Name Size Description 256259
2M 3.0 (C) 1993-1995 Ciriaco Garcia de Celis
100% safely and 100% reliable formats to:

3.5 DD (720K): 984K / 1066K / 1176K
3.5 HD (1.44M): 1804K / 1886K / 1972K
3.5 ED (2.88M): 3608K / 3772K / 3944K
5.25 DD (360K): 820K / 902K / 976K
5.25 HD (1.2M): 1476K / 1558K / 1639K

in 100% drives of 100% compatible systems.
--------------------------------------------- 114139 Text shell for running 2mf 3.0 (, G.Botes 14687 800 II v1.80; Bios enhancement - many new diskette formats 134399 AnaDisk Complete Diskette Utility v2.07 (fix,copy,..) Sydex 170274 Disk catalog ARCHIV version 2.6
Purpose: Save disk information for
all your disks (diskette, CD-ROM)
to the hard drive and allow you
to search for files or other info
without those disks.
- file list like NC
- reads data from compressed files
- comments for disks and files
- searching for files using file
mask, date, searching for strings
in file contents and comments
- searching for duplicate files
- multi-langual
- many configuration options
- SHAREWARE, registered version
uses all free memory 36620 FMT v1.00 a high capacity formatter (new:1.066) (good) 14037 Backtak; backup/restore a floppy using a file 37156 BJ-FILES v2.10 files cataloging pgm (30 day) 3482 Boops; Floppy Boot Bypasser 136172 DOS CONCURRENT DISK CACHE 1.10 -
A concurrent disk cache program to handle
one floppy, one (E)IDE disk, and SCSI disks
as many as there in parallel with DOS and
user programs. Where possible, devices are
operated in parallel. Includes a reentrant
SCSI disk driver and a floppy mini driver.
All programs are operational and documented.
Works on 386 and later. Win3.1x compatible.
Core algorithm is patent pending. 248103 CatDisk v6.21 - disk catalog system 30306 Disk Drive Cleaner program v1.0 (req's cleaner diskette) 25966 Clean-Files v2.3; wipes out unused data space from disk 36465 Hard disk performance test v2.92 163054 File catalog prg v2.0 77477 File catalog lista.arc 169798 CSC Hard Drive Test v2.1 107863 Cache test v4.3c; check optimal cache + video settings (good) 275498 Colorado Utilities Disk Manager by Fred Hill 205287 Disk and file utilities featuring eventman by Don Branson 102301 Diskcache v2.04 Cache + RamDisk 47374 DCAT stands for Disk Cataloger. It lets you
catalog your floppy disks in an easy way. It
does not use any menus (yuck!), but works
command line driven.

DCAT comes with documentation and the
program itself. A new, empty catalog is
created if you invoke DCAT for the first
time. 55087 DISK-EASE v0.9.2 Floppy disk indexer
Allows you to keep better track of your
disks. Add, search, sort, update, and
print out the index easily. View and
search list of archives stored within
PKZIP compressed files. Quickly find a
disk with enough space to store new files.
Many other options as well. No more
inserting multiple floppies trying to
find the one you want! Now with mouse
support. (Shareware $20) 12530 Unerase files 20802 FREE 3.6a gets the total bytes formatted,
used, free, and percentage free on each
drive on the system as well as system
totals. If the system is part of a net-
work, the network can be included with
the network resource labels replacing
drive labels automatically. Totals and
percentages are accurately calculated in
excess of a normal GIGabyte barrier.
FREE 3.6a was placed in Public Domain on
3/9/94 by Edward J. March Jr. 43680 DiskInfo v1.03 low-level information about your HD 34680 Catalog of diskette files v4.05 18800 Re-order the files in directory v1.10 145722 Directory Manager v3.23 (impressive) 7030 Superb disk cache - conv./exp./ext. memory v0.01 8855 Read the contents of any sector (C source) 116896 Several disk performance tests (oldish) 17709 Seek time measure pgm 46751 Disk Tool 1.0A, an early PC-Tools clone 52692 DiskUse v1.0 graphical display (bar chart) (one bug) 106223 --------------------------------------
DKOPIE v2.00 1994-1995 Wagemakers Jan
Diskcopy program which supports DOS
standard, 2M and Fdformat disks ...
From 160K ... 1.44M ... up to 1886K!
Requires 286, VGA, Mouse & DOS 3.30+
Supports XMS, disk file images ...
-------------------------------------- 382165 --------------------------------------
DKOPIE v2.00 1994-1995 Wagemakers Jan
Diskcopy program which supports DOS
standard, 2M and Fdformat disks ...
Full source code!
-------------------------------------- 146247 Directory Master III v3.13 File Manager 25350 Disk and memory information (neat) 54621 Disk OrGanizer (good) 131606 DiskQwik v2.11: Device Driver exclusively
designed for AT/IDE Hard Disk Drives that
activates the drive's MULTIPLE SECTOR BLOCK
TRANSFER MODE. Boost the drive's Data
Transfer Rate by 25% to 45% !! This version
now supports both drives, Windows compat, and
a block size of 1 for older drives. Includes
IDE Inquiry util and an excellent DTR test to
measure the results. Replaces v2.10. Req:
286+CPU. Dustbowl Designs, Inc. (Date
8/04/94) Shareware -AV 179669 Shows what files have changed since last analyzation 40003 DiskWaste 1.10 - Program for reporting the
disk space loss caused by FAT file system.
OS/2 and DOS executables included. New:
cluster size can be specified to compare
filesystems. Freeware by Markku Leinio. 218600 EASY BACKUP VERSION 5.1 - Compressed Backup
Disk Maker - Easy Backup makes compressed
self-restoring backups. It backs up sub
directories automatically and has an archive
option which will remove the backed up
directory structure from hard disk. Backup
parameters are stored in a data file so that
subsequent backups can be menu selected
EASY SOFTWARE Reg. $25 13141 Disk partition editor (4 partitions) v1.00 (good) 257894 EASY INSTALL VERSION 6.0 - Self
Installing Distribution Disk Maker - Easy
Install makes compressed self installing
disks for progam distribution - No script
language to learn - Just tell Easy Install
the name of your program and the directory
in which it can be found - The rest is
Utilities - Disk/File Reg. $40
EASY SOFTWARE 157626 EIDETEST detect flawed EIDE controller
for DOS emulation under DESQview,
Windows, OS/2 or NT. Checks for the
controller flaw by writing and reading
a hard disk while simultaneous I/O
potentially interferes. C++ source
included. Freeware from Roedy Green of
Canadian Mind Products. Includes
EIDEFLAW.TXT FAQ on the flaw, sometimes
erroneously called "the DMA bug". 158617 EASY MENU 6.5 - Hard Disk Menu - There
are many hard disk menu systems but none as
easy to use as Easy Menu. Up to 200 items on
a single scrollable menu with alphabetic
search. Each item can be annotated as open
access or administrator only and the system
can be locked by password to the open access
items. In the locked state end users cannot
exit to DOS. Utilities - Disk/File Reg. $25
EASY SOFTWARE 22469 Calc number of disks needed to back-up drive(s), D.Greenberg 11464 Exercise a local or network file system and show performance 33840 EXTRACT 2.10: Extract files from disk image
using PKUNZIP UNARJ like syntax. You can
extract files from floppy image created by
WinImage (same author), DCF, DF, Sabdu,
and many disk copy tools which create a
disk image. Versions for DOS and for NT.
You can create image and inject file on it.
NOW FREEWARE - from France! 133875 Software library mngmt systemf 13070 FAT/disk allocation display utility 9349 FBIOS 1.2 tests your floppy disk BIOS for bugs.
Copyright Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products. 17335 V. Buerg's fast backup/restore program v1.81 84561 File Commando II v2.01 (good) 92124 File Commando II v2.01 75975 File Commando II v2.01 103309 FD-Format v1.8; format more capacity in HD floppy drive (good) 192461
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Small, user friendly shell for Christoph H.
Hochstatter powerful FDFORMAT utilities,
Czech and English version available, online
help, 8086+, DOS 3.2+, shareware.

Released : 1st September 1996
Author : (c) Zdenek KOTESOVEC 34761 Device driver makes 5Mb removable disk from 360K floppies 118889 FIPS nondestructive partition split utility, A.Schaefer 22837 Tools to reconstruct floppy FAT (only DSDD?) 12259 jtk's flop floppy cataloguer v1.3 36255 The File Manager v1.0 (copy, move etc.) (uses color, menus) 3851 FR v2.0 shows free space on all drives (good) 15315 Free v2.00; show free disk space 103611 FSAVE v1.1 - Highly configurable
filesave program makes backups fast and easy!
FSave (TM) is a program for DOS or Windows
that simplifies the task of making backups
by saving only those files which cannot be
reloaded from distribution disks, BBSs, or
other sources. Extensive documentation
with examples. 11565 Add final touch to your distribution disks, S.Dalsgaard 203094 DOS install program, good for neophyte users 422133 HDM IV 4.66 (Hard Disk Menu) MicroFox Company
Menu and Security System for DOS and Networks
HDM466.ZIP Menu, Help, Report, Dialer, Manual
User Log On/Off, Passwords, Macros, Functions
Timed Execution, Usage Logging and Reporting,
Mouse & Network Support, Multi-Level Security
Screen Blanker, Phone Dialer, Pull-Down Menus
On-Line Help, 260,000 Menu Entries, also, all
Screen Text and Help completely customizable.
[ASAD] {STAR} (Author: Jim Hass) 139843 Hard Disk Test/Repair Utility (gt 32 Mb + DOS 3.31) 205335 Format discs to a higher format 26977 Interactive backup utility v2.0 66806 I_cache v1.21 XMS disk cache, M.Pawski 26088 IDE-ATA Drive Identification, D.V.Stefankov 521685 Backup and Archive utility with Automatic recall 38973 Jcat v1.2 Disk cataloger + Jcatsort v1.1 (QuickSort) 27279 Launder 2.7 instantlye erases diskettes
Runs under DOS or DOS emulatation.

1. Don't need to touch keyboard or look
at screen.

2. Removes all viruses known and
unknown as it erases.

3. If you accidentally boot from
floppy, automatically reboots from C:

4. Tells what what kind each floppy is
for sorting into piles.

5. /Secure and /Government like Norton
WipeInfo to prevent unerase.

$10 (US or CDN) Shareware by Roedy
Green of Canadian Mind Products.
May be freely distributed for any
purpose but military. 5601 LIGHTNING v4.12 (among other things; write protect HDs) 44135 Mac-ette v3.0u util to read Mac 1.4 meg diskettes (great) 276816 Read/write Mac disks on PC, A.Reeve (useful, nagware) 15898 DiskMap / BootMap Utility, P.Caridade 231762 MegaBack Hard Drive Backup System, Patri-Soft, SW 270450 MAXIDisk floppy formatter/copier, M. Garamszeghy 24923 MFA v1.1 minimizing file allocator (floppy fit util) 72710 ORG v3.0 hard disk defragger/optimizer 133512 OverView v2.21 disk and file maintenance utility 14439 Packdisk v1.2; use minimum number of diskettes (w C) 17451 PC Boss v2.10 File mngmt 75246 Hard disk driver and partition editor 80114 Pmcat+ v1.1; A disk file cataloging prg 72139 Personal media indexer (PMI) v1.2 (works?) 63516 哪耐The Partition Resizer v. 1.1.2湍哪
This is the first full featured
硃artition handling program. It moves
and resizes any DOS partition,
without deleting the data. Works
with all hard disks, 8086+
哪耐屯屯屯(c) Zeleps 1994-95屯屯屯湍哪 505833 QuickCache II v4.2 + other utilities (backup etc) 28314 QDups v1.5 clean out duplicate files 21630 "Shadow RAM" 8-bit disk controller ROM in 16-bit mach. 17577 Restore v5.5; replace DOS restore (w PAS) (good) 27285 Hide your data on floppies from unwanted eyes, C.Petermann 55110 "The Safe Shareware Disk Defragmentation Program" 10959 SCRUB 1.5 is a diskette drive cleaning
utility. Program to clean floppy
diskette drive heads. Used in
conjunction with any liquid floppy
cleaning kit. Waves the disk heads
over the entire diskette cleaning
surface for 40 seconds. May be
freely distributed for non-military
use only. MASM/OPTAsm source included. 13447 Delete files including hidden, protect., in subdirs etc 29155 Shows disk space and other drive info, J.Stein 25749 Changes serial number floppy or hard disk, M. Aydin 8739 Show disk free and used 16761 CLEAN SLATE v1.0 - Resets a hard drive to an
original, un-partitioned form.
Clean Slate clears all the partitions on
the selected hard drive, then reboots so the
new state of the hard drive is updated, and
so you can install a new operating system, etc.
If you choose to, Clean Slate will also save a
backup of your system areas, so that you can
restore the hard drive for any reason.
A great little utility for people who work with
hard drives on a regular basis. It's quick, easy
to use, and a big time saver. It's also programmed
by the author of the STBFP utilities.
And it's free for personal use! I hope you enjoy it. 1587 Spin even unformatted disk 2458 HD transfer rate and interleave test v1.2 399310 SpeedKit from HyperWare Version 4.65
Contains the shareware versions of the
world famous HyperDisk, HyperKey and
HyperScreen Utilities. New version
has updates for XtraDrive, DoubleSpace,
new features in HyperKey and HyeprScreen.
Documentation and orderform included. 27917 Seek Stopper de-fragmenter 16195 St2dos v1.0 Atari ST floppies readable under Dos 230773 Stowaway; Patri-Soft True Archival System for PC Systems 16390 StowDir v1.1 a companion utility to StowAway 36038 StowGen v1.2 archive index rebuilder to StowAway 10348 Backup, archive, disk file copy (STUFFER) 12837 Recursive disk usage 12487 TMAP presents a graphical picture of the
degree of fragmentation of the clusters on
any disk. The combination of TMAP and any
number of utility defragmenter programs
will enhance the speed of disk accesses and
minimize difficulty recovering lost files
or repairing existing files. 6827 A small memory resident MS-DOS disk formatter, S.Johnson 93873 Teledisk v2.12 - xfer disk into a file 33957 Disk throughput benchmark program v3.35 30500 TurboImage is a resident program that allows the user to access disk image
files, like those created by Disk Copy Fast or Wimage, as a drive. It
greatly speeds up installation of programs and is totally safe. Alt-P pops
up the program and allows the user to load and save disk images on the
fly... TurboImage is freeware, and the assembler source code is included. 15689 TWEAK 1.5 speeds diskette drives
by adjusting diskette drive parameters
Lets you adjust motor on time,
head settle time, motor keep running
time, and step rate. Shareware
registrants receive MASM/OptASM source.
Usually takes no RAM, but sometimes
must leave a 144-byte TSR.
By Roedy Green of Canadian Mind
Products. Copyrighted but may be
copied freely for non-military use only. 176003 microFLX VMS saveset - read floppies on a (u)VAX 129025 A VGA GUI MS-DOS disk formatter - Fast, S.Johnson 302758 VGA-Copy diskcopy,format,diskcomp (mouse+SB) (flashy) 21391 WASTED v1.8 - Recurses subdirectories
and reports the amount of space being
wasted due to large cluster sizes.
Pascal sourcecode included.
v1.8 takes into account directories and
compares cluster sizes.
(8 April, 1997) 13267 (v1.20) WASTREE - disk/dir/tree/waste/space
Reports space occupied and space wasted in
files on disk by directory, directory tree,
or whole disk partition. Shows what the
comparable figures would be on disk or
partition with different cluster sizes.
Simple command line interface.
Dick Wisan 122605 Western Digital AT/IDE utilities (be careful) 162485 Wssindex cataloger vers. 5.33, part 1 of 2.
Build database of directory info. Extract
info from ARC, ARJ, LZH, ZIP, self-
extracting, others. Extract image size and
no. of colors from GIF, others. Add comments
& categories to files and disks. Variety of
database query/print opts. Reg $35, s/h $2.50
US/Canada, $4.50 foreign. ASP member.

 122473 Wssindex cataloger vers. 5.33, part 2 of 2.

 7090 Erase unallocated disk blocks (C source) 87452 Utility to (de)compress entire disk partitions, K.Boyandin
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.