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Date Posted: 03May21
Borland Turbo Modula 2 (Fixed).
Date Posted: 27Jul16
Microsoft Fortran-80 v3.43.
Microsoft COBOL-80 v4.01
Date Posted: 11Jun14
Microsoft Fortran-80 v3.44 - Verified as working/no known bugs.
Date Posted: 27Jan13
SLR 64180 Assembler v1.31
SLR Linker v1.31
SLR Z-80 Assembler v1.32
Date Posted: 29Jun05
Manual for Aztec C (CP/M-86 version). MS Word format.
Date Posted: 03Jun04
Digital Research RASM86, CP/M and DOS binaries.
Digital Research RASM86, documentation (plain text format).
Date Posted: 02Oct02

BDS C is now in the Public Domain!  Check it out at The BDS Homepage!

Date Posted: 18Dec00

AZ106D.ZIP    Aztec C v1.06D Professional for CP/M-80

M801.COM      MACRO-80 with 6502 code gen option via the .6502 directive.


Date Posted: 08Jun98

BASCOM53.ZIP   Microsoft BASIC Compiler v5.3
See below for a different version if this doesn't work for you.

Mbasic.com     Microsoft BASIC Interpreter v5.21

Trbpas86.zip   Turbo Pascal 3.0 for CP/M-86

L80.COM        Microsoft Link-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81)

M80.COM        Microsoft MACRO-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81)

Date Posted: 10Jun98

F80.ZIP        Microsoft Fortran-80 v3.4 - [11Jun14 - This version may have bugs.  See F80-344.ZIP instead.]

MSCOBOL.ZIP    Microsoft COBOL v4.65

QSCREEN.ZIP    QuickScreen screen generator
               Includes LYNXB linker for Microsoft BASCOM
               [I believe this is a BASIC code generator for designing text input

TPAS30.ZIP     Turbo Pascal 3.0 for CP/M-80

APLZ11.ZIP     APL/Z v1.1 for Z-80 [AP/L intepreter]

C80V31.ZIP     The Software Toolworks C80 v3.1

C80V30.ZIP     The Software Toolworks C80 v3.0a

MI_C.ZIP       MI C [C compiler.  All in German]


LISP80.ZIP     The Software Warehouse LISP/80 v1.1

MICROB.ZIP     FairCom Micro B+ Database libraries [I _think_]

Date Posted: 13Jun98

DSD80.ZIP      Software Advances DSD-80, full screen Z-80 symbolic debugger v1.4 [Removed by Request]

Date Posted: 14Jun98

MBASIC52.ZIP   Microsoft BASIC v5.22 for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 30Jul98

MODULA2.ZIP    FTL Modula 2 v1.14

MIX-C.ZIP      Mix C v2.0 for CP/M-80

TPAS10.ZIP    Turbo Pascal v1.0 for CP/M-80

MASM-80.ZIP    Microsoft M80, straight from the 8" distribution

MITEKZ80.ZIP   Mitek Z-80 Assembler, linker & debugger

SLRASM.ZIP     SLR Z-80 assembler

Z80TOOLS.ZIP   Z-80 Toolbook [Orig. 3 disks]

Date Posted:  25Aug98

TURBODBT.ZIP   Turbo Database Toolbox for Turbo Pascal 3.0, CP/M-80

SLRDIS.ZIP     SLR Z-80 Disassembler v1.2

Date Posted:  17Sep98

AZTEC302.ZIP   Aztec C v3.02 for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 04Mar99

ALGOL.ZIP      Algol compiler for CP/M-80

FORTRAN.ZIP    Microsoft FORTRAN for CP/M-80

Date Posted: 15May99

CB80.ZIP       DRI CBASIC-80 BASIC Compiler

MALBASIC.COM   Mallard BASIC with Jetsam (removed by request)

OBASIC.COM     Microsoft BASIC v4.51

TP_301A.ZIP    Turbo Pascal v3.01a

MACRO-80.PDF   PDF Documentation for Microsoft Macro-80

LIB-80.PDF     PDF Documentation for Microsoft LIB-80

LINK-80.PDF    PDF Documentation for Microsoft LINK-80

CREF-80.PDF    PDF Documentation for Microsoft CREF-80
Date Posted: 24Aug99

TURBOM2.ZIP    Borland Turbo Modula 2 (has corrupt LIBRARY.MCD)



Date Posted 13Jan00

MBASREF.ZIP    MBASIC 5.21 docs in PDF format

Date Posted 10Feb00

SLR_MAN.ZIP    Manuals for SLRLNK and Z80ASM

Date Posted 17Feb00

ZSID.ZIP    ZSID (symbolic debugger) with TRACE and HIST extension modules from DRI

DIS.COM    DIS - Super CP/M Z80 disassembler v4.0 from Micro com

Date Posted 24Aug00

BASCOM.ZIP       Microsoft BASIC Compiler.  Should work on most systems.

Date Posted 13Oct00
Z-80MASM.ZIP     2500 A.D. Software Z-80 Macrom Assembler, v3.00a

8748.ZIP     2500 A.D. Software 8748 Cross Assemberl, v3.00a

Z8.ZIP     2500 A.D. Software Z8 Cross Assembler, v3.00c

Z8000.ZIP     2500 A.D. Software Z8000 Cross Assembler, v4.01

802Z8000.ZIP     2500 A.D. Software 8080/Z-80 to Z8000 source code translator v2.06e

BUG-UBUG.ZIP     Bug/uBug v2.02 (debugger?)

TINY_C.ZIP     "Tiny C". Circa 1979

ALGOL-M.ZIP     ALGOL-M compiler, v1.1

BDSCUG.ZIP     Files from the BDS C user group.  Some neat stuff here.

TOOLBOX.ZIP     Borland Turbo Toolbox 

TPASCAL1.ZIP     Borland Turbo Pascal v1.00 for CP/M-80 and -86

JRTPAS.ZIP     JRT Pascal v2.2

JRTPAS30.ZIP     JRT Pascal v3.0

JRTPAS40.ZIP     JRT Pascal v4.0

NEVBASIC.ZIP     Nevada BASIC v2.1

NEVFORT.ZIP     Nevada Fortran v3.0

PASCALZ4.ZIP     Pascal/Z for CP/M-80 v4.0 [4 disk set]

JANADA14.ZIP     Janus ADA v1.4.5

JANADA15.ZIP     Janus ADA v1.5.0 [4 disk set]

Date Posted: 12Dec00

MUMPS-SR.ZIP     MUMPS Source code. [2 disk set]

Date Posted: 16Apr01
This is the last Z-80 version for CP/M
of the MUMPS programming language
(version: 4.0). It official name is:
"Z-80 MUMPS vers 4.0" (even if the doc
files speak of "MicroMUMPS").

Microsoft MBASIC v5.29, .COM only.