Name Size Description 6569 3c503.drv (network card driver) 22713 ATSEND 1.8 by Joseph Sheppard. Sends "AT"
commands to Hayes compatable modems from DOS
or Batch file. Supports configurable
non-standard COM ports. Includes a program
to write batch files for ATSEND quickly and
easily. This update disables the time-out
feature making it suitable as a telephone
dialer. Shareware $10.00. 23877 Carrier will detect the carrier on your modem
and set the DOS ERRORLEVEL accordingly. Handy
utility for sysops and for developers writing
programs that must check the modem connection
before proceeding. Works on any serial port,
from COM1 to COM4. Another helpful shareware
utility from Pinnacle Software, developers of
the Sapphire BBS. For info, dial 514-345-9578
or dial up our free files BBS at 514-345-8654
(any baud rate, downloads on first call). 22647 On-line messager between two Novell (2.x) users v2.07 63812 Remote operation of PC by modem 29117 Serial communications display program 23949 Send file(s) over the serial comm lines 99130 D-10 control v1.1 MIDI application (Roland) 8343 Repeatedly dial a list of telephone numbers 14940 Auto-dials many names/numbers/computers, C.Wikstrom 170841 Use MS-DOS machine over serial port; DosGate v1.8 16855 Host shell for DSZ 67864 Hayes ESP disk (16550 UART's) 44358 Elseware V2.2 remote PC, PC Anywhere clone 7133 Return Novell Network object ID for user, groups etc 77186 ipxcopy.exe: copy files from one pc
to another via LAN (ipx interface).
features: subdirectories, crc-32/16,
high speed, overwrite check. V2.4 109008 LapView PC-to-PC linking, shareware, nagware 103673 LITTLE BLACK BOOK v6.02
Maintenance release for this Address Book and
Autodialer. Now with pre/post dial codes. 5K
TSR operation. International dialing support.
Unlimited records. Prints personal address
book. Auto redial on busy. Call logging.
Import/Export database. Context Sensitive
help. COM 1-4 supported. Multiple Index
Categories. 129582 File transfer system using Zmodem (client) 141766 File transfer system using Zmodem (server) 10930 Simple network single application lock v1.2 11318 MakeDoor v1.1 for Waffle 61213 Add full modem control to your batch programs
with MODEM. Status checking. Dialing. Even
a basic terminal program. Information is sent
back to the batch file via the DOS ERRORLEVEL
variable. Can also be used with regular (EXE
or COM compiled) programs, if they can detect
the ERRORLEVEL. From Pinnacle Software -- the
creators of the Sapphire BBS. Voice support:
dial 514-345-9578, or call our free files BBS
at 514-345-8654 (download on first call). 55807 Multi-Protocol System v5.25 16339 User talk/chat utility for Novell Network 4891 The following are valid PC-NFS drives... 1176 Opposite of DOS 29838 Pcnews v1.22 for Ethernet PCNFS connections 106808 Sets PC clock from an UDP/IP TIME server, J.England 19033 Small TSRs to connect COM1 + COM2 in software (w ASM + C) 111853 QuickStar Fax Pro Version 1.07 9/15/96
Send one or many faxes fast and easy! QFAX is
a DOS fax program that send faxes much faster
than most fax programs do! A regular 12 pages
text file can be sent in only 4 minutes using
14400 bps modem speed. It can be called from
a batch file or from another program to send
multiple faxes automatically. One C program
demonstrates batch faxing. Can be used on HP
palmtop computers, too. Freely distributable. 10088 QFMODEM Version 1.0 Released 1/1/1996
QFMODEM automatically detects modems
presented in a PC. It will also find
out the fax capability of the modem.
QFMODEM is very small. Freeware, DOS
program. Uploaded by Anthony Mai. 241169 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴
Ring Router v2.0 for DOS.
Allows bulletin board systems
to operate on the same line
as a voice telephone using
distinctive ring.

Extremely easy to configure
and maintain! Makes use of
a simple user interface.
컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 1987 Turn off RS232 on all 4 comm ports
rzsz9103.tlb 175104 Zmodem (rz/sz) for VAX/VMS v3.11 (02-26-91)
rzszvax.inf 2205 Information for VAX/VMS version of Zmodem (rzsz9103.tlb) 12050 Test accessibility of a file under many modes, network tool 4293 Set com 1-4 to 19200/38400/57600/115200bps 240561 TeleReplica remote control of PC, Douglas Thomson 440356 Trumpet NNTP Usenet news reader, req's packet driv (good) 72059 Token Ring drivers for NetWare 286 + 386 51679 UART 1.3 tests COM port configuration.

UART tells if your COM ports are
configured correctly and what type of
UART chip is installed.

usage: UART Com4:
COM4: is at hex port address: 02E8.
AT style 16450 unbuffered UART.
Port correctly configured to IRQ 3.

Copyrighted by Roedy Green of Canadian
Mind Products. May be distributed
freely for non-military use only.
Use for UN-sanctioned peace keeping
missions is expressly permitted.
OPTASM/MASM included. 19781 Volume Information v1.0 (network) 76721 Send voice by modem, req. snd card, D.Colston 47414 RS-232 file transfer v2.1 - like Lap-Link 55827 ZeST 2.0, FASTEST Z-Modem
From KAIST, South Korea ! 41229 Fast serial file transfer by Eric Meyer (good)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.