Name Size Description 150829 2d graphic of math function 95274 Airfoil manipulate/edit/plot airfoil curves 195981 CC3; A graphing, programmable scientific calculator 100857 Function Plotter v4.10 (good though complicated) 1307040 Graphics Command and Language Interpreter, H.Michels 278990 Manual of the Graphics Command Language GCL 88690
GraphDraw 3.0
The biggest Croatian Shareware
product from Dr. Petric Software
Some features:
Graph Draw supports 25 standard mathe-
matical functions, 5 operators and 2
constants. It plots any graph you wish
at any size and position. There are
also derivations, integrals, tangents
and a multifunctional calculator. You
must have this, because it was
MADE IN CROATIA ! 285794 GNUplot v3.2 binary (good) 99473 Graphics plotting pgm (functional demo) 62357 Plot observations from a datafile (w TP source) 266120 A System for Drawing Scientific Graphs, A.Montes 290203 Quite nice plotting package (CGA,HERC,EGA,VGA) 122020 MATHPLOT v3.7 - Mathematical function
plotting program. Mathplot allows you to
enter math functions using ordinary algebraic
notation and immediately plot them.
Cartesian, polar, and parametric functions
are supported. Presentation quality plots are
produced on the screen or LaserJet printer.
Excellent program for anyone who needs to
quickly visualize math functions. Requires
512KB, CGA, EGA, or VGA. 130234 Master-Graph, easy-to-use 2d plotting, VGA req, (good) 522755 Periodic function movies, shareware demo v2.0 (good) 305114 Visualize data, draw functions and more, P.Dmitry
plot2gl.sha 11554 Unixish plot(1,3,5) for Graphics Library
plot2ps.sha 39204 Plot library which outputs PostScript 69508 Three dimensional plotter by A.Mariano + K.Crary 2266 Document to the three dimensional plotter 68948 Plot functions v6.1 67361 PlotData: A Plotter with Analyzing Data 186480 PLOTTER v8.1 - A data plotting and analysis
program for MS-DOS computers (ideal for
researchers in all disciplines). Uses ASCII
data files. Includes a Full Screen Data
Editor, Least Squares Curve Fitting, Fast
Fourier Transforms and Digital Filtering.
Plot screens can be sent to a printer, or
saved to disk in PCX format. Requires CGA,
EGA or VGA monitor. Mouse support included.
On-line instructions. Shareware. $25 US 64471 Very good mathematical function viewer 60922 Three dimensional contours from Germany (demo?) 292957 WL-Plot 2.70 - Mathematical Plotting Program.
Plots either Algebraic or RPN functions in
cartesian, parametric, and polar modes.
Also graphs inverses, integrals, 1st & 2nd
derivatives, rotated conic sections,
non-function relations, bifurcations,
recursive relations and best fit curves.
Useful for Algebra through Calculus and
Physics courses. Free for educational use.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.