Name Size Description 467626 Utility to compute and record aliquot chains, I.Duentsch 219641 AmortizeIt, "The Complete Amortization Solution" 103668 Amortize, Loan Schedules and More, J.Bowyer 18681 BALI'S CALC
A Simple Scientific Calculator Program
with + - * / ( ) x^y x^2 1/x x!
Pi Deg Rad Sin Cos Tan & Arcs,
Ln Exp Lg 10^X Mem M+ RM,
Ran SCI EXP, BackSpace & more.
DOS text mode (color).
Keyboard and/or mouse control.
SHAREWARE by Balint Toth 67020 Complex number calculator with macros, J.Spector 289572 Capital Gainz v1.0; investment tracking program 417784 X(plore) Calculus Calculator, beta, D.Meredith (good) 29101 Center Drill Calculator.
CDRILL is a utility program that
provides machinists and CNC
programmers an easy method to
compute the depth to move a center
drill to produce a center of a
given diameter. 290140 Calculate many characteristics of a square matrix 43638 Complex number calculator v1.0 37470 Measurement conversion program, Cliff Crawford 60571 Unit conversion utility, Codeline Software 119818 An oldfashioned, menudriven conversion pgm, D.Lovelock 45637 Imperial - metric converter, R.Beckworth 40994 Linear and nonlinear curve fitting, D.Young 50678 Cyclo creates cycloids (mathematical plot) 30387 Command line math function evaluator (slight nag) 52501 Linear and non-linear programming FAQs, Robert Fourer 119808 Linear and non-linear programming FAQs, Robert Fourer 156194 The Financial Analyzer, Ray Zimmerman 33934 FORMULA 2.0
a Mathemathical Expression Evaluating Program
with about 100 - 100 built-in contants and
functions, and a constant and function editor,
where you can define and save your own set.
SHAREWARE by Balint Toth 524625 Extensible data analysis and curve fitting package 93063 Gravitational orbits designer by P.Filippo 59165 Hex Calc hex/decimal/binary calculator by Tom Cantlon 302624 Function calculator, w TP TPU, Vadim Melekhin 36697 Funds investment calc + analysis prg 175691 ITERATE!-see iteration theory-chaos-fractals
in an exciting new way. Iteration theory is
what makes Mandelbrot and Julia Sets; with
Iterate! you'll see these in a new light!
Iterate! has a wide variety of functions
built in, as well as a function interpreter
so you can try your own functions. Iterate!
will draw some neat graphs on your computer
screen. If you like math, fractals or
computer graphics, you'll like this!
Version 3.11. 489463 Matrices, Graphs, Probability, RPN Calc by J.R.Kennedy 37318 Generalized solve simultaneous linear equations (M,N 21-) 84452 Consumer Loan/Mortgage Program, M.Campbell 247046 LP is a Linear Programming Optimizer.
Problems are free-form text in either
ASCII or spreadsheet format. Solves
linear, integer, and mixed-integer
problems. Handles 1000s of constraints.
Tableaux output & sensitivity analysis. 278161 Protected Mode Mixed integer linear problem solver 61883 Mixed integer linear problem solver 86308 Level set programming for global optimization, H.Yassien 417729 Math utilities package, Zvi Shippony 74789 Generate 2d + 3d Mandelbrot sets, D.Lemberg 31359 Display Mandelbrot Set 98674 A general math program with graphics, B.Jensen 80060 MatCalc 1.3 - Matrix Calculator.
Performs matrix operations quickly and
easily. It has menu driven routines for
finding inverses, determinants, matrix
multiplication and addition and a number of
other operations. It allows the user to
save matrices in either binary or text
formats, making it easy to import/export to
spreadsheet programs. Free for educational
use. 27018 Mathematical expressions calculator, Greg Kochaniak 82838 Menninger's Floating point expression evaluator (w C) 102465 Standard mortgage calculator, G. Beccar-Varela 296750 Equation solver based on Borland's Eureka. Excellent. 115907 Number theoretic calculator v2.02c 33134 Conversions between the metric and non-metric system 26580 Modified simplex optimization 39816 Predictor v1.0 interpolation program 94633 NEW: v1.3
Primenumber Generator
for Linux, MSDOS, OS2
and Mac. Very fast 32
bit algorithm. Source
code for all platforms
is included. OS/2 ver.
requires EMX-RT v0.9b 8611 PRIMES - Prime List & Prime Factorization
Generator Program
It generates the list of the prime numbers
in a textfile. It can generate the prime
factorization (e.g. 644 = 2 * 2 * 7 * 23 )
of the numbers in another textfile.
The upper limit of the lists can be given.
(Maximum is 60000)
FREEWARE by Balint Toth 208015 Scratchpad for Truth-functional Logic, G.Boggio-Togna 16636 Roman numbers to/from Arabic, with C source, D.McMeans 4202 Rotate number matrices (ASCII) 12878 Simulate HP-29c calculator v3.0 (documents) 47581 Simulate HP-29c calculator v3.0 171206 Graphical scientific calculator + plotter, Waldo Nell 400516 Computer Algebra System with Learning, W.Huang 36820 Find the roots of a polynomial (N lt 31) 213887 Fast Fourier Transform programs, D.Copley 96852 STEFI v1.0a
a Graph Editor and Analyser Program
Edit and analyse graphs:
weights, statistics, matrices, Prufer code,
minimal cost path and spanning tree,
excentricity, center, topologic order,
components, strong components and more.
VGA required, mouse recommended.
New in v1.0a: only a minor bugfix.
SHAREWARE by Balint Toth 151073 Mathomatic V7.2: Symbolic math program.
This program can automatically
solve, simplify, combine, and graph
algebraic equations, etc. Does
calculus operations, too. Runs
under MS-DOS or Windows. 28744 Simple and easy to use calculator, J.Turcot 104236 ULTIMATE CALCULATOR v3.2 Graphic scientific
calculator. Expression evaluator with many
built-in functions, operators, numerical
notations, and modes. User variables &
functions. Solves, plots 2D/3D equations,
does integrations and summations. Supports
hex & binary notations. Radian & degree
modes. Resizable TSR window. 18 significant
digits. Mouse support. Online help and more. 22657 Visual calculator v1.0 145422 Extensible, programmable, double precision calculator 34961 A declarative desk calculator by Marco Pescarmona
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.