Name Size Description 22144 .zip files contents in /pc/unix directory 296749 GNU RCS (revision cntrl) port rel 5.5 to MS-DOS 98262 AWK text scanning and processing language 338507 GNUish AWK from Lucent Technologies + C source 42067 Remove files and/or directory subtrees (w C + asm) 97252 MS-DOS Port of Berkeley Yacc version 1.9 3446 Print calendar, Gary L. Brant 134510 Cawf, nroff-like text formatter, c-version of awf 15725 Some old 16-bit compress 20309 Compress, Uncompress, zcat v4.30d 38725 Unix vs MS-DOS eolns by Klaus Hartnegg 73419 A timed crontab command dispatcher for MS-DOS, T.Hvaring 46428 Unix-like c-shell with sources 2767 Unix-like cut filter for MS-DOS 386893 CVS Concurrent Version System, front-end to RCS binaries 374387 CVS Concurrent Version System, front-end to RCS sources 311848 Collection of 25 UNIX-like utils for MS-DOS, D.Schikore 116743 Unix-like PC utilities by Daniel Norton, older 16716 Unix-compatible uncompress (w C), B.D. Ripley 14972 Process a TAR file on PC 4761 Disk Free, Arnt Gulbrandsen 12071 Show free disk space, Urs Zurbuchen 58207 Fast Unix egrep clone (portable; source incl.) (good) 106373 32 bit GNU-DIFF v1.15, requires 386, Kent Williams 155252 Dmake - maintain program groups or files 21301 Unix2dos/Dos2unix clean cr/lf, with sources 19378 Conversion between MS-DOS and Unix text files (w C source) 43465 df,du,head,rm,touch,wc 286909 DOSNIX 2.3b. A UNIX style toolkit for MSDOS.
DOSNIX combines the most frequently used UNIX
commands with some slick DOS utils to provide
an extremely powerful operating environment.
Not just another UNIX clone but a very usable
set of utilities which have been optimized
for DOS. "The original DOSNIX since 1990.
Accept no substitutes." 78996 Unix-like MS-DOS chmod, cp, du, find, ls, mv, page, rm 16888 Unix to/from DOS EOL converter, J. Calvet 27822 Unix-like disk usage for MS-DOS by Arnt Gulbrandsen 6415 Show disk use (w source) 19031 Disk usage + word count 32685 Ed - line oriented text editor, similar to UN*X v7 ed (w C) 16456 UN*X ed, Brian Beattie and others 11083 Unixish regular expression evaluator expr, Peter S. Housel 4565 Tiny Unix expr like integer expression evaluator, V.Iyer 10949 Extract files from a tar file on MS-DOS, with name conversion 75685 GNU fgrep for MS-DOS, with C sources, several authors 53294 FILE is similar the unix command with the
same name. It identifies files by scanning
them for certain patterns. You can modify
and extend these patterns, if you wish.

FILE comes with documentation, the program
itself, and a MAGIC file which contains the
patterns (I recommend you inform me about
your modifications of the pattern file so
that the public can benefit from that-
Ricki). 12104 Filename completion TSR, Richard Miller 18295 Unix like filters, oldish but ok 6512 Update file with diff listing 5574 Un*x to Ms-Dos filter, LF to/from CR-LF v1.2 14323 Do newline conversions between *NIX and MS-DOS, Rahul Dhesi 3979 Fork 3.3 - A DOS utility which allows you to
redirect standard output to multiple devices 28663 Unix-like ls list directory for MS-DOS and OS/2 233923 GNU awk text scanning and processing language + MS-DOS 33884 GNU diff v2.0 30805 GNU (e)grep (nearly) compatible with BSD and Syst.V 165124 GNU e?grep v1.5 for MS-DOS with sources, several authors 55916 GREP20AX.ZIP contains GNU grep 2.0 (MS-DOS
rev A). This program searches files (or
standard input) for lines that match a given
pattern. The pattern may be a regular
expression or a literal string. This program
is free under the terms of the GNU General
Public License (see COPYING). This archive
has only the MS-DOS executable and formatted
documentation. Complete source code is
available in GREP20AS.ZIP. 724413 DOS implementation of the groff troff (based on v1.05) 858388 GNU Awk pattern processing language with MS-DOS vers 116987 GNU zip for .(g)z files, don't confuse with (pk)zip 18868 4.xBSD UNIX-like 'ls' (dir) for DOS w/TC 1.5 221934 Yet another less text lister, color, good, also unix 18162 Less is more than more, no docs 16399 UNIX to DOS and DOS to UNIX translators, J.Gil 12705 A line printer pgm like BSD lpr(1), v1.5, no docs 12544 ls and df (good and small) 28836 Yet another ls for DOS + OS/2, Frank Whaley 10856 LS for ms-dos by Vasilis Dimakopoulos 48443 MS-DOS deTAR by Anthony Li 26682 Print a fortune (w C) 12302 Extended file deletion pgm by Mark Adler (good) 60826 MinDos v1.1; read any file in a Minix fs from MS-DOS 27708 A Unix-like more for DOS v2.3g, Fred C. Smith 32494 More v2.4.1, Fred C. Smith 506694 Mi-Shell v2.1 The programmable DOS shell (expiry June 93) 120754 Msh_util v1.1; little utilities for Mi-Shell ( 829140 Korn Shell (MS Shell). Release 2.3. Binary 15710 MV v2.00 file move utility, Mark Kubo 8989 Once again: v3.5, no docs 5496 Alternative CD (wildcards, slashes etc.), J.M.Borden 100942 Patch Kit v2.00 patchlevel 12 (w C) 55550 Pax v2.0; tar, cpio, pax archivers 54485 Diff, patch and ed 88555 Read/write TAR files on PC 25118 Unix like pg program, C.David 148564 Unix like utilities by Peter Heitman 180153 And more of Unix like utilities by Peter Heitman 58340 And then updates of Unix like utilities by Peter Heitman 20710 VI editor (Berkeley UNIX subset) 8740 MS-DOS analogue to the UN*X pwd (w C), Barry Schwartz 115167 (1) CAT is a replacement for the DOS command
TYPE. It works for text and binary files and
supports wildcards and listfiles. Besides,
it contains several options of the unix
command with the same name.

(2) HD stands for Hex Dump. It dumps the
contents of any file as hex bytes, together
with addresses and an ASCII representation.

(3) STRINGS is similar to the unix command
with the same name. It looks for printable
strings in binary files and displays them on
the standard output. There are several
options to control STRINGS' behaviour.

(4) TEE duplicates its input to a file and
the standard output, like the unix command
with the same name. It works for text and
binary files.

All programs come with documentation and the
executable. 5483 "All file deletions needs in a tiny program", Yossi Gil 12743 Remove files or directories (w C source) 21589 Remove by Otto Makela 158598 (1) GENOUT is a powerful tool for
programmers. It converts text files to
program fragments. GENOUT supports the
following programming and shell languages:
Basic, C, DOS, 4DOS, unix-sh, unix-csh,
unix-tcsh, unix-zsh, FORTRAN, Modula-2,
Pascal, and C++.

(2) BANNER is similar to the unix command
with the same name. It displays strings in
huge letters. The font is the same as in

(3) CAL displays a calender, as in unix. It
accounts for the Gregorian reformation in
Sep 1752.

(4) CHMOD stands for CHange MODe. It allows
the viewing and modification of file and
directory attributes. Several switches
control its behaviour.

(5) DCALC = Date Calculations performs
calculations of dates. This includes the
difference between two dates and the
addition or subtraction of a certain amount
of days on a given date.

(6) NCONV is a Number CONVerter which can
convert numbers between the bases 2..36. It
uses some intelligence to reduce the amount
of input from the user to a minimum.

All programs come with documentation and the
executable. 52024 Oldish Unix-like tools for MS-DOS, batches, by Bob Stout 209825 Oldish Unix-like tools for MS-DOS, executables, by Bob Stout 286641 (1) CUT is similar to the unix command with
the same name. It removes columns from text

(2) DETAB replaces TABs by SPACEs in text
files, ENTAB performs the opposite task.

(3) FMT is similar to the unix command fmt.
It formats text files to a certain width.
FMT supports left, right, and two-sided
alignment. Many options control its

(4) HEAD displays the first lines of text
files, like the unix command; TAIL does the
same with the last lines.

(5) LOCASE translates upper to lower case,
UPCASE performs the opposite task. Both have
a switch to ignore quoted strings, which is
useful for program source files.

(6) WC counts, like the unix command, lines,
words, and characters of text files. An
additional options lets WC compute the
length of the longest line.

All programs come with documentation and the
executable. 44710 Source Code Control System (RCS) 62150 HHSED stream editor sources, E.Raymond+D.Kirschbaum+H.Helman 20368 HHSED executable, E.Raymond+D.Kirschbaum+H.Helman 41142 SEDMOD v1.0 - A modified version of sed,
the Unix stream editor. Sed is a filter
to find/delete/add/alter lines, words or
characters in text files or piped input,
using Unix regular expressions. Features
of SEDMOD include new switches for case-
insensitive matching, global replace;
new regexes for tab, newline, hex, and
other chars; upper/lower case conversion
of output; Awk-style word args $0 - $9.
C source code included. GNU FREEWARE. 77507 Unix-like Dos shell with novel features v1.11 16007 Save multiple files in shar format 12741 +-----------------------------------------+
| RM - Unix-like rm, replacement for dos' |
| del-command. Accepts several filenames. |
| Optionally recurses subdirectories. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby, Norway. (SHH) |
+-----------------------------------------+ 163918 RCS (revision control system) 14561 Split although probably not very U*IX 31553 Find printable strings in a binary file, Paul Frattaroli 8009 Computes Unix compatible sum -r of input file, w/s 5035 Displays the tail of a text file, by Miles Levy 181610 Portable tar v3.20g - DOS/UNIX backup/
compressor w/hardware support.

The utility allows extract from/write to
archives in files, floppies or QIC-02 and
ASPI-driven SCSI streamers in both regular
'tar' format and compressed by (g)zip or
'compress'. Program reads both System V
and GNU multyvolume formats, supplies
compression and number of other options.

Easy way to transfer data between
different OSes! 36881 Tar for DOS to handle .tar files, M.Colburn 27470 An unix-like less for MS-DOS 2787 Tee fork for MS-DOS (w asm) 14560 UNIX-like ls for DOS 7832 Unix to/from DOS EOL converter, David Kirschbaum 25514 Shar/Unshar for DOS (w TP 5.0 source) 7727 16-bit uncompress v1.2 18565 Unpack shar archives (w C) 25697 UnShar (w C), Warren Toomey 14128 Unpacking of Unix tar files in MS-DOS, freeware, M.Husted 163211
UNTGZ .tgz (tar.gzip) Extractor v0.95

THE solution for extracting .tar and gzip
archives. Directly extracts .tgz .tar .gz
files. Fast and easy. Features automatic
long filename conversion. Includes: DOS,
DOS 386+, 32-bit Windows 95/NT and also a
native OS/2 EXE. Also includes complete C
source! [E] GNU software: copyrighted but
absolutely free. By Tillmann Steinbrecher 2864 Uptime - A system running timer v0.02b 3762 Good MOVE v2.01 (1122 bytes !) 244038 Unix utilities for DOS. Rel 2.3. 1of4, I.Stewartson 233050 Unix utilities for DOS. Rel 2.3. 2of4, I.Stewartson 226493 Unix utilities for DOS. Rel 2.3. 3of4, I.Stewartson 164432 Unix utilities for DOS. Rel 2.3. 4of4, I.Stewartson 340155 UZFULNIX - UNIX-LIKE UTILITIES FOR MS-DOS
Version 1.20 Released 15 October, 1994.
UZfulnix is a toolset of 20+ useful Unix-like utilities for PC's running
MS-DOS. This collection attempts to complement the utilities available
through the GNUish MS-DOS project (GNU utilities for MS-DOS). Included
are: basename, cal, cat, cmp, date, dd, df, du, find, more, mv, od, pwd,
rm, sleep, strings, sum, tail, tee, time, touch, uudecode, uuencode, wc,
which. 3908 Unixish wildcard, Steve Hosgood + Terry Barnaby 34704 Unix xbin port to MS-DOS, decodes Mac BinHex files 13160 Fast Unix-compatible grep, R.Nordier
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.