Name Size Description 28457 PostScript print two 66 line pages on one A4 page 20941 Patch for convert PCPS arguments from old to new 24198 Convert HP-GL to PostScript 21703 Print labels in PostScript (I think?) 114566 Over_LAZ PS printer overlays, M. Garamszeghy 1807 Convert a portable bitmap into postscript 143783 Print ASCII to PostScript, DOS, OS2, Win, P.Carapetis 31554 Ascii to PostScript conversion, with TP source 47508 Print to Postscript Utility demo by Object Engineering 76807 Print text file on PostScript printers 164171 PSPrint v2.2 Text-to-PostScript convertor
for MS-DOS. Outputs to any device or file.
Features: support for extended chars (line
drawing, European, etc.); use command line
options or screen interface; user-specified
defaults. Options include: font, font size,
tab size, margins, paper selection, line
numbering, shrink 2 pages to 1, and more.
Shareware, $15. Control Enterprises, Inc.
(Date 06/13/94). 69237 Print a regular ASCII file on a Postscript 19247 PostScript PrintScreen, A.N.D. Technologies 21730 Convert text to Postscript, V.Gopal 92512 ASCII-text to PostScript-Converter, F.Gadegast 15349 DOS filter to convert text to PostScript v0.99
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.