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User Group Disks
AD-3-3.ASM Diskette maintenance utility to format, verify and copy Ampro diskettes.
BIOS-1-6.ASM CBIOS for Ampro LittleBoard
BIOS-3-8.ASM ROM BIOS v3.8 for Ampro LittleBoard. Includes Hard Disk support.
CFG-2-6.ASM Ampro LittleBoard system configuration utility.
DF-1-2.ASM IBM PC Diskette format/verify utility v1.2 for Ampro LittleBoard.
DF-1-2-1.ASM IBM PC Diskette format/verify utility v1.2.1 for Ampro LittleBoard.
ES-2-3.ASM ESET v2.3 for Ampro LittleBoard (Allows reading of foreign formats)
HF-1-5.ASM Hard Disk format utility for Ampro Littleboard
HG-1-2.ASM Hard Disk auto-boot installer for Ampro LittleBoard
HI-1-2.ASM Hard Disk System Initialization Utility for Ampro LittleBoard
HP-1-2.ASM Hard Disk Park utility for Ampro LittleBoard
MD-2-4.ASM Multi-Disk for Ampro LittleBoard (Foreign Disk Format utility)
MF-2-3.ASM Multi-Format for Ampro Littleboard. (Allows formatting multiple foreign formats)
SBT-1-2.ASM SCSI/Floppy/Hard Disk Boot ROM for Ampro LittleBoard
SC-2-2.ASM SWAPCOPY disk utility for Ampro LittleBoard.
SET-1-0.ASM Serial/Parallel port setup utility for Ampro LittleBoard
SG-3-3.ASM System Re-Generation utility for Ampro LittleBoard
SW-2-0.ASM SWAP utility for Ampro LittleBoard (Swaps drive letters)
TM-1-0.ASM Time utility for Ampro LittleBoard
SYSTEM1.IMD DSDD 48TPI boot disk for Ampro LittleBoard
SOURCE1.IMD DSDD 48TPI source code disk for Ampro LittleBoard
SOURCE2.IMD DSDD 48TPI source code disk for Ampro LittleBoard
SOURCE3.IMD DSDD 48TPI source code disk for Ampro LittleBoard
HDTOOLS.IMD DSDD 48TPI Hard Disk tools disk for Ampro LittleBoard

Items Added 13Jul21
Ampro_Z80_System_Software_Users_Manual.pdf Documentation for the Ampro LittleBoard and LittleBoard Plus.
Little_Board_Users_Manual_A74001-B_(compact).pdf Original Ampro LittleBoard (Not LittleBoard Plus) User's Manual.
LB_Schematic_M.pdf Ampro LittleBoard (not Plus) Schematic.
LBSYS-F.IMD System Disk for the Ampro LittleBoard. CP/M 2.2 Rev. F. (P/N A60014)
LB_Sys_F_A60014_small.jpg Diskette photo for the image listed above.
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