Name Size Description 19494 .arc/.md/.pak/.zoo to .zip conversion pgm v2.5 (good) 36662 An .arc to .zip converter v1.6d by Ian McLean (good) 120949 AC- The Archive Converter V3.11
Minor fixes and updates over
Version 3.10. Converts to/from
virtually any archiver. 328722 ACZAR v2.10 for DOS - Archive Shell
Compare with SHEZ or ARCMASTER and see what
you have been missing. Very easy to use, but
powerful! Mouse support, SAA/GUI Interface,
supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ARC, ZOO, SQZ,
HYP, ARCE, ARC128, ARC286, all SFX files,
SCAN, built-in file viewer + editor, revolu-
tionary Drag & Drop functions, Backup/Restore
entire drives/directories using ZIP or ARJ,
lots of improvements and much more!
ajvir221.arj 21718 ARJ file verificator for viruses, corruption, etc. 245149 ArcMaster v11.2 - Powerful archive system
control program/shell. Create/view ARJ,
LHA, UC2, ZIP files. User configurable
with complete color configuration.
Includes virus scanning using SCAN/NAV.
Copy/Move/Del files. Directory tree ops.
4DOS support. Supports UC2, has multi-dir
file list 80286 CPU or better required.
Shareware from New-Ware 22452 Archive pruner by Dick Wisan 20030 Error level based Archive Identifier, Stacy Smith (nag) 6893 ArcToZip v1.3 batch utility (see also pc/link/ 13325 V. Buerg's small fast verbose arc directory lister 62375 AREX v3.00 ** ARchive EXtractor, supports
every archiver on this planet. It's very
HANDY and POWERFULL (see DOCs) you'll
love it right 'o way. Furthermore AREX is
small and it's easy and simple to use!
allows you to extract an entire Disk,
CD-ROM or directory in one go (batch) and
put's every archive in their own subdir
with the name of the archive! 9126 V1.1; expand .arj file and compress it with sqz 8148 V1.1; expand .arj file and compress it with zip 95965 Arjmenu Arj shell utility (good) 52001 Arjopt v1.41a menu/directory display for arj 227932 Menu shell for pkzip 1.xx/lharc/zoo/pak/arc 52455 Split large ZIP archives into smaller chunks v2.0 103774 ARCTOOL v7.8E from GDSOFT. This great archive
manager/shell handles EVERY popular archiver
including ZIP, ARJ, ARC, PAK, ZOO, and even
recognizes "EXE" archives. Best of ALL, it
handles archives INSIDE of other archives up
to 4 layers. View, Print, Extract and Convert
archives to ANY format, view ANSI files,
ASSOCIATE exts with ANY DOS program.
Graphical user interface. VERY FAST !!! 137592 AV.EXE (2001.03): Archive directory
viewer. Presents list of files in
archive (ZIP, ARC, etc) and lets you
sort as desired. Also allows
resetting of the file date based on
the archive's contents. Freeware.
Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software 76923 Check .zip files of -AV labels, by Dave Navarro 9895 Cleans up files that are already in .zip file v1.01 (good) 164383 ARCOM v1.1 - Archive Manager for DOS. Easy
to use, enables the user to archive, and
unarchive files and save much needed disk
space. Supports LHA, ZIP, ARC, ARJ, and PAK,
all self-extracting archives. ARCOM will
check automatically the internal header of
each file in order to detect what kind of
file it is. Allows the user to have a look
"inside" the compressed file without actually
decompressing it. Once the file is displayed,
you can view selected files, extract them,
delete or print them. The program also
includes many File utilities that will enable
you to use your system more efficiently.
Full mouse and keyboard support.
Shareware. Reg. AU$30, US$24, UKpound14
crysaf.uc2 51926 UltraCrypt and UltraSafe for UltraCompressor II archiver 71028 DIZDIR v3.0b Creates file listings from
DIZ in archives. Uses FILE_ID.DIZ or
SDI,DES contained in archives on any
directory on your system. File lists can
be created for ARJ,ZIP,ARC,LZH and all
SFX files. Command line options allow
listing files that DO NOT have
FILE_ID.DIZ or ONLY files that do. Can
span entire disk listing all files
found. Ability to create ONE-LINER
listings too. EASY to use and FAST !!
Handles listings for WILDCAT and
PCBOARD. If you run a BBS, you NEED this
!! (c) 1995 GDSOFT 37915 Deletes files that are in other archives by same name 4040 Fixes "Packed file is corrupt" in Exepacked files (w ASM) 9522 "Packed file is corrupt"; get rid of this situations (EXEPACK) 259348 EASY SFX VERSION 1.0 creates a unique self
extracting and installing file. It allows
the user to choose the target drive and
directory. It also displays a readme.txt
file after extraction and optionally starts
the installed program. The parameters for
each SFX file made are stored in a data
file so that remakes are just a case of
choosing the program name from a list.
Any directory sub structure can be packed. 10874 FiD Beta 0.19 by -= Lanor =-
FiD is my solution in listing
the File_id.diz of my DLed
files. Only 10k 8826 FV - Buerg's Verbose archive directory lister 34632 General Unpack Shell (GUS) v1.80 handles 14
archive types and their self-extractors.
New in this version:
* added support for Dutch UltraCompressor II
and UC2 type archives;
* added /V (view archive contents) command;
* various fixes. 16884 Differential archiving program v1.20
lhexe15.lzh 10643 Lharc library file execute utility 11541 A menu driver for lharc
lhtools.lzh 25739 Check lzh's for trojans + make self-extr.lzhs 16917 Fiz-like tool to repair lharc files 60373 Split zip/lzh/arj files into smaller archives (w C), L.Lewis 2728 V.Buerg's del + reorg LBR functions 4501 V.Buerg's extract + unsqz LBR files 2887 V.Buerg's list dir's of LBR files 7204 V.Buerg's test LBR w/crc and sqz 10244 Arcview pgm for .lzh files
lzhuftp5.lzh 10755 LZHUF encoding file compression w/TPascal src 8393 LZ compression/translation system v1.07
modlhsrc.lzh 3172 Modify Lharc source code for MASM/TASM 129821 Shell for compression programs 285136 Execute or edit a prg from a .zip archive 14231 PKZIP encryption contest from PKWare. 78566 PKWare search for a file throughout a disk incl zip files
pkzm104.exe 130222 PKWare's shell for pkzip + pkunzip 76899 QAZ v3.54a (almost) universal archive view-
er and file-finder. QAZ can recognize over
three-dozen types of archive and compressed
file formats. Features highly customizable
listing, or search a drive for files within
archives by filespec, date or size. On-line
help and screen pausing added. QAZ can also
return exit codes with info. for shells and
batch files. Free. 10664 ReArc v1.0; change archive types 85100 Save space on hard disk by archiving subdirs v1.20 24247 RView directory lister + utility for archivers, R.Kaya 5992 Create self-extracting zoo files 32449 < SH Archive Identifier v2.42 (14 Jan 1998) >
Most extensive archive identifier available:
recognizes 78 archive and 26 SFX files. Small
and fast. Returns archive type and errorlevel
to DOS. Can be used traditionally and like
TestFile. Tested quality software. Documents
both in English and Finnish. FREEWARE!
Self-extracting files: ACE,ACESFXjr,AIN,ARC,
sharc876.arc 69114 The Shell for ARC's v8.76 392721 SHEZ v10.9--Premier Compression Shell.
WINDOWS COMPRESSED supported. One of the most
full featured compressed file shells around,
includes a full featured file manager that
works in conjunction with 4DOS. Implemented
new swapping algorithm to correct problem
when running shez under 4DOS and OS/2. New
internet FTP site added. 35996 Beginner's tutorial for the SHEZ compression shell 8908 Sqz2zip v1.0 convert squeeze files to zip files
stuff2.arc 44543 Generate pathnames + filenames recursively for ZOO
tolharc.lzh 43494 Convert other archive types to Lharc
tolzh10.lzh 13724 Automates convert from arc/pak/zip/zoo to lzh 18990 ToZip v5.1 converts many archive types to .zip 11771 Unpack any archive, Chris McConnel 13373 Universal Undo - a batch unpacker, V.Vygonets 8210 V.Buerg's ARChive split utility v2.3 (w ASM) 152740 Zip CommentMaster comment editor from New-ware, SW 18622 .zip view utility 56820 Archive file viewerv 1.2 (PCboard) 8323 Zip to arj converter v1.2 9130 Zip to sqz converter v1.0 28266 Split a large .zip file into smaller parts. Useful. 11258 Set ZIP's timestamp (useful) 12597 Zipper v1.3; multiple archive creator, choose size limit 21155 ZipSplit v1.2 split utility for PkZip 135421 ZipMaster v3.7 - Powerful, full-featured ZIP
archive control system. Dual directory tree
display. Browse and tag from all files on
one drive. Supports PKZIP/PKUNZIP 2.04
options. Supports ZIP2EXE, PKFIXZIP, PKLITE,
Copy/move/delete files. Built-in text
editor. Requires PKWare ZIP system, LIST.COM
suggested. Complete directory tree
manipulation. User configurable. 16262 -= ZIPADISK V. 2.1 - ZIP file manager =-
ZIPS complete floppy disk into one zip file
to include subdirectories, volume labels,
hidden files, system files, etc. Also
UNZIPS ZIP files back to floppy disks with
same parameters. View zipfile contents.
View zipfile file_id.diz. Delete zipfiles. 108322 ZIP/ZOO/ARC/PAK etc Converter by Ross Wentworth (good)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.