Name Size Description 18195 Detect compressed executables v3.60 by John Land 45155 Executable file compressor from Japan, T.Matsumoto 34456 List and handle compressed executables. Very good. 27981 Expand PKLITE compressed executables, Jan-Pieter Cornet 11838 Another one telling whether file is compressed with lzexe 4884 Tells whether file is compressed with lzexe or pklite 24465 Lzexe shell in English v3.0 (req's LZEXE v0.91) 44043 Compress executable programs by Fabrice Bellard (good) 83049 Compress executable programs (french+english)(good) 78504 PKWare's .exe and .com file compress/uncompress 50921 --------------- RJCRUSH v1.10 ---------------
- -
- DOS Executable Compressor. -
- -
- Bug-fix release. -
- RJCRUSH is not only an executable file -
- compressor, but it is probably the only -
- of its kind that compresses overlays too! -
- Supports Borland's VROOMM. -
- -
-------- Another great utility from ---------
--------------- RJS Software ---------------- 84717 Makes smaller, self-checking .EXE/.COM files 4119 Unpacks EXEPACKed file, by Dan Norstedt 15089 Uncompress an lzexe-compressed executable file V.Bontchev 35572 UNP V4.11 Executable file expander
Uncompresses files compressed with
other file compression utilities. UNP
also allows you to convert files from
COM to EXE and vice versa, optimize EXE
headers, remove overlay data from EXE
files and more. 160151 WWPACK is a powerful EXE file compressor.
The tightest compression. Squeezes EXE
files, compresses relocation tables,
optimizes headers, protects EXE files from
hacking.The only EXE compressor distributed
with shell and virus detection programs!
WWPACK package includes PASCAL procedures,
EXEINFO util. Public domain CRC program
(with Pascal source!) will find damaged
WWPACKed EXE files.
Program: WWPACK
Version: 3.04a
Release: 21 January 1996
Archive: WWP304A.ZIP
Diskset: [1/1]
Category: EXE compression advanced package
Authors: Piotr Warezak and Rafal Wierzbicki
Requirements: none
Installation: WWP304A.EXE
Execution: WWPACK.EXE
Documentation: WWPACK.DOC
Registration: shareware: 29USD (Enh-49USD)
------------------------------------------- 195760 EXE/COM/SYS/DiskImage/GeneralFiles Compressor, J.Tseng
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.