Name Size Description 459907 Stock market and economy forecasting, D.Chamness 176499 Stock market program demonstration 857934 Mutual fund performance analyzer with US data, R.Nevin 152592 Portfolio planner, Mutual Fund Allocator, S.Krause 325289 Relational Stock Analysis + graphics from DLM Consulting 34044 Security analyst program 82098 Investment/Portfolio manager, graphs value + gain 112533 A stock portfolio record manager rel3.3 (Jun 91) 54415 An old stock market charting programs. 65367 A stockmarket program. 152444 Stock trader III. Graphical stock market analysis. 1095424 TRX Portfolio Manager v1.10 for small
investors helps you track your investments.
TRX supports multiple accounts and assets.
It also supports checking accounts and
includes flexible tax basis options to
account for gifts, stock spinoffs, OID
interest, and other common transactions. All
popular tax basis methods are supported,
including average cost. Detailed performance
summaries include after-tax return. 259601 VARIABLE INVESTMENT ANALYST V5.92. ASP author
-Investment Portfolio Manager. MS-DOS.
Calculates profit, capital gain, total
return, internal rate of return (IRR),
buy/sell prices. 12 types of charts.
Import/export data. Especially useful for
investments with multiple cash flows, such as
mutual funds, 401k plans, annuities, and
partnerships. No hard drive required.
Pull-down menus, dialog boxes, mouse control.

_vti_cnf 0 No description available.