Name Size Description 17427 Print large texts in 2 columns on 1 page, D.Makarov 49848 2COL, a 2 column compressed print utility
for dotmatrix, ink/bubble/deskjet, prints up
to 8 pages on one side of a sheet of paper
(or 16 pages using both sides).Faster and
more readable than other compressed print
programs.Great for shareware manuals and
reducing the bulk of paper stored or
transported.Save $ when faxing/mailing.
New:Proportional fonts.Prints 1-6 columns.
MS-Windows menu/edit interface now available 15042 IBM 3812 Pageprinter driver v2.5 13408 4print v1.0 4 pages per sheet (this and following are diff.) 269585 Print 4 or more pages on single sheet v4.10 1317 Banners, what else 9619 Bar Code v1.0 (code 39; Epson escape seq) 18583 Bookprint v1.5 print booklet form on a HP Ljets 19112 CC v2.1; process files with carriage control 18959 (v 1.00) ChrWidth - printer/font/char width
Measures width of characters in HP PCL
printer fonts. Prints rows of characters
on a graph, from which the width of each
character can be directly read off. Used
in making drivers or configuring programs
which need to use proportional spacing on
HP-type printers.
Dick Wisan, 15560 Prints 2 pages of text on 1 page - for Desk/LaserJet 28045 P4up; print 4 60-line page images on one sheet 56083 Resident print spooler, spools to disk, memory 37589 Dmplas v1.0 convert matrix controls to laser controls 72466 DocPRINT for Epsons v1.30 354891 Forms Designer for PCL5/5e HP LaserJet, D.Erickson, Nag 9251 Epmode v.1. - Epson printer setup program
with 26 options. EG: " epmode t4 c96 a "
sets tabs every 4, 96 column print, using
alternate set characters so that boxes
on the screen print as boxes. For Epson
compatibles including HP lasers. Free. 98581 Flows v3.0 Q.71 + Q.73 flow diagrams to PostScript 46139 Flowcharter v1.9 195556 View & edit any HP LaserJet bit-mapped soft
font. Requires VGA/EGA/CGA/Herc or AT&T
video. Mouse optional. Portrait or landscape,
fixed or proportional, & can convert between
them. Handles up to 110 pt (VGA), 80 pt
(EGA), 88 pt (Herc & AT&T), or 44 pt (CGA).
Sculpt individual pixels, or use the many
built-in special effects and area shapes. Can
import characters from black & white .PCX,
.TIF, or other soft fonts. Many features. 53630 Print text in columns - many options, by K.Budych 4803 IBM extended font definition in PS
gs21tar.gz 19027 No description available. 43419 HP2PK converts HP Ljet soft fonts into PK font files
hplaser.pak 50521 HP LaserJet emulation testing package 38687 HPP v1.03 HP Laser Printer utility 85999 JETCOL is a 2 column compressed print utility
for lasers. It prints up to 10 pages on one
side of a sheet of paper and 20 pages using
both sides. One of 10 soft fonts provided is
automatically selected according to amount of
compression needed. Has features which
automate operation for best readability and
appearance of printout.Saves $ when faxing or
mailing. New:landscape printing,1-6 columns.
MS-Windows menu/edit interface now available. 137629 LaserJet and DeskJet Printer Utilities v1.1 (L2D etc) 152338 JOC-PRINT COMMANDER 2.0 - Real MUST HAVE utility
for HP Lasers and Deskjets. Saves an 75-80% of
your paper bill. Multiple file printing (up 100
files in the same directory!) Great for printing
documentation, source code, etc. In most cases a
70 K text file can be printed in 3 sheets using
both sides. Multiple columns (1-5). Also prints
booklets. Includes file manager, Pull-down
menus, etc. Fast, compact and easy to use. Save
the trees! Use this program. 7346 PrintScreen redirect to a disk file v09-Mar-88 100032 Lister v1.25 ASCII text formatter (w C) 38966 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融
The LJ4 Utility Version 1.3
The definite must-have for
any LaserJet 4 user! Lets
you quickly change all the
settings from the prompt.
Distributed as Shareware,
Registration fee only $10!
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藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 10356 Print text documents in a book format with HP, V.Buerg 32016 LaserJet Symbol font 19421 Hardware line printer driver 35619 LPR + LPQ spool print + show queue 21286 Redirect printer output v6.0 34419 Redirect printer output v7.0 (not update, just different) 14139 Menu-driven printer setup for LQ570 24148 Mpage v1.13 - print multiple pages per sheet on PS printer 291288 Multi-Print 4.1 Print 1-9 pages of text on
EACH sheet of paper, in 5 different ways, on
Epsons, DeskJets or LaserJets! Print 2-sided
on ANY printer. Save up to 85% of the paper
normally used! Includes 17 fonts! Print
manuals, readme or source code files, news-
letters, catalogs, etc. Easy-to-use, menu-
driven, and a **must-have** for shareware
users, authors, programmers, businesses, etc. 37441 An Informal Documentation Formatter, V. Dimakopoulos 112319 Printing sideways (works, unlike many other sideways progs) 1361128 Over_LAZ HP printer overlays, M. Garamszeghy 15576 Prepares ASCII file for printing, J.Jeong 12260 PC pr v1.30; a simple text formatter + director 34908 Text formatter like UNIX 'roff' 2269 PD Sideways printing utility 175255 A C Standard Printer Interface v1.30 from Frank Hulst 96177 Portrait or landscape in selected font v1.01 5745 Small PostScript device driver by P.Jarvis 110928 General purpose printing system from Patri-Soft 76179 Print-Plus, "Print Control Center", SW 35708 Printer and port Redirection from Allen Creations 17878 A Printer-To-Disk Redirector, David H. Rifkind 281559 (v2.50) PRNFR ASCII/Text/Printer
Prnset & Friends is a set of files for
printing ASCII text. PrnSet is a non-
resident setter for any printer; its
"friends" manicure ASCII text files before
printing. They get information about the
files, paginate them, perform various minor
surgery on them, set them up for printing
on both sides of the paper, remove or
replace CR-&-overprint, insert print control
instructions in printout, etc.
Free. No restrictions.
R. N. Wisan, 70022 A portable roff-like printer driver (w TC) 90843 PrintGL v1.18 pen plotter emu HPGL (various printers) (good) 535 Enable/disable shift-printscreen 5948 Epson + Gemini printer utilities 3547 Print screen PLUS (good) 1254 Printout redirection 3522 Distributed/Remote Print Utility, Craig Thomasson 3220 Two filters convert esperanto into printable files 102441 Ron's Print to Printer Program 5366 Like banners, produce Italics scripts from words. 286441 SfWare softfont utilities v1.1; lots of features (good) 237875 SfWare softfont utilities v1.1; lots of features (good) 55823 SfWare softfont utilities v1.1; lots of features (good) 343086 SfWare softfont utilities v1.1; lots of features (good) 310502 SfWare softfont utilities v1.1; lots of features (good) 3791 Selective printscreen 32854 Generate tape label cards - Epson LQ comp. printer on LPT1 55499 Extended alternative to a typewriter by Jimmy Ball 15787 Virtual printer utility (redirect to file), D.Whitman 4772 Panasonic KX-P1124 driver for Word v5.0a 120094 Use any HP LaserJet soft fonts with MS Word v5.0 24370 Yet Another Calendar Printing util for HP III v1.1
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.