Name Size Description 11895 Clock, heap and scrsav object for TVision (TP), G.Rossi 115839 A Dialog Design Program for Turbo Vision, TP6 v2.2 266663 Turbo Vision Dialog Design, req TP7/BC++, L.Baldwin 184467 Text file editor with Borland Turbo Vision src, J.Ferguson 97574 Provide support for all textmodes in Turbo Vision 177915 Graphics Engine for Turbo Vision (BP7 or TP7), J.Pelt 172131 (v3.10) GFX - Graphic TurboVision
GFX is a graphical extension of TurboVision.
Using this library your TV 2.0 application
receives a pleasing graphic look, and you
are able to display still or moving graphics
in a resizable/movable/overlapped windows.
Supports real, overlay, dpmi16 and dpmi32
Shareware - US$ 40, source - US$ 150.
Michael Fainstein, 923539 Graphical Application Framework for TP7, Jason Burgon 100707 Enhanced TEditor object for TP7/TurboVision 3000 Some numerical inputroutines for TurboVision (TP/BP) 44480 Patch for Borland's Turbo Vision
for new like and feel! Now -
Norton Utilites like interface
in your own programs. With
graphic mouse pointer. Protected
mode compatible. Pascal version.
Copyright (c) 1995 ACD Group 294569 Spreadsheet library for TV (TP6/TP7/BP7) w/src, A.Monge 91888 Common files for TV screen generator (real and prot. mode) 217705 TurboVision 2.0 screen generator (real mode) 246649 TurboVision 2.0 screen generator (protected mode) 122630 TV resource dumper for TP 7.0 and TV 2.0 236875 TV Tool Box V2.0 for Turbo Pascal 7.0
The TV Tool Box library enhances the Turbo
Vision framework for Turbo Pascal. TV Tool
Box includes formatted data entry with input
masks, scrolling dialog boxes, dialog box
field locking, check mark menus, string
routines, 3D controls, 3D tool bars,
iconizable windows, popup menus, virtual
list boxes, slider controls, spin controls,
and more. Shareware $40.00 15319 ScreenSave routines for TurboVision, E.Groothuis 72801 Many stream additions for TP/BP, Duncan Murdoch 321559 Shazam II, Code + Resource Generator for TP, J.Stein 4295 TextVu, fast TextView replacement, Pascal src 12282 Numeric dialog box inputs 207718 TrueType Fonts for DOS 1.60

This is a Pascal programming package,
providing full-featured access to TrueType
fonts within your DOS programs. Additional
fonts supported are Windows scalable and
bitmapped fonts, BGI fonts and BIOS fonts.
Logical fonts are - once created -
consistently addressed by font handles.
Output and metric procedures are
interface-compatible with Graph's text
routines. 18050 Pascal Turbo Vision BugList 3.1 (95-01) 36835 Color Image Desktops for TP7/TV w/src, F.Earnest 170297 Data Entry Platform for TurboVision, R.Beck 33395 Make Borland TurboVision run in graphics (C++), C.Burke 67870 Make TurboVision run in graphics mode (PAS), C.Burke 12780 TVHC2MSG + improved TVHC 1.1a for TurboVis 14154 Numeric input routines for TP 6.0 and Turbo Vision 30584 Turbo Vision Life v1.0 86226 TV goodies, better HelpFile, Video, BP src 961337 TP/BP TVision Utilities Kit, A.Levitas 15792 A simple TP 7.0 screen saver for Turbo Vision
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.