Test for the Pentium Floating Point Unit flaw, W.Luitje 49165 Menued system information, reqs mouse, R.Leinecker 72392 PCSYS v4.0 (weak) 33215 Program map - memory mapper v2.10 by Chris Dunford 27421 The I/O port twiddling tool v1.1 (w C) 144907 Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer, McAfee 164127 Quantum Data Access Time Benchmark 45958 Checks and sets best refresh rate 8952 Visual memory mapper - looks at TSRs 6716 RAM test program, conv.,ems, eems 58242 Test base, extended and expanded memory 2298 Graphs relative speed of CPU 3686 TSR or command callable memory usage util v3.00 22697 Show hardware + DOS internals + BIOS 31228 Disk mapping utility by Duncan Murdoch (good) 160752 SNOOPER v3.30 - System info utility.
Shows CPU/NDP, CPU speed, DOS, BIOS, memory,
disks, video, CD-ROM, env, kbd, sound cards,
ports, IDE model, CMOS info, disk cache,
Stacker, FILES & BUFFERS, IRQs, DMA, modems,
mice, port IRQs. Lets you edit CMOS, CONFIG,
& AUTOEXEC. Network and benchmark screens,
detects 1100 MicroChannel cards. New version
adds Auto-log feature, fixes a few bugs.
Ideal for tech support, HW inventory, & you! 7234 List PC hardware/config (w source) 26697 -=SySCAN=-
v1.0 reqires DOS v3.0+
Released on Night Owl CD-ROM
** System Information utility **
gives info on the CPU, FPU, LPT ports(1-3),
serial ports, video, DOS version, memory info,
detects CDROM, type of keyboard, date of BIOS,
status of CAPS, NUM, and SCROLL lock keys,
and gives info on system drives, local,
remote/network,SUBST drives, and floppy.
* Allows printing and saving to ASCII
* disk file in registered version!!!!!
* ShareWare - $20.00 to register. 46058 System Checkout, info on your PC, v2.24 (nice) 34609 System Information by Steve Grant 18554 Display system stats and more 10228 TSRMEM v1.0 display your system's memory alloc blocks 43513 Total system stats v2.2 4059 Checks speed of NEC V20 chip 16231 CPU-identifier incl 486 by Michael Holin (no source) 30366 Graphic display of your system 14014 Background monitor of interrupts and calls by programs
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.