Name Size Description 179662 3D animation library for BP7, TP6, TPW and utils 1/2 224627 3D animation library for BP7, TP6, TPW and utils 2/2 82273 * "3D_AMR" A 3D Modeling and Animation Graphics program implementing
the z-buffer hidden face removal algorithm, and utilizing double buffering
for fast real-time animation of 3D objects on the PC.

* *
* This program demonstrates the DOUBLE BUFFERING technique for *
* animation. While you are watching the current frame on the *
* VISUAL PAGE, the new frame is actually being drawn on the *
* ACTIVE PAGE. This leads to smoother animations. *
* *
* Coded By: *
* Amr A. Awadallah, May 1992 *
* Computer Department, *
* Faculty Of Engineering, *
* Cairo University, *
* Egypt. *
* e-mail : "" or "" *
* phone : (202) 330-4738 *
* *
**************************************************************************/ 293658 BBS/door programmer's toolkit for TP 6,7, S.Madsen 8803 Bgires v1.0 store .bgi files in a resource file 34494 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融
Windows Bitmaps for DOS, Version 1.20

This Turbo/Borland Pascal programming package
lets you read device-independent bitmaps from
BMP files and Windows resources and convert
them into BGI-style screen images, which can
easily be displayed.
Supported are monochrome, 16-color and
256-color bitmaps and both 16-color and
256-color BGI drivers. Colors are converted
using nearest-color tables.
Supports bitmaps and images up to 64K size.
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 121681 Buffon's Needles for Estimating the Value of Pi, E.Glynn 11158 Strings unit up 64K long for TP5.5 and later, J.Guy 67028 CompSys, the LiveSystems ObjectOrientated
toolbox for using compressed files. Release
version 2.0. Full source, easy to extend,
compatible with SpeedPascal 1.0,
VirtualPascal 1.0 and TurboPascal. 1210495 Containers Library v1.00 -- A data management
system for Borland Pascal that allows you to
quickly incorporate data structuring
capabilities into your applications. It
consists of a large set of reusable data
structures that range from dynamic arrays to
B+ trees. All code is linked to the
executable file so there is no run-time
software to distribute. BitSoft Development,
L.L.C. - $49.00 8484 Dynamic arrays for TP5.5 and later, Jacques Guy 4923 Arrays of unlimited size using minimal memory w/src 351793 Object-oriented framework for Pascal programmers 41961 Generic Turbo Pascal v5.5 Turbo Pascal OOP Objects 4678 Shows how to use Linked Lists in TP5.5+, W.Conrad 42027 Music Vision memory game + TP source, J.R. Ferguson 11528 A long filename support unit for TP6+/TPW1.5, E.Doron 164231 MakeIt v1.0; develop./ext. object libraries TP6/TP7/BP7 12033 Object Oriented Archive Viewer
- MavEtJu software - This unit let you
peek into archives as if it were
directories. With the commands FindFirst
and FindNext you get all the information
you need (name, size and date) for easy
archive-handling. Currently the supported
archivetypes are Zip, Arj, Arc, Lzh and
Zoo, but it's very easy to expand them. 67468 Recursive expression TP7.0/BP/VB/C++ parser, R.Loewy 64499 Object oriented interface for Crynwr packet drivers TP7.0 18493 TP File Functions and Procedures, Roger E. Donais 6284 Turbo Pascal Object Oriented Serial Port Unit, L.Lastras 37530 The traditioal shuffle game + TP source, J.R. Ferguson 41571 OOP Turbo Pascal 6+ serial I/O source code, G.Colussi 12117 Turbo Pascal 6.0 (+5.5) OOPS sort library 12375 Various TP7 sorts for arrays and TCollections, B.Williams 12148 Sorting routines Turbo Pascal + OOPS sort library 11748 OOP units (basetype,elements,stackobj,queueobj,etc) 30182 TP-Win small windowing package for TP5.5+, S.Poulsen 53091 Turbo Pascal 5.5+ demo of OOP and graph.tpu, S.Bussinger 28394 Link TP 5.5+ with MS Fortran 5.x, w/, D.Murdoch 30435 Replacement Turbo Pascal 7.0 keyboard routines, W.Pittenger 15763 Examples of TSRs in TP5.5+ and Assembly, Steve Poulsen 62554 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融
Pascal programming package, providing: New
mouse-drawing routines support any SuperVGA
video mode, up to 1024x768x256, by making use
of the VESA protocol. Anti-flickering logic
by intelligent timing. Supports very large
cursors and cursor colors. Microsoft and
Mouse Systems mice work without mouse driver.

藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 58627 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融
Windows Resources for DOS: Use Windows'
resources in your DOS programs. String tables
(OEM-converted), menus (creating TV
structure), dialog templates (intelligent
class management), bitmaps (incl. BMP files
and converting to images), mouse cursors.
Access to INI files. Clipboard support.

藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 58404 WWToolkit; OOP library (incl. GUI) for Turbo Pascal 103432 WWToolkit; OOP library (incl. GUI) for Turbo Pascal 350257 U.S. Postal Zipcodes Unit for Turbo PASCAL, M.Krejci
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.