Date Posted: 27Jul16
These manuals have been post-processed in order to make them searchable.

turbo_database_toolbox_1985.pdf         Turbo Database Toolbox for CP/M & MS-DOS.
turbo_pascal_database_toolbox.pdf       Turbo Database Toolbox for CP/M & MS-DOS.
turbo_pascal_3.0_reference_manual.pdf   Turbo Pascal 3.0 Reference Manual, 1st Ed.
turbo_pascal_tutor.pdf                  Turbo Tutor, 3rd Ed.

Date Posted: [15Oct10]
Borland Turbo Pascal v3.0 Manual
This manual covers both the CP/M and MS-DOS versions of the compiler.
Many thanks to Fred Jan Kraan for taking the time to convert the manual to Adobe Acrobat format.
Front Cover tp3_cover-front.jpg
Table of Contents tp3_toc.pdf
Chapter 1 tp3_01.pdf
Chapters 2 to 13 tp3_02-13.pdf
Chapters 14 to 16 tp3_14-16.pdf
Chapters 17 to 20 tp3_17-20.pdf
Chapters 21 to 24 tp3_21-24.pdf
Appendices tp3_app.pdf
Index tp3_idx.pdf
Back Cover tp3_cover-back.jpg