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This site was created as a logical extension to the original Commercial 
CP/M Software Archive. The focus has been expanded to encompass all types 
of "classic" computer systems and their software, not just CP/M. 

Software and documentation for all computer systems is welcome here. 
Anything from the simplest 6502 based SBC to a huge VAX minicomputer; 
it has a home here.

Submission Policy:
For software or information to be included in this site, it must be at 
least 15 years old. There are no restrictions as to what platform the 
software or documentation is for, as long as it passes the "classic"
test of being 15 or more years old. For my purposes, this includes everything 
prior to 2007. 
Submissions to the site that are newer will be judged on a case by case basis. 

If you find any links that are broken in the site, please let me know.
Gene Buckle

[+]=================== CD-ROM / FTP Site Archive Info =====================[+]
[+]  The CD-ROM & FTP site archive was put together in order to make the   [+]
[+] contents of all those resources more easily discovered by search       [+]
[+] crawlers. That would go a long way in helping folks search through the [+]
[+] material. It was pointed out to me that not every one knows how to     [+]
[+] leverage this searchability. You can use most any search engine to     [+]
[+] search just the contents of retroarchive.org.                          [+]
[+] Enter the following (without the quotes) in your favorite search       [+]
[+] engine: "site:retroarchive.org" followed by the search terms you're    [+]
[+] looking for.                                                           [+]

Site News:

Added a new disc to the CD-ROM archive - Wildcat! Gold: The Optical BBS from 1992.

For folks looking for more "modern" vintage archives, you should check out Discmaster!
It contains the contents of hundreds (likely thousands) of disks and CD-ROMs, all searchable.  If nothing else
it makes for an incredible research resource just on the search functionality it brings to the table.  Incredible work!


Added a mirror of the PC-DOS Retro site.


Added Nevada EDIT v2.2 and 3.0, with manuals to the CP/M text editors section.
Two new discs have been added.  Kirk's Comm Disc and Kirk's Comm Disc 2.


A new CD-ROM has been added to the annex - BBS Toolkit.
This is a collection of BBS and related programs.  Some of the directories had no 
index to them, so for those files that had a FILE_ID.DIZ in the archive, I used that 
for the description.

A few new things have been added for Ampro LittleBoard users.  
Those items can be found here.


I found that olduse.net has come to a natural conclusion after reaching the end of the
UTZOO Usenet Archive tapes.  However, I discovered that someone hassled the Internet
Archive enough that they removed their copy of those original archive files.
The UTZOO Usenet Archive is now available here.

I've added an archive that includes all of the PC Blue, PC Green, and PC Red
disks for the IBM PC and compatibles.  You can find it here!


I've got two huge updates for you folks today!
First up, I'd like to point you to the new Crescent Software Archive!
This archive contains all the DOS programming tools from Crescent Software.  
The page includes links to both zip files of the original disk contents as 
well as links to github repositories where each product is stored.  The user 
manuals for all the software is on the way and it will be scanned and 
uploaded as quickly as possible!

Next, I'd like to point you to the new side bar link, CD-ROM and FTP Site Archive.
This is a replacement for the Garbo FTP site archive that I had listed previously.
The collection is now expanded to include the indexed contents of over 100 
shareware CD-ROM discs.  Where possible, the archived contents of the 
CD-ROM (ZIP, ARJ, etc.) were exploded into their own directories to make the
contents more easily accessible via browser.

The CD-ROM & FTP Site Archive is going to be an ongoing project.  As new
material is added (and there's a LOT to add!), I'll be updating the main
page here.

I'd like to put out a general call out - if you've got programming tools or 
libraries for MS-DOS systems, please let me know!  I'd love to put the 
material up for others to look at!

A new addition to the Maslin ROM archive! 
A user submitted an image of the Highland RoadRunner ROM for the Kaypro.
Apparently this is part of a speed-up kit of some kind.  I'll post more
information when it's available.  The ROM can be found near the top of the index
in the Maslin ROM archive.  (see sidebar for the main link)


I finally got the docs for BDS C v1.50 uploaded.  You can find it here.
I also fixed an issue where 2 of the 3 Ampro LittleBoard technical manual scans were 
missing and the one linked was part 2, not part 3 as originally listed.


Lots of goodies added recently!  Check out the new WordStar Collection!
I've also gone through all the Commercial CP/M software pages and updated them 
to use the style sheets that the main page is using.

A new User Groups section was added.  This will contain
files & disk images from user groups.  Curently the only entry is for the 
Boston Computer Society's Kaypro User Group.


I've added some new magazine scans.  First up are scans of the International
Journal of Forensic Computing.  They can be found here.
Next up are a ton of new scans for the Z-Letter.  Those can be found here.


The Fortran-80 compiler in the CP/M languages section appeared to have a bug.  A user
kindly supplied a "Clean" version of Microsoft Fortran-80 v3.44 that doesn't have
any issues.


Added the rare Advent TurboROM for early (1983) Kaypro machines to the ROMs section of the 
Maslin Collection.


I recently obtained a replacement for my lost Royal Alphatronic PC!  As such, I've been able 
to get a number of disk images created from the masters I got with the system and someone 
donated a five disk image set that's got misc. goodies for the Royal on them.  
The files are living in the Hardware section, here.

I've updated the site to use style sheets.  This allows me to use the GlassTTY
VT-220 font for the site.  If you don't like the amber color and your web browser supports
style sheets, you can change the color to green!

I've also updated the Don Maslin archive with a "refresh" by source material dated 2007. 
The entire archive is now online!  

The ROMs are no longer broken out, they're now all in their own large index file. 
Not necessarily in alphabetical order! (I concatenated two index files to get the 
source data for the ROM index.html file)


Added the Garbo Software Archive. This was the contents of the old ftp site 
at garbo.uwasa.fi as run by Professor Timo Salmi in Finland.  The machine that 
hosted the site finally gave up the ghost and there was only one mirror site left.  
I pulled this copy from The Internet Archive, created index.html files for each 
directory and uploaded it here.  It's available via the Garbo Software Archive 
link in the left sidebar.


Lots of new disk images and files added to the Don Maslin archive as 
well as some SLR products to the Languages section.


The beginnings of the Don Maslin Vintage Computer Archive were added.


More goodies added to the News & Docs section!  
The Z-Letter and ComputerLand magazine.


Added 'Money Maestro' to the Business software section - See here.


A new game for CP/M has been added to the archive!  It's a D&D style game called Nemesis.
Documentation is included in the archive.
It can be found in the CP/M games section here.


5 new issues of ProFiles have been added. Thanks to the person that donated them!


The remainder of the ProFiles issues have been scanned and put online. I've also 
added the issue titles to the listing.


Reorganized the documentation areas and added a ton of scans from the Kaypro magazine 
The Newsletters & Documentation link to the left will take you to the revised areas.


Added scanned docs for V-Edit Plus. It can be found here.


Added V-Edit Plus v2.33b for CP/M. It can be found here. 
Added MS-DOS 5.0 beta documentation.  That can be found here.

[02Feb08] I've added a new section that is specific to various hardware platforms. You can reach it via the link on the left. The biggest addition at this point is the source code included with the Ampro LittleBoard Z-80 based SBC.  The source code includes both the CBIOS and ROM BIOS as well as code for all of the Ampro LB specific utilities.  The Ampro LittleBoard section can be reached directly by clicking here.

Please note that while the links to the other hardware sections are active, I haven't had a chance to create the index files for their contents as yet. [01Feb08] I've added two new manuals to the IBM PC Collection, the manual for BASIC v1.10 and the Guide to Operations for the Model 5150 PC. You can find them here. Additionally, I've added scans of the documentation from my Ampro LittleBoard/Plus system. It can be found here. I will also be putting the source code up that I got with the system very soon. [29Jan08] I've re-organized how the News section is laid out. Instead of having a table with 2 columns, I've decided to make it a single column with multiple rows, separated by a line. Previous news items have been removed. It was getting a bit long in the tooth anyway. :) Additionally, I've added the IBM PC/XT Hardware Maintenance Guide which gives complete diagnostics and repair information for the PC/XT. Most of the information is also applicable to the PC (5150) as well. The other addition is the Guide to Operation for the IBM PC/XT. [14Jan08] New documentation has been added for IBM PC users. The first entry the in the Hardware & Software documentation is the IBM PC Technical Reference, v2.02. This manual has BIOS listings, schematics and technical details for the IBM PC and PC/XT computers. See PC Hardware & Software Documentation