Name Size Description 88644 (v2.00) OneDIR Pro - Color DIR w/many opts
Powerful color dir cmd w/Win95 LFN support.
Files can be located using multiple patterns
along with size, date, or attrib filtering.
Displays the size of subdirs. Generates batch
files which perform cmds on each file listed.
Auto detects no. of rows. All DOS 5.0's DIR
cmd functionality is supported including
subdir searching and redirectable output.
Shareware (US$ 5). R. Proft CIS 73460,3033 48820 CONTROL 3 directory manager for three directories 79164 Another Change Directory v3.05 for DOS & Win9x
ACD is a program designed to have all the features I liked in LCD and NCD,
and also to have the features I (and many others) thought were missing in
these programs. Just like LCD, ACD makes changing directories much easier,
especially when you have a large harddisk with lots of different partitions or
are hooked on a network drive. 66997 User customizable dir program. MSDos/Win95. 8086 ATTRIB.COM v1.01 - Attribute change utility,
syntax-compatible with Microsoft's but more
verbose and with more options. Supports
DR DOS-style file lists, changing attributes
of subdirectories, recursion into subdirs,
and multiple filespecs. Prompting, paging,
attribute copying, and a toggle operator.
And yes, it does support that undocumented
comma thing. Freeware, Charles Dye. 10969 Automenu v6.0; change dirs + executer files 3697 Bookmark v2.2 12-Oct-96

Bookmark provides a fast and simple way of switching/changing between
directories in DOS by letting you 'bookmark' directory paths. It also gives
you a quick way of copying files between directories.

_ _ _ _
| \| (_)__| |__ Nicholas Metcalfe
| .` | / _| / /
|_|\_|_\__|_\_\ 420512 ,-------------------------------------------,
| BRiNDYS CAT v2.60c English and Spanish. |
| File, directory, volume & drive analyzer. |
| (c)1989,1996 BRiNDYS Software |
| Shows compressed volume and directory |
| contents, describe multiple internal FILE |
| FORMATS, drive characteristics, IDE info, |
| networked drives, CD-ROM info, colour w/o |
| ANSI, many video modes. DIR and 4DOS com- |
| patible. It updates descriptions. Lots of |
| parameters, configurable. Enhanced speed. |
| Shows Win95 Long Filenames w/o Windows 95 |
Internet Web Site:
Internet ARCHIE: Search for-Buscar la cadena: "BSCAT"
| BRiNDYS CAT V2.60c Ingles y Castellano. |
| Explorador archivos, volumenes y unidades |
| Copyright (c) 1989,1996 BRiNDYS Software. |
| Muestra contenidos de directorios y volu- |
| menes comprimidos.DESCRIBE MULTIPLES FOR- |
| MATOS DE FICHEROS y de discos. Color, sin |
| ANSI, multiples modos de video. Shareware |
| Compatible DIR y 4DOS. Multiparametrico ! |
| Novedosa informacion sobre discos CD-ROM, |
| discos duros IDE, formateadores de discos |
| Soporte Windows 95 incluso con MSDOS 3.30 |
| Mas informacion en MANUAL.TXT |
`-------------------------------------------' 10524 Change file attributes 7315 CCD v2.0 enhanced cd (good) 14597 Change Directory with History utility, D.Kruger 15266 Change directory 286167 CMFiler File Manager v6.06 - Acclaimed in
Apr97 PC Mag and May97 DOS World! With Win95
long filename support. Side-by-side trees
or dir listings. Full suite of dir/file
services, plus built-in editor, dir fresh-
ener, diskette formatter and copier, menued
app launcher, notepad for file desriptions.
Small, super-fast, easy-to-use commands,
mouse and 43/50-line VGA support. Great
bang-for-buck at $30. Shareware by NoVaSoft. 122732 COMDI v.1.0 - is an easy to use hard drive
navigator for DOS which makes changing
directories much easier, especially if you
have a large hard drive. It does not require
any CD commands, any slashes, you do not even
have to remember where the directories are and
what their names are. The program can be
invoked from any directory or subdirectory.
Full mouse and keyboard support.
Shareware. Reg. AU$30, US$24, UK14 257614 Directory navigator and management tool, T. Martin 38177 Commented directories 16240 4DOS-like colored DIR by M.Nieminen 35036 Sort and pack directories (w C) 48847 CompTree v1.81 by Allan Hiberg
A file comparing utility for DOS and
Win95 DOS boxes with the ability to
compare directory trees and delete
source files if they match the target
Docuentation in Danish and English.
With support for Win95 long file
Good for verification after (for example)
copying files or writing them to CD-ROM.
Important new features in this version:
- Cosmetic error when >2GB fixed 13274 D v0.97b; directory utility (good) 77461 Disk-at-a-Glance dir info + change dir. Nagware. 118138 Double Directory management by George Tylutki 61385 Peter Esherick's version of Directory Control (w bug) 276920 Directory Commander v3.44, DAC Micro Systems 5828 Double dir (fixed for DOS v4.x) 11082 DEL! 1.2 replacement for the DOS DEL
or ERASE command. DEL! never generates
error messages, and never asks for
confirmation. It also gets rid of
hidden and read-only files.
MASM/OPTASM source included. By Roedy
Green of Canadian Mind Products. May
be distributed freely for any purpose
except military. 15445 Recursive delete of entire subdirectories, Shiraz Kanga 27569 Enhanced DELete with many options and improvements, V.Kolhinen 7341 The Deletion Exception by Reed Mangino 11318 ͸
Create the DESCRIPT.ION files of your
directories using file lists!
DeMak removes the burden of digiting
; 229345 Directory Freedom, Y2K fixed, freeware, G.Haff, good 16226 Delete,find,cal size of files/directory tree, D.Vasaru 25388 dir + del replacements v2.0 29350 DirDate 2.4 S.Carter,Crystal Software

DirDate is the only utility that allows
you to change the date and time on
directories. Supports wild cards and
recursing into subdirs. Preview mode.
Has very flexible date modification.
DOS 3.0+, 100k memory, 36k disk.
Shareware $10. 35534 Commandline utility to compare directory contents 18885 A Directory Summarization Program, tree + stats 11243 Dire v3.0; (replace dir) (good) 358996 Hard Disk Director from Canyon Software, SW 75446 DIREDIT Directory Editor by P.R. Fletcher 5035 Hide a directory, "a historical curiosity" 20089 Dirm v1.0 Fast! (dir) 12662 Directory information utility, M.Lensink 7841 Directory Size Information v2.09 34469 DirSize v2.9 Simon Carter,Crystal Software

DirSize shows you a graphical tree of your
directories with their size and wasted space
as either a % or a total. You can exclude
directories below a given depth and/or less
than a given size. Multi-level directories
have summary statistics, very useful for
finding the complete size of applications
before deletion or backup or for finding
network space hogs. Displays Windows 95 long
filenames. For the drive, displays cluster
size, free space, used space and capacity.
For the files examined, displays used space
and wasted space, and can show wasted space
for a given cluster size. Automatically
paginates output. Rounds up file sizes to
the cluster size for the most accurate size
information. Sorting can be disabled. Output
can be redirected to a file or printer.
Continuous progress indicator. DOS 3.0+,
100k memory, 43k disk. 18843 cn, l, priv 179483 DISKLIST v3.10 - produces lists &
labels with the directory contents for 5.25",
3.5", and hard disks in 39 formats. DISKLIST
reads all sub-dirs. Prints different or
duplicate lists on every label on Avery Laser
label sheets. Prints on disk sleeves with
PCL5. Font downloading. Can display file
names in ZIP, LHZ, etc. DISKFLAP holds non-
sticky list to 3.5" disks. Configure list
layout. Shading, multiple selection spec. 195072 DIS Plus Version 1.04s
Compiled 12/01/93 at 12:00pm. DIS Plus is
an excellent tool for managing DOS files and
directories. It has many unique features
that make DOS commands a thing of the past.
With DIS Plus you can: Selectively copy,
delete, move, rename, view, edit... files
with speed and ease. A must for anyone who
uses DOS with any regularity.
$25 Shareware by MoonBeam Systems 28523 A DOS file listing program, freeware, J.McNamara 65672 ͻ
DELUXE DIR Ver. 2.80
A DIR replacer with a SORTED FILE FINDER
support, a FILE VIEWER, flex. SORT, file
exclusion, highlights EXEcutables, hid &
sys display, 3 columns, better wildcards,
sub-dir sizes, wasted spc, err. handling,
redirection, scr. saver, and much more !
FreeWare Ķ
Written by: Oren Souroujon
Req: 286, A hard disk, A CGA or better.
ͼ 126873 DOS Master v1.22 file/disk manager 35413 Directory Runner(tm) 2.03 fast dir changer.
Don't spend time typing out paths using the
CD or CHDIR commands - let your computer do
the thinking for you. Give this program a
partial name and watch it zap you over to
the right directory, even if it's on another
hard drive. When ambiguous choices arise, it
presents the user with a shortlist menu.
Anyone who users a command-line should try
this. Supports up to 1,000 directories. 178970 Directory Scanner + disk/file manager, nagware, N.Martino 360333 EDDY v.8h "EDit DirectorY"- Do ANYTHING
u want to disks/files, + lots u never thought
of & won't find elsewhere! DOS shell & File
Manager-like tasks REALLY easy! Seldom-needed
stuff (edit hex files, sectors, RAM, e.g.)
can be LIFESAVERS! Reviews say: clean, easy
to use, well-written * interface is elegant *
docs excellent * quality [like] Norton. NEW:
Touchdown Keys (TM) accessibility option,
enhanced directory packing, KWIC Index 37018 EDIR is just like DIR, only it does
one thing more : for every file EDIR
RECOGNIZES it gives a short description!
Shareware - Please register! 172296 EASY MENU 8.0 Hard Disk Menu. Simplest and
most flexible hard disk menu available. Up
to 200 items on any menu with alphabetic
search. Any number of sub-menus. Each item
can be annotated open access, password or
administrator only and the system can be
locked to the open access items. In the
locked state end users cannot exit to DOS.
New in V8 - Disk browser and Run command.
Keywords: MENU SHELL - Registration $25 1032 F-Link; Linkfile v1.7 (w C) 28902 (v3.2AS) F - VM/CMS style filemanager
F lets you deal with files and directories
in a full screen manner instead of a line
oriented manner, like DIR. It is modeled on
IBM's VM/CMS FILELIST utility. F combines
the convenience of a GUI interface with the
power of a character interface. It simplifies
navigation of directories. F is programmable
and customizable. Extensive sorting options
are provided. email: 32367 PC DOS FILER v4.05; file mngmt 21802 FancyDir with nnansi, by Jay Han 240475 File_Handle v2.10 - Filer/Finder/Shell.
Integrated File & Program Manager & Multiple
Argument File Finder with global properties.
Links to your own tools. Embedded wildcards
navigate through directories and trees and
locate or select files. Side by side compare.
Extensive select and sort. Can touch, change
disk labels and attributes. Tree sizes. Full
mouse control. Support for unarchiving,
CD-ROM/MO. And more. Shareware. 117470 Ŀ

FileVision v0.11 Beta

FileVision is a full featured
file management program. It uses
a Graphical user interface to get
beyond the limited textmode of
DOS and has a functionality like
similar programs on the Amiga
computer. Full of opportunities. 63495 File-Man PC disk file management (former superdir) 6573 Reports free diskspace and memory v1.1 (+ it's FREE!) 23831 Frontend v4.1 file menu 11743 List files/directories in descending order by size, T.Lund 7840 File type usage (good) 14104 +------------------------------------------+
| GD - Goto Dir. Quickly change to another |
| directory somewhere in the tree. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby (SHH) |
+------------------------------------------+ 39013 Graphics Directory by H.R. Frazer 782 The predecessor of sweep (no documents) 5737 Browses disk for a specified directory 40271 Go to directories and files v3.0 Richard Larkin 43146 G is a quick alternative to DOS's CD command.
You can configure abbreviations for your most
frequently needed directories then jump there
with a few keystrokes. Why type in a long DOS
command when a short one will do? Created by
Pinnacle Software, developers of the Sapphire
bulletin board system. For voice support call
514-345-9578. Or dial in to our free download
BBS at 514-345-8654 (any baud rate, downloads
available on your first call). 503254 HFM Version 4.04

HFM is a MS-DOS filemanager and archive
program shell. It compares the two file
lists in two file windows and
highlights files wich exist in both
lists. The common file operations are
invoked very easy by dragging with the
mouse. The user interface is not
standard but very functional once you
get used to it.

The distribution of this package is not
restricted. The program is now freeware
according to the GNU public license. 50928 Pie chart of directory usage, by Jay Wherley 72798 HotDIR Plus, color sorted directory utility, R.Woeger 507170 ͸
ICARO - The Desktop For DOS
Competitive Upgrade available!
Complete Desktop and file management
utility for all sorts of file.
A short (very limited) description:
Mouse, Windows, Button Bar, Icons..
ALL text video modes!
Unlimited recursive TEST and SCAN
Unlimited external players / viewers
Convert all files to one format
Remove directory trees
Background printing & Print Manager
Integrated CD-ROM Player - Shredder
Internal unlimited text viewer
Internal MOD-VOC-WAV-FLI players
Gives up timeslice to OS/2, Windows
; 272259 ͸
ICARO - The Desktop For DOS
A Power Tool Tutorial!
FLI-based totorial that gives you
examples on how to do almost
anything using ICARO.
Overview: configuring the desktop
File Manager: managing files and
Archive shell: how add, extract
and create archives w/Drag&Drop!
; 35072 Interface for DOS with menus and selections, J-T Calvet 38987 JKCD - directory changer v1.0 11194 Intelligent substitute for CD 17319 Recursive directory/file removing utility, R.Spangaro 14068 Directory lister with many options, from COS Inc. 43584 L is an easy-to-use and yet powerful
directory and file displayer. It replaces
the DOS DIR command. L works either screen
oriented, or may be used in pipes, in which
case it produces plain ASCII output.

L comes with documentation and the program
itself. 10737 Lc v1.0; list directory and files in columns 33845 Led's Change Directory fast by Keith Ledbetter. 4934 Display files in one or all directories of a disk V.Buerg 181176 LFNbat 2.4 Simon Carter,Crystal Software

LFNbat restores all of your Windows 95 long
filenames and directory names after you have
manipulated your files using old software.
It creates a batch file to effect the
renaming, so it is totally portable, and can
be used on machines that don't have a copy
of LFNbat. It doesn't use direct disk access
so it is much safer than other methods, and
is FAT32 compatable. It is very useful if
you use old file-transfer, compression, file
management or tape backup software to
manipulate files. Output can be redirected
to a file or printer. DOS 3.0+, 100k memory,
22k disk. 29646 (v1.2) LFNSORT: Win95 Directory Sorter.
This program sorts Win95 directory
entries. Sort order may be by name,
extension, date/time of creation,
modification or last access, file size, or
custom order. Runs in DOS or Win95.
Shareware, $10. 14667 Little Directory v.1. ala DOS's DIR. This
one has 12 options (1 to 5 columns, walk
the subdirectory tree, ..) and you can set
your default with an environment variable.
Optional tree display with size of each
directory. Free. 20688 List file directories with many many options 18161 ls list directory 96586 Master Directory sort System Rel. 5.4. 11424 Multiple-argument file deletion with exclusion, J.Savage 24116 -----------------------------------------
Mike's Directory Fast ver. 1.0
Fast, color coded, sorted directory
lister for DOS. Many options.
Supports listings of subdirectories,
paging in many text modes, and
multicolumn displays. 39013 MT v2.20 - Move To drive/directory.
Complete CD replacement.
Features slash as well as backslash;
partial directory names (NO pop-up
window); previous directories;
multiple dots (greater "lineage");
v2.20 corrects two small bugs, allows
for more than two previous directories
and selects partial paths by number.
Freeware, with source.
Jason Hood, 30 March, 1997. 12196 NDEL v0.0 (!) 'all but the ones mentioned' 54597 Color directory lister, Daniel D. Miller 5272 Enhanced CD command (allows abbreviations) 24050 File attributes in many ways from Patri-Soft 15798 Re-invention of the wheel. Replacement for dir. 64984 Selective delete files and directories, from Patri-Soft 48020 File mngmt system v2.27 71023 Selective copy, move, delete, browse, a tweak, G.Karnik 188131 POCKETD PLUS v5.1 - 35k DOS Army Knife
NEW! Supports Win95 long filenames and more!!
"BEST UTILITY" awards 1992, 1994 and 1995 by
PsL, WHAT PC and Ziff-Davis. Tiny but superb
color DIR, Utility factory, power file COPY &
immensely powerful file manager. Over 300 (!)
options and sub-options from command-line or
Windows/DOS menu-driven interface. Still the
most powerful and innovative utility around.
/ 12607 Prot.exe v1.50; change file attrs using menu 37079 Directory and file browser 28549 Paul's Utility program v3.30 6280 Purge v1.02 files of same contents/name 19662 A cumbersome push/pop-directory, P.Barker 11471 Quick change directory, J.Ulysse 13985 Kill directory tree FAST, statistics, by K.Budych 132889 Quick-Filer, file maintenance utility, K.Flee 19409 ======================================
Q v2.0 Matt Page's quicker CD command
For example:
C:\USR\JOHN>q sally
* Speed
* Smart Wildcards
* Multi-drive support
====================================== 37811 Change disk/directory: "do what I mean"
You can specify all or part of the name of
the directory you want to go to, and RCD will
do it's best to figure out which directory
you mean, and on which disk. If several
possibilities, a selection window pops up. 47217 ͸
--== Deluxe DIR 9.01 ==--
Replaces's "DIR"
command. More switches, faster
and more powerful than dir.
Uses colors to show file-type and
uses Unix style extended wildcards
; 2470 Remove files and directory 114634 RFM 3.10 is a very extensive filemanager for VGA and mouse.
You can do anything by using the mouse. RFM can copy, move,
rename, delete, view files and directories, change attributes etc.
RFM can handle archive files (extract, view, create). It has
an extended Find-function, it has an option to Fill diskettes
to the max, it has a screensaver.
RFM can execute programs (COM, EXE, BAT, BTM) and run programs
that are associated with a certain extension (like in MS-WINDOWS).
During such execution only 1056 bytes!! of RFM remain in memory.
RFM can change the computers date and time and it can change
the volume label of a disk.
Through the "Util"-window you can execute a program located anywhere
on the system by only two mouse clicks. This option includes several
very handy features as well (such as passing marked files as
arguments to a program, allowing you to edit a commandline, etc).
And more..... 17844 Removes protected files including directories 14888 File and directory removal utility, A.Slagsvold 19157 Show directory disk usages, Patric Taylor 120122 FMAN v1.3 - A compact MS-DOS File Manager
that lets you maintain Annotated Directory
Listings to help overcome the DOS 8-plus-3
naming convention. Features include Copy,
Move, Delete, File Search, Directory Sort.
Run executable programs with command line
parameters, and View text files. Selectable
screen colors. Fully Functional Shareware.
Registration fee: $20 US 8286 Modify attributes incl. hidden, system + subdirs v1.3 19642 Select directory using menu v2.8. Goes well with MAKEMENU 85396 Directory listerv 18958 -= Smart Directory Changer V1.1 =-
This intelligent Tool replaces the
"Change Directory" DOS command.
Just type the first letters of the
directory you want to reach and SDC
takes you there directly, no matter
where the requested Directory can be
found, even on different harddisks
or CD-ROM drives!
- Shareware -

-= by Christian Junge =- 20099 Simple directory navigator (req's treeinfo.ncd) 7997 A hidden directory system with special md, rd, cd. 14116 A tree-like Disk Space Mapping Program, freeware, B.Smith 4613 Super Searcher file finder, C.Davis 8663 Search for files damaged by TDSTRIP (TD) 93181 Stereo shell v3.20 directory manager (good) 35030 Stuff v2.0 generates pathnames; file finder for Zoo 45084 SuperDIR v1.1 - DIR util,C++ src avail.
Formats for DB import or DOS piping, multiple
include/exclude file and directory masks, can
sort ALL files in a tree (not just within
each subdirectory). Many sorting and output
format options, attribute filters, etc,
comma/quote/tab/space delimited output, more!
Reg. version can do multiple drives/paths.
Full royalty-free C++ source with $17 reg.
by Cottonwood Software 34594 SupremeUtility; file copies, moves etc on one command line 48893 Four powerful utility prgs for files/dirs, S.Testa 99287

Ŀ ڿ ٱ
۳ ۳ô

The *PERFECT* replacement for the
pathetic MS-DOS/4DOS DEL command!
Fast, colorful, reliable, secured,
easy-to-use. Options & features:
Advanced confirmation methods; \/
Filters (size/date/age/attributes)
10 Wiping levels; Recursive DEL;
Del empty dirs & update NCD/LCD/etc
Prevent possible user-mistakes! 
Protect user-selected files & dirs;
Script-files support; Create LOG;
Installs over DEL command(optional)
Percentage & Quiet-mode; AND MORE! 41029 TreeDir jump to directories from a menu (w asm), freeware 127116 The file manager v2.2 14710 A non-TSR, non-file reliant push/pop program, K.Lim 10882 TreeSZ02 graphically displays the directory (good) 23335 TreeSize v1.1 for DOS/OS2 2.x 14501 Trim a directory tree, be careful, dangerous! 25749 Interactive and command-line directory sorter, T.Sankey 63051 V1 v2.00 - Efficient File Manager. Colour
files by name or attrib, add descriptions.
Edit names. Copy/move dirs, even into
archives. Easy archive handling. Background
directory sizing. Associate apps with files.
Compare directories. Search disk for dir. XMS
swapping. Built in file viewer with
background reading. Filename completion in
dialogs. SVGA, 4DOS, UNIX, MAC support. Fully
Programmable. Only 32K on disk! 15356 A visual change directory prg v1.0 24165 Vdir v1.3 directory viewer, V.Bergh 16911 ͻ
*************** VF1_3.ZIP *****************
VF Very Fast Access To Any Dir On Any Drive
This tiny utility gives you fast and easy
access to your directories and sub -
directories. And yes, it is another change
dir utility, but it's perhaps the fastest.
No nag screens, no menus. Just type
VF , and you're there. Instantly.
Some improvements in the scanning routin-
es, some new options. Partly auto updating
of the .DAT file. Recognizes CDROM drives

Scans your disks at lightning speed. You
will never again use . But be warned,
once you get used to it, you can't live
without it. {U}

New Windows 95 version also available
Any comments about VF, can be sent to:
Gisle Bjoerneseth, 6017 Aalesund ,NORWAY
The lastest versions of VF is on:
ͼ 697380 Change directory, DOS, Unix, w/C src, GNU, E.Waterlander 32988 [Wersting] D[ir] 1.10c
Replaces DIR. Many powerful
features, e.g. color coding
based on the file extensions,
archive contents support (ZIP,
ARJ, LZH, RAR), displays info
FLI/FLC, WAV. Syntactically
compatible with DIR. Freeware. 34215 Add documentary to directory v2.14 6036 With v1.0; choose files to use 16521 WPR v0.27 - A recursive directory deleter. Features include
- checking for root directory
- multiple directory
- wipe files, making them unrecoverable
- can ignore breaks

Freeware. 27296 WRD
The Worlock Remove Directory
Version 6.0 01/Dec/93
(c) 1993 by Worlock.
All Rights Reserved.
The most used software to
remove directory trees! 53781 Xdir v3.03 replacement for Dos Dir (odd datestamp is OK) 22265 Extended RD, removes also subdirs and files, V.Kolhinen 9494 Use your English commands to run applications, ISAAC YAO 34534 Zap! v3.3 (improved Directory Control) (good) 16339 Zap Directory v3.1 remove directories 60119 ZanyDIR colorful directory display 26495 ZeroIn v2.5 Simon Carter,Crystal Software

THE ultimate replacement for MS-DOS's CD (or
CHDIR) command. Matches names by wildcard or
partial matching by truncating, extending or
correcting the name typed! Multiple matches
can display a multi-screen list. Can create
a directory if it doesn't exist. Maintains a
history of recently visited directories, and
a list of aliases for commonly used
directories. A must have for use with
Windows 95 long filenames (which it supports
fully). You can change drives at the same
time, and it doesn't care which kind of
slash you use (\ or /). It does NOT use any
index files. It can perform multilevel
matches eg \*\doc finds all second level doc
directories. Sets error level on exit to
indicate success or failure. DOS 3.1+, 49k.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.