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Date Posted: 22Oct23
				The first true drawing program for the Kaypro,
				SCS-Draw turns your computer screen into a sketchpad on which you can draw 
				detailed images. These images can be saved on disk or printed on your 
				dot-matrix or letter-quality printer.

Date Posted: 10Aug19
UNDERSTAND.ZIP         Understand Yourself
                       Taylorware (1981) Published by Dynacomp
                       Includes various psychological assessments that measure your assertiveness,
                       martial adjustment, individual scale of values, preferred activities, sexual
                       attitudes, and more.  Run MBASIC.COM and load STARTUP.BAS to launch the

Date Posted: 27Jul16

MILESTONE109.ZIP     Project Management and Time Scheduling Program.

Date Posted: 01Mar11
ascom_2.2.zip     Communications software.

Date Posted: 12Dec07


This zip file contains other zip files that were created from disks
for a Vector Graphics CP/M machine.  The disks were mostly CP/M 1.4
with a couple of CP/M 2.2 disks thrown in.  

There are a couple of interesting things with this set - in files VG05,
VG13 and VG20 you will find WordStar v0.87.  That isn't a typo.  

The archive also includes various versions of CBASIC and MBASIC as well as
a version of Ward Christensen's RESOURCE 8080 disassembler.  Documentation
for this is included.

Date Posted: 09Jun04

MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP     MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-80
MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP     MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 01Mar01


POWER.COM is a CP/M program which is
"a compact package of system housekeeping utilities and
sophisticated memory/disk monitor functions that will replace many
of the separate now cluttering your disk.  POWER has been designed
to give maximum freedom to the CP/M user with special features such
as numbered menus and user protection devices...."

Date Posted: 04Jan00


"ZRT-80 CRT terminal board - manual, schematics, and
rom images (manufactured by Digital Research Computers)."

In the early days, most CP/M computers (S100 and
single-board) required a video terminal (video monitor /
keyboard combination).  The 'terminal' attached to the
computer via a serial port.

The ZRT-80 was a 'budget' terminal - a kit consisting of a
single pcb to which one added a parallel ascii keyboard
and video monitor.  As many were sold, they are likely to
turn up on the surplus market.  I thought it would be a
good idea to preserve the manual/schematics etc for
anyone needing it.                                       

Date Posted: 15May99

WHM.ZIP        Write Hand Man v2.1

CATCHUM.ZIP    Game for CP/M

LADDER.ZIP     Game of Ladder for CP/M

ROOTS_M.ZIP    Roots/M v1.04 Geneolgy Program

Date Posted: 30Jul98

ANDRA.ZIP      Andratech EPROM programmer software

BBUG13.ZIP     Big Bord user disk #13 [Micro Cornucopia]

CGRAPH.ZIP     Clermont Graphics plotting package


Date Posted: 10Jun98

MUMATH.ZIP     Microsoft MUSIMP/MUMATH v2.14