Name Size Description 6305 Assert procedure for Turbo Pascal 4+, Chih-Cherng Chin 53496 Compile expression, evaluateReal, etc TPU, Suhonen, Finnish 6291 Change C code to Pascal, no documents, crash-prone 11872 Define any TP55+ array in the Expanded Memory, w/src 18071 TP6 Code to swap code to EMS/Disk for exec command. 5796 Fix Borland's FE corrupted font file, w/TP src, no docs 2563 A brief overlay support unit source example 1448 Some TP unit code for pop-up windows, unknown origin 41134 Experimental GIF handling TP source + asm, J.Griebel 356801 TP 6.0 goodies from Borland, Germany, appears incomplete 7139 Answers to a few common TP questions, source unknown 218639 HT's Mixture of TP units, mem,disk,keyb,screen rout. 4675 Identifies what video card is installed, TP, unknown author 8695 Read a file with "n" character look-ahead, TP, K.Brown 3743475 Graphical Interface for Turbo Pascal 7.0 Programmers 20602 Pentium secret hw statistics w/TP6+ source, T.Mathisen 63799 Scientific Subroutine Library for TP, lacks "Uses Crt" 98341 Miscellaneous, collected (non-TP?) Pascal sources 14873 An old Pascal Function library, R.Wooster 9440 Patch program for MS-DOS w/TP5+ src, no documents, no author 12275 Calculate PI to x decimal places - Src TP 3, C.Hilliard 57504 Text-based user interface, TP6+, crash?, P.Serrarens 201188 Borland Pascal Debug Kit 1.10b by NederWare
provides the programmer with
Allocation and deallocation tracking
A report of not deallocated memory after
your program's termination
A full stack dump (procedure names and
parameters) if a run-time error occurs
C-like assertions to `fortify subsystems'
You never want to be without it! 11757 TP calendar routines, reqs a PasStr unit, M.Gallias 143747 Multi-level pull-down Turbo Pascal menus, reqs Qwik unit 71273 Sundry Turbo Pascal stay resident routines 48366 Lemay's fast string unit for Turbo Pascal 5.5, misnamed TPUs 48389 Lemay's fast string unit for Turbo Pascal 6.0, misnamed TPUs 8758 Trap critical errors in Turbo Pascal, unknown origin 49633 Turbo Pascal Pre-Processor, Supreme Command, baffling 149709 Documents + dumpers for TP 6+ TPU files, works?, W.Peavy 18523 TPU cataloging utility, a trivial database, B.Driesse 50339 TP statistics utils, trig. utils, etc w/s, PC-SIG No 435 8810 Null terminated strings unit, TP OOP, N.Waltham 101223 The Visible-Pascal, an esoteric old compiler, W.Hapgood 43010 Willy the Worm example screen TP routines, A.Farmer 129092 eXpanded memory manager for Turbo Pascal 4.0-6.0, J.Pluimers 17790 Tweaked Turbo Pascal 3? source code for X-Modem protocol 47201 Indent for dBase/Turbo Pascal source files, G.Ellis
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.