I'd like to welcome you to a mirror of the Garbo PC Software Archive!
When looking at many of the directorys, you may see odd characters in the descriptions. This is because many of the descriptions came from the FILE_ID.DIZ file that many of the zip files have and a number of them used line drawing or other special characters from the IBM PC character set.
Directory Description
animation Animation players and example animation files
arcers MS-DOS archiving (compression) programs
arcutil Utilities for archiving programs
artificial AI and Neural Networks related files
assembler Assembler programming
astronomy Astronomy related programs and utilities
autocad AutoCAD LISP modules and utilities
baker Baker's New Product Information news service files
batchutil MS-DOS batch programming and usage related material
bbs Bulletin board information and utilities
bgidriv BGI graphics drivers
binedit Binary and hexadecimal editors
bootutil System boot utilities
business Business related material
c-lang Material for C and C++ programmers
cad Computer Aided Design related files
calendar Calendars and calendar related utilities
cd CD-ROM and CD-audio related material
cmd4dos 4DOS command shell and utilities
cmdutil Command utilities and processors
comm Communication utilities for the PC
connect Communication utilities for the PC vs other systems
crypt Encryption / decryption programs
culture National, culture and related utilities
database DataBase programs and files
decode Encoding and decoding on the PC
demo Demonstration versions of select, commercial, etc programs
dirutil Directory listing and maintenance related utilities
diskcopy Utilities for copying entire disks
diskutil Disk maintenance related utilities
doc-hard Hardware related documentation and information
doc-misc Miscellaneous information and documentation
doc-net Net service (news, ftp, etc) related information
doc-soft Software related documentation and information
doshelp Help utilities for MS-DOS
editor Text editors and related utilities
education Educationally oriented programs
educgames Educational games
emulator Emulators for various non-MS-DOS systems
envutil MS-DOS environment handling utilities
exam Examinations + solutions for (Timo's) university lectures
execomp Executable (.exe and .com) compression utilities
filecopy File copying utilities
filefind Finding files
filelist File lists and statistics
fileutil File maintenance and handling related utilities
fonts Fonts
format Disk formatting utilities
gif Informational .gif pictures and material
gifapoll Astronomy gifs of the Apollo missions to the Moon
gifaster Astronomy gifs of asteroids and comets
gifcraft Astronomy gifs of shuttle, satellites and probes
gifearth Astronomy gifs of the Earth
gifgalax Astronomy gifs of galaxies
gifinner Astronomy gifs of Mercury and Venus
gifjovmn Astronomy gifs of the Jovian moons
gifjupit Astronomy gifs of Jupiter
gifmars Astronomy gifs of the Martian system
gifmoon Astronomy gifs of the Moon
gifnebul Astronomy gifs of nebulas and such
gifnept Astronomy gifs of the Neptune system
gifpluto Astronomy gifs of Pluto and Charon
gifsatur Astronomy gifs of the Saturn system
gifslevy Astronomy gifs of P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet
gifspart Space Art, Astronomy gifs, artists' renditions
gifstar Astronomy gifs of stars etc
gifsun Astronomy gifs of the Sun
gifunid Miscellaneous astronomy gifs of unidentified targets
gifuran Astronomy gifs of the Uranus system
gifutil Utilities for viewing and handling GIF pictures
goldies Old versions worth retaining or just old versions
graphics Graphics programs and utilities
ham Ham and other radio related programs
hypertext HyperText programs and authoring
keyboard Keyboard related utilities
linguistics Files related to the science of linguistics
link Linked material (to waive some version numbers)
mail Electronic mail related utilities
math Mathematical programs
memacs MicroEMACS text editor material
memutil Memory maintenance utilities
menu Menu systems and utilities
miscutil Collections of utility assortments
mouse Mouse (pointing device) stuff
net Network related files
passtime Instructive, quality pastime programs
pd2 Garbo news and other special information + reviews
plot Function and other plotting programs
postscript Postscript (output formulation) related material
printer Printer related utilities
proaudio Pro Audio Spectrum soundcard material
programming Miscellaneous programming material
queue Submissions queued for later consideration
research Scientific research papers; Acc, Fin, OR, Prod.Ec, CS
sb Sound Blaster utilities and sounds
science Miscellaneous science related material
screen Screen related utilities
security PC system access prevention utilities
show Shows, demonstrations, displays, not for marketing
sound Scream Tracker and other sound programs and files
source Source code material
spell Spelling and grammar checking
spreadsheet Spreadsheet programs
stat Statistics programs
stock Stock market related material
sysinfo sysutil
termprog Telecommunication programs
termutil Utilities for telecommunication programs
tex Public Domain PC-TeX
ts Programs by Prof. Timo Salmi
tsr Terminate and stay resident programs and utilities
turboobj Turbo Pascal object based programs
turbopa1 Outdated, non-functional or incomplete Turbo Pascal material
turbopa45 Turbo Pascal versions 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5 specific material
turbopa6 Turbo Pascal version 6.0 specific programming material
turbopa7 Turbo Pascal version 7.0 or 6+ specific programming material
turbopas Generic Turbo Pascal programming language material
turbovis Turbo Pascal TVision oriented programs
turbspec Special requirement TP programs, protected mode, BP, etc
txtutil Text processing utilities
unix Unix like MS-DOS programs and material
util Miscellaneous utilities
virus Virus fighting utilities and information