Name Size Description 132077 ************************************
** 2L8 EGA/VGA Screen Font Editor **
** Too Late Version 1.22 **
* Freeware -- use, share and enjoy *

An EGA/VGA bitmap screen font editor
for 640x480x16 mode, 8086+ and mouse

Edit 256 characters: 8 x 1-16 pixels
shift,clear,store,paste,load && save

Edit all character or one row/column

* Jouni Miettunen * Finland * 1995 *
**** E-Mail : ****
************************************ 39120 Software video BIOS v1.05 309086 AutoMessage 2.03 32-Column! Graphical message
system. Has 4 fonts, 16 colors for both text
and background, optional password protection,
a Quickshow feature, blinking, underline, and
double-size text, top and bottom title lines,
seven intermission effects, instructions that
remain on-screen at all times, an easy to use
graphical interface, and more. Takes about 5
minutes to learn. Now supports international
characters 128 - 175. Requires 420K and VGA. 424237 Ansiplus enhanced console driver for SVGA/VGA/EGA 30260 BLANKs v3.00; screen blanker 1390 Simulate a nonblinking cursor 7392 User-chosen cursor v1.08T 9317 Change hardware border color (overscan area) (w C) 5848 BriteLine TSR, highlight cursor row, cripple version 10714 Resident screen scrollback utility, v3.0 (useful) 31510 Capture any text screen and save it 288 Clear screen (even 50 lines) (no documents) 1166 Fake color for games (co80) 4876 Capture screen output to a file v1.1 by C. Dunford 11940 Cut/Paste v3.0 (TSR 6K) (w ASM) 25167 Cut & Paste is a text mode mouse based
program that allows you to select a
part of the screen using only the
mouse, and to paste it to the keyboard
buffer, or to a file, or to a printer.
Allows selection of many parameters.
Works in a Windows DOS box. 8647 Very tiny TSR forces your cursor
to a block at all times. Now
with caps lock support. Free
pgm. with source! 53875 Cyrillic code page (880) ISO 8859 part 5 96898 Ray tracer and GIF converter 3706 VGA Screen saver, E.Walter 5525 ANSI Display Driver Test (good) 15569 Dumpscr; dump CGA,EGA,VGA or HERC graphic screen to printer 10610 Edpal editor v1.2; change palette settings 12015 64 colors in EGA
egafansi.txt 2295 Fansi console driver for EGA with 43 lines 5956 Egautil; Screen blanker v8.6 (w/o Windows) 15764 The DOS ECHO command replacement, J.Sawicki 75023 EVAfont v3.05; EGA/VGA font designer (8x8,8x14,8x16) 271746 Explosiv v2.10 DOS+Windows screen saver (good) 16773 TSR screen dump program v1.00 195144 Fansi Console v2.00 40154 Font Editor v1.0 5113 Fix cursor on EGA in 43-line mode 32737 A cross between a screensaver and a demo (286 vga) 20899 A bit-map screen-font editor for codepages etc. 16852 Design your own screen fonts (EGA/VGA), M.Mefford 37984 A selection of VGA fonts for text-mode use (cool) 17643 +-------------------------------------+
| FORCEXT - Force extended textmode |
| (50 lines on VGA, 43 lines on EGA) |
| when programs terminate (or always, |
| if you want). Resident: 700 bytes. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby, Norway. (SHH) |
+-------------------------------------+ 5338 Graphicsmode v2.0 change your current graphics mode 38303 GrabScrn screen grabber v1.1 (graphics S/UVGA!) (w C + ASM) 7584 GrabText v1.0 a mouse cut-and-paste util (good idea) 28974 43 lines for Hercules 10950 Hercules screen blanker 1508 HGC 640/400 graphics mode description, W. Migda 26342 Hotkey Devil, TSR copies text from screen to file, H.Weede 40921 Inner Mission v1.7 screen saver 5399 Display info of X,Y position of the screen, TSR (good) 171146 JOC-SCREEN DESIGNER 1.2 Source code generator
in up to 25 formats/lenguages including:
generates TSR programs in source code
(Assembler + C). Builds text screens with
Input fields, colours and a lot of tools in
minutes. Very fast and easy to use. Pull down
menus. Hypertext help system. Hot keys.
Mouse suport. Screensaver. 2261 Keepcrs v1.0 keep cursor size and shape 5105 Copy + paste text from screen using mouse (good idea) 42090 Martin fractal program or 'screen saver' 5126 +------------------------------------------+
| MOUSEBUF - Use a mouse to copy and paste |
| while in DOS' text mode. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby, Norway. (SHH) |
+------------------------------------------+ 22364 Hiver.exe winter animation 15054 "Noger Nabbit" Grab ASCII from screen, RSE Inc. 18600 NANSI.SYS screen driver by Daniel Kegel (from cbip) 72379 NNANSI.SYS ansi.sys replacement, Tom Almy's version (good) 22979 Screen font loader and 12 novelty fonts 19920 Choose EGA/VGA color palette 11757 ▄█Quick easy 16 color VGA palette adjuster█▄
Complete intuitive controls. Features auto
randomizer that finds a set of 16 new well
contrasted colors with a single keypress.
Email (Ken Zeltner)
▀█ A small eazy DOS program by ZeezRealm █▀ 16289 Cut and Paste for Dos textmodes, J.Weber 8442 Send PrintScreen to file instead of PRN.
A good way to transfer information
between programs that don't normally
"talk" to each other. Version 1.10. 643571 DOS screen saver 16949 SA! 1.4 changes the screen colours
(foreground, background and border.)
SA!.com bold white foreground on blue
background with bright cyan border

SA! is a replacement for the Norton
BE SA utility. SA! works on Herc,
Herc Plus, CGA, Monochrome, EGA, VGA,
SuperVGA, Genius Full Page Display
and possibly others. SA! does not
require ANSI.SYS, but will work well
even if it is installed. Copyrighted
by Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products.
May bedistributed freely for
non-military use only. MASM/OPTAsm
source included. Version 1.4 just
embeds our new address and phone number. 11229 Save/restore current text screen contents and attribs v2.5 34283 SCAP, Another text screen capture utility (clumsy) 95127 ScreenDraw v2.1; ANSI screen editor (great) 21131 A full-screen message displayer 16067 Capture scrolling screen by Doug Graham with C source 45522 SCROLLit, Advanced Screen ScrollBack Buffer (good) 17901 Snapshot of the entire text screen to file, Ken Bell 39666 ScreenSave (various patterns) 28402 Back Scroll, Kampro Group, rather weak 9120 Return screen type in use (CGA, MCGA etc) 222857 ANSI screen designer, G.Mahlknecht 4942 Solid cursor 191986 SPLOT V2.52 for MS-DOS, the HP-GL
(or DXY-GL) pen plotter simulator.
It supports up to 50 HP-GL instructions
and 20 DXY-GL instructions. SPLOT has many
features as comfortable user interface,
exporting a picture to the HP-GL, HP-GL/2,
DXY-GL and DXF formats, printing
a picture, zooming, variable line widths
etc. SPLOT requires the MS-DOS ver. 3.0
or higher and EGA, VGA or SVGA video card. 4330 VGA/Hercules screen saver, Uses only 80 bytes (w asm) 44002 Freeware text-output capture utililty, Tim D. Kannel 287822 THEDRAW SCREEN EDITOR VERSION 4.63 - (10/93)
A text-oriented screen design tool. Similar
is some regards to a graphics paint program.
Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful
Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii FONTS,
pulldown menus, full mouse support & online
help. Saves files for ANSI, ASCII, AVATAR,
(C/Pascal/QuickBasic), and source code in Asm
Pascal and C formats. Registr: $22-$25 3080 Screen speedup (works?) 8849 An executable screen saver 154714 Tom's Plasma screen saver utility, T.Dibble 183178 Interactive VGA register, Robert Schmidt 11077 Twilight Sentinel is a tiny screen
saver that blacks the screen instead
of displaying fancy animations on it.
Needs only 704 bytes in memory. 7201 UniCGA v1.0 Universal CGA emulator for the Hercules 11838 VGACOLOR! v2.1; choose colors from VGA palette 30862 Smart VGA Screen-Saver Version 3.6, U.Windl 106406 VGA Utils for VGA monitor setup/test utilities 6317 VGA + HERC utilities (prim. VGA + second. Hercules) 10524 ANSICOL/VBORDER (w TC) (VGA) 67878 VIz v4.12d accelerates video input + output in text mode 600 Video mode test program for NNANSIz (no documents) 14343 VMODE! 1.5 sets/displays any video mode
using words or numbers. VMODE! is a
replacement for the DOS MODE command.
By Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products.
Freeware for non-military use only.
Usage: VMODE! MONO, VMODE! 7, or just
plain VMODE! to display the current video
mode. MASM/OPTAsm source included.
Version 1.5 just embeds our new
address and phone number. 25548 VgaMoire v1.8 screen saver (great) 34481 VGAsave free VGA screen saver, B.Javurek 52527 Screen scrolback, reqs EMS driver loaded 33335 Another cross between a screensaver and a demo (286 vga) 76278 Copy+Paste w. mouse in Textmode, Weber+G.Gustafson, good 22899 A faster replacement for ansi.sys 9565 Blanks EGA/VGA screen after a specified period
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.